Friday, June 14, 2013

The America we knew is gone; it is over. This new breed of leftist is ascendant and angry, and changing the country and the culture in the process. The results are not pretty. Things are only going to get worse.


Obama and the Despots

Steve McCann
Last week Herb Meyer wrote an article published by the American Thinker cogently analyzing how and why Barack Obama is responsible for all the anti-American actions directed at his political enemies by so many true believers not only in the administration but throughout the political landscape. The primary point of comparison is how Adolf Hitler governed in a similar manner while keeping his fingerprints off the execution of his plan to transform German and European society by ridding both of those he portrayed as "enemies of the people." Recently Paul Kengor further amplified these same points in a follow-up article.
Both writers went to great lengths to reassure the reader that they were not comparing Barack Obama to Adolf 

Hitler and the devastation he wrought, but rather to the tactics used, which in many ways are eerily similar.

As many readers of these pages are aware, I am a survivor of the war that was the end product of Hitler's megalomania as well as a displaced person who was brought to the United States. Over the years I have met and befriended others in America and Europe with similar backgrounds including those that survived the horrors of places such as Auschwitz. When we meet or talk on the phone it is not to discuss our individual wartime or post-war experiences, in fact that is never and has never been discussed as we know by looking into each other's eyes the depth of the pain and suffering still there.
 That by giving certain subtle marching orders and verbal demonization of those targeted for ruin, these men let loose the dogs of destruction by means of their armies of mind-numbed robots.

Prior to the election of Barack Obama and a year or so into his first term the conversations always centered on family, the economy, and those generic issues all people generally discuss. However, in 2010 the conversations increasingly turned to Barack Obama and how he was governing, his lack of character and ideological determination as well as the increased targeting of political enemies. The comparison to the despots of the twentieth century such as Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin began to be openly discussed.
It was after one these conversations that I was prompted to write the following in October of 2010: 
Therefore, on behalf of those us who have lived through the worst of times, and based on the president's words and deeds, it must be stated that Mr. Obama is a liar and a demagogue.
By his rhetoric and strategy, Mr. Obama has sunk to the same level as numerous demagogues over the past 100 years who employed these same tactics as a means of achieving personal and centralized power.
Unfortunately the American people were manipulated into re-electing the most dangerous and ideological man ever to occupy the Oval Office. What has begun to emerge from the shadows of his regime is not a surprise, in fact if the American people were privy to all the goings-on throughout the vast bureaucracy now fully infiltrated by the radical left these recent scandals would be tame by comparison.
The points raised by Mr. Meyer and Professor Kengor are totally and regrettably accurate. But they need not apologize or be hesitant to compare the actions to date of Barack Obama to that of Adolf Hitler in the early stages of his chancellorship. The tactics are the same. 
I have often, and vociferously, objected to those of any political stripe using the war or the Holocaust as a pejorative to baselessly demean their political enemies. However, considering what is now happening to the Unites States, the nation that rescued all of us who survived World War II, this comparison to the actions of Hitler, Mussolini et al is valid and should be made more often as a means of getting through to the ill-educated citizenry.
Dr. Kengor concludes his piece by stating:
The America we knew is gone; it is over. This new breed of leftist is ascendant and angry, and changing the country and the culture in the process. The results are not pretty. Things are only going to get worse.
He is right and as such all weapons at our disposal must be used to save this most noble experiment in human history, accurately comparing the tactics of Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler is one of those weapons. All Americans who care about the future of this nation should not hesitate to do so regardless of the name-calling and intimidation tactic of the left and the media.

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