Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keyes v Obama Update

Reports from Gary are starting...He is about 25th in line out of approximately 300 people waiting to get into the courtroom. Almost all spectators are anti-Obama.

Orly Taitz arrived just a few moments ago and the throng applauded.

Lucas Smith is also present. Smith has claimed the Obama birth certificate he has shown on the Internet as real. That remains to be seen. However it is interesting he has joined the proceedings.


8.39 am pst 9/8/09

When court is in session cell phones and camera's will be banned so we will experience a news blackout.

This hearing may last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Taitz apparently wishes to include Lucas Smith so that an investigation of his proffered document can be be forensically examined and by which means he came by it.

Justice Carter is expected to throw out the last minute attempt Motion to Dismiss submitted by Obama's counsel late in the afternoon this past Friday. Taitz is also hoping for court approval to depose Sec State Clinton and Sec Defense Gates. Justice Carter may also rule for discovery. This is what we are hoping for, because once discovery is ordered the case is over. Obama would then have to unseal his records and produce.


9.11 am pst 9/8/09


Gary also mentioned there was no visible media turnout for this hearing as in no SatCam Uplink Trucks. The LA Fox Channel was expected to report on this hearing. Perhaps they are awaiting a "courthouse steps" exit interview from the pertinent parties.

Back to you Gary.....


9.26 am pst 9/8/09


Justice Carter noting the packed courtroom and overflow crowd waiting in the hallways has ordered a change to a larger courtroom and has taken a 2 hour recess to accommodate the transfer of officers of the court and spectators.


10.02 am pst 9/8/09

In the meantime read some articles watch our "Burning Down The House" video (rate it I'm curious:)

As far as crowd demographics the estimated age range is 18 to 80

70% Men
30% Women

age 60+ seems to be the majority. About the same mix as an August Town Hall crowd.

Orly Taitz appeared relaxed-- calm cool and collected.

More as I receive it.............


10.30 pst 9/8/09

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