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THE TIDE IS TURNING...MUST READ...Obots included (But would it help?)...

Dare One Call It Treason?
Col. Lawrence Sellin, PhD.

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see - Ayn Rand

Many Americans believe that the US Government, the Democrat and Republican Parties and the media are deliberately misleading the American people, hiding the most heinous fraud and Constitutional crisis in the history of the United States.

Individuals at the highest levels of the federal government may have aided and abetted a deception, which included willful ignorance, misinformation, false interpretations of the Constitution, outright lies and the creation of fraudulent documents and computer records to protect an ineligible, ill-prepared and unworthy candidate for the office of President of the United States.

In the age of Obama we have witnessed the complete metamorphosis of the media, no longer objective journalists, but partisan liberal activists, who control, manipulate, even create news to support a left-wing political agenda.

On April 27, 2011, Barack Obama presented as his official birth certificate a digital image so riddled with anomalies that only counterfeiters or the complicit could vouch for its authenticity.

Evidence has been reported claiming that Barack Obama has been using a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number (SSN) since at least 1986. That number, 042-68-4425, issued in 1977, was set aside exclusively for Connecticut residents, a state in which he never lived nor did any member of his immediate family. In addition, SSN Verifier Plus showed the birth year 1890 linked to that number. Because SSNs are not re-issued, multiple birth dates for one card suggest a stolen number.

The data and documents associated with Obama's Selective Service registration also contain inconsistencies. Most noticeably, Obama's registration card has a two digit year ‘80" on the postal stamp, unlike the four digit year stamp "1980" found on all other registration cards completed at the same time in Hawaii and other states. It appears that a 2008 postal stamp was cut, the 08 inverted and reinserted into the stamp to mimic a 1980 registration. Interestingly, Obama's SSN 042-68-4425 appears on his 1980 Selective Service registration, which is six years before that number can be found in personal background databases.

I believe that Barack Obama did not register with the Selective Service in 1980 because he was attending Occidental College in a foreign student status and in 1981 traveled to Pakistan using an Indonesian passport. According to the law, failure to register with the Selective Service would forever prevent Obama from working in the executive branch of the US government.

One could readily conclude that Obama lied and flouted the law to get elected. It should come as no surprise then, that he would lie and flout the law to implement his policies.

I believe Obama succeeded in 2008 because the Republicans struck a deal with the Democrats not to question Obama's eligibility for office and his personal history. Furthermore, the liberal media took radical steps to protect their favored candidate, killing negative stories about Obama and even threatening to accuse his opponents of racism in order to make them "sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction."

In addition to the apparent creation of fraudulent documents and the doctoring of computer records by Obama supporters, then Democratic National Chair Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) prepared two different Certifications of Nomination, an action unprecedented in US history, presumably to hide Obama's ineligibility for office.

And so committed has the liberal media been to protect their investment in Obama, they continue to dispense with gusto misinformation, disinformation or no information.

The conspiracy of silence continues out of complicity or fear. The political-media establishment realizes that if the truth is told about Barack Obama the system from which they accrue enormous personal power and profit will collapse.

Republicans will oppose Obama, but they will not expose him because, by doing so, it will reveal their own dereliction of duty. Many believe, and with reasonable cause, that all the hearings and law suits conducted by the Republicans are a subterfuge meant to run out the clock.

It doesn't matter if Obama thinks he is right or if he thinks he is being virtuous. The policies he is pursuing are destroying the country. Even if one rejects treachery or treason as motives, the unrealistic and impractical far-left liberalism promoted by Obama and his acolytes is an inevitable march from altruistic dreams to coercion, oppression and, ultimately, failure. - Cross-posted/comment @ Family Security Matters.

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality - Ayn Rand

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at

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Jon Voight Slams Obama, Kerry At Pro-Israel Rally

I would not be surprised if Resident Obama voluntarily resigns within the next 30 days or so. SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION TO BE SCHEDULED THIS NOV. 4?...OR SHORTLY THEREAFTER?...


 "Hey my place ready in Riyadh?...and what about the secured palace in Medina? Things getting too hot here.  Might have to run soon ...ah yes..that's right...I will be coming alone."

I would not be surprised if  Resident Obama voluntarily resigns within the next 30 days or so. 

It is obvious that aka Obama is feeling increasing heat from the American people including many of his usually reliable sycophants.

The media is increasingly on the warpath and the talk of impeachment is reaching a crescendo. Further aka obama is becoming increasingly irresponsible and it is obvious to anyone paying attention that he has no intention of upholding the Constitution.

Never in our history have we seen such an arrogant, dishonest individual in the White House. Obama clearly is trying to destroy our country.

Obama is  overtly anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-life, anti-military, anti-Constitution and an appeaser of our enemies.  Obama IS America's Number One Enemy.  In short, Obama has perpetrated the greatest crime ever against the American people and I believe the time is finally running out for him and his grifter "wife".

Pay attention to his actions very closely over the next several weeks.  We are at a critical crossroads. Personally I would not be surprised if Obama actually flees the country in the not too distant future.  Better do that than face arrest, prosecution an imprisonment.  The clock is ticking.

Remember this...Coincidence?...
What do you get when you rearrange PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA?



Try this anagram for yourself:
You can’t make this stuff up. LOL
H/t Give Us Liberty 1776 and Obama Release Your Records


Obummer ...   
Americans really wish they had elected Mitt Romney instead of Obama
Alex Wong / Getty Images
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Americans are so down on President Obama at the moment that, if they could do the 2012 election all over again, they'd overwhelmingly back the former Massachusetts governor's bid. That's just one finding in a brutal CNN poll, released Sunday, which shows Romney topping Obama in a re-election rematch by a whopping nine-point margin, 53 percent to 44 percent. That's an even larger spread than CNN found in November, when a survey had Romney winning a redo 49 percent to 45 percent.

Two years ago, Obama won re-election with about 51 percent of the vote.

Of course, the poll should be taken with a grain of salt. While Obama is actually taking on the tough task of leading the nation, Romney is sitting comfortably on the sidelines. Still, the finding comes as foreign and domestic crises have sent Obama's approval rating tumbling back to 40 percent, per Gallup.
Also in the CNN survey, a record-low 46 percent say Obama "shares [their] values," while only 49 percent say he is "sincere in what he says," also a record-low.
- - 

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Tom Blumer | July 26, 2014
On Thursday, with PJ Media's J. Christian Adams as her guest, Fox News's Megyn Kelly recited a list of assertions (under oath, she reminded us) made by Internal Revenue Service officials which have later been shown to be lies or cause for agency flip-flops after "new" facts have been revealed.
It's a significant list. By implication, it's an indictment of the vast majority of the establishment press, which has refused to give the IRS scandal the attention it deserves. Video and a transcript follow the jump.

If you thought that Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were bad, there is no comparison to this socialist/communist, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white commander in chief whom I frequently refer to sarcastically, but realistically, as the “Mullah in Chief.”

Richard Nixon, unlike Barry Obama, was a natural born citizen, born of American parents, but he had one characteristic in common with Barry; he also was a liar.


Richard Nixon, unlike Barry Obama, was a natural born citizen, born of American parents, but he had one characteristic in common with Barry; he also was a liar.  He lied about the Watergate break-in cover-up, just as Obama has lied about… well, everything, but there is something that they both lied about since it was something of great significance to many people, and that was the truth about where they were born.

Nixon’s lie about his birth place had nothing to do with general notions about his eligibility to be the President of the United States, unlike Obama, but was tied to the same format as Obama’s lie, namely; his autobiography. “I was born in the house my father built.” Nixon stated.
To be fair, neither really knew where they were born because no one knows anything about that except what they’ve been told, or what’s been shown on their birth certificate.  But Nixon, like Obama, never had a birth certificate, which is actually logically contrary to the following story about his birth place.  It only makes good sense that he didn’t have a birth certificate if he was born at home and not in a hospital, as was reported.

That would put him in the same situation as that of Obama, whose mother swore in a hand-written affidavit-application for a late birth certification from the Hawaiian Dept. of Health that she gave birth to her baby at home in Honolulu on August 4th, 1961.  Of course that is only speculation, but no other speculation can explain the statements of the governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombe, and that of the Director of the Dept. of Health Fukino that the record was “written down”, “-half hand-written, and half-typed.  See what it might have looked like, although it was probably on a formal form with boxes for typing in the information:  ANN DUNHAM’S SIMULATED AFFIDAVIT

But whether Nixon was born at home as claimed, or born in a hospital as stated, one learns from his case that one’s birth place, even if Vice-President of the United States, is just as susceptible to dispute and erroneous claims as anyone else.  And that of course includes one community organizer from Chicago by way of Hawaii.

REPUBLICANS THINK IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA WILL ENERGIZE THE DEMOCRATS...I HAVE NEWS FOR THE TRAITOROUS REPUBLICANS: Failure to Impeach NOW will result in many "Republicans and Independents and even Democrats" not voting at all!...

"The only thing that makes sense is that he is exhausted and, perhaps, has checked out of the job early". EXCUSE ME! The only reason??? How can he be exhasuted? He doesn't do anything but play golf, vacation and fundraise. How about his actions/inaction are in fact intentional...OR he doesn't care?...

Barack Obama has already checked out of his job

The degree to which Barack Obama is now phoning it in – sleepwalking perfunctorily through his second term, amid golf rounds and dinner parties – is astonishing

US President Barack Obama enjoys a round of golf in Hawaii, January 2014
US President Barack Obama enjoys a round of golf in Hawaii Photo: EPA

President Obama has emotionally checked out of his job a couple of years early, it seems. How can one tell?
Candidates for president who brazenly assume they are the inevitable victor are sometimes accused of “measuring the drapes” for the White House.
Obama, conversely, seems to be prematurely packing his bags in hopes for an early departure.

Friday, July 25, 2014

“The American people have begged and pleaded for years for our laws to be enforced,” Sessions said in his statement. “We have people in our own country living in violence, fear and poverty every single day. They have demanded an immigration policy that puts their jobs, wages and communities first. Every citizen should pick up the phone and ask of their congressional representative: where do you stand?” Sessions said that it would be wrong for any member of the House or Senate to support any border crisis bill that doesn’t end DACA and block the president from expanding it.

Sessions: Melt Congress' Phone Lines, Stop Obama's Planned Executive Amnesty

The North American Law Center, has issued a full set of Articles of Impeachment of the Obama Regime.

Breaking: Law Center Launches Articles of Impeachment!
Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Friday, July 25, 2014 


by the United States Patriots Union (USPU), ©2014
(Jul. 25, 2014) — The Constitutional Law division of Patriots Union, The North American Law Center, has issued a full set of Articles of Impeachment of the Obama Regime.

ARTICLE 1 – Usurpation of the Oval Office by criminal identity fraud

ARTICLE 2 – Malfeasance[i], misconduct and abuse of the Oval Office

ARTICLE 3 – Aiding and Abetting known enemies of the United States

1) Now you can freely share with all like-minded friends
2) Please provide financial support for this critical mission HERE
3) Prepare to contact members of the House next week!

Send info and comments HERE.
Thank you!

© 2014, The Post & Email. All rights reserved.




Obama now flaunts executive orders on amnesty

Determined 'to fix immigration system … without Congress'

The answer to your question Charles, should be obvious: TO DESTROY AMERICA and to make lots of money while doing it. For example how much do you think Obama was paid (offshore accounts?) to push through Obamacare? - after all nationalized medicine is the cornerstone of all "great" dictatorships. Get a clue Krauthammer...Obama is enemy number one. He is accomplishing everything the puppet masters want and having fun while doing it. Oh and BTW might want to look into "Obama's" lifetime of identity fraud. He truly is the Manchurain Candidate. And had better wake-up real soon or we are finished.

The Vacant Presidency
The world is aflame and our leader is on the 14th green.

(Win McNamee/Getty Images)


The president’s demeanor is worrying a lot of people. From the immigration crisis on the Mexican border to the Islamic State rising in Mesopotamia, Barack Obama seems totally detached. When he does interrupt his endless rounds of golf, fundraising, and photo ops, it’s for some affectless, mechanical, almost forced public statement.

Regarding Ukraine, his detachment — the rote, impassive voice — borders on dissociation. His U.N. ambassador, Samantha Power, delivers an impassioned denunciation of Russia. Obama cautions that we not “get out ahead of the facts,” as if the facts of this case — Vladimir Putin’s proxies’ shooting down a civilian airliner — are in doubt.
Julia and Pajama Boy, a Millennials Love Story  
Lee Cary  
How many millennials realize they are the lost generation, Barack Obama’s political cannon fodder, used-up in the battle to fundamentally change America? More

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There’s a stranger in the Oval Office and the Secret Service doesn’t know exactly who he is.

A Stranger in the White House

Obama’s Baseless Eligibility Credibility

(how myths, misconceptions, misrepresentations, forgeries, and outright lies produced an unconstitutional President)
april 2012, july 2014

There’s a problem in the White House.
There’s a stranger in the Oval Office and the Secret Service doesn’t know exactly who he is.
They haven’t done any background check to determine whether or not he might pose a threat, but they are restrained from ordering him to leave because he happens to be the President.
They view him through suspicious eyes even though he was elected to office, because they know that any & every U.S. citizen is not eligible to hold the office of the Commander-in-Chief, and it would appear that he is one of those who isn’t.
They know also that any & every citizen is not acceptable to guard the President because they themselves had to pass a deep and thorough Yankee White Single Scope Background investigation to vet all would-be protectors of the President. They know that they would not have passed that vetting process if they had been born to a non-immigrant alien father (especially one from any nation that was not a very close ally, like Canada or the United Kingdom and Commonwealth). They had to have an American father. And yet they’re expected to sacrifice their lives to protect a man who couldn’t qualify to guard himself.

A Half Something President

The stranger in the White House is an anomaly, not because he is half Negro, but because he is half foreign, half alien, -and spent most of his first two decades of life as an Indonesian citizen via adoption. Never before in US history have the American people knowingly voted for a man who was half European, or half Russian or half Chinese, or half anything that wasn’t American, and yet his charm and corrupt electioneering tactics allowed him to bulldoze his competition out of the way even though the odds against him were great. But how was the American electorate bamboozled into thinking that a half-something candidate could be eligible to the highest office in the land?

The answer is that due to wide-spread ignorance, an “urban myth” was swallowed as gospel.
That myth is multi-fold and the first part is that mere birth on U.S. soil automatically imparts
U.S. citizenship. The second is that such a birth fulfills the constitutional requirement to be President. In other words, anyone (!) born in the U.S. can be President with only one kind of exception; children born to foreign representatives. But native-born children of mass-murdering foreign tyrants are okay as long as they aren’t the head of a government.

But you see, we have no choice in the matter.  It is American law.  But what American law?  There is none.  There is only a policy interpretation of an Attorney General in 1898 which no one has ever even thought to question.  It’s part of the floor of nationality thinking even though it is based on no law whatsoever.  Just institutionalized error.

Those myths are founded on a perverted distortion of the meaning of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment. Barack Obama and his minions used and relied upon that perversion to assert that he was eligible to be President because of his supposed constitutional citizenship which is courtesy of the 14th Amendment. He even claimed as much on his campaign website “” -now off-line.  But he has never labeled himself as a natural born citizen.

One Set of FEMA Camps for Immigrants and One Set for Americans

One Set of FEMA Camps for Immigrants and One Set for Americans 

I have been wondering through the midst of this illegal alien crisis, I have been wondering why are we not seeing the 800 known FEMA camps being used to house these illegal alien immigrants. After all, the following paragraphs establish the fact that this is why the concept of FEMA camps came into being back in 1987. There is not a simple one sentence, or one paragraph answer to this question except to say the aftermath of what has begun serves to threaten every American citizen. In the following paragraphs I will systematically present the notion that there are two types of FEMA camps. There is the one  FEMA camp for the present illegal aliens and there are the untouched 800 FEMA camps plus the use of public venues for you and me.

REX 84

When the REX 84 FEMA Camp program was created by people such as Lt. Col. Oliver North, who was both National Security Council White House Aide, and NSC liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and John Brinkerhoff, the deputy director of “national preparedness” programs for FEMA’s role in the creation of the camps, our ultimate fate for future generations of Americans was sealed.
The existence of the Rex 84 plan was first revealed during the Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987, and subsequently reported by the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987.
” These camps are to be operated by FEMA should martial law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general’s signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached.”

WAKE-UP AMERICA...It doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that the U.S. government's financial default is only a matter of time, and when it happens, all the business sectors kept afloat by government payments and entitlements will crumble: Big Pharma and the health care system, Big Food manufacturers, large agricultural producers, weapons manufacturers, universities, public services (including law enforcement) and more.

One third to die by the sword

Beyond the plague and pestilence now emerging, we are also witnessing what may be the start of World War IIi with recent events in Ukraine.

The U.S. and Russia are in a tense standoff over trying to assign blame for the downing of MH17, a passenger jet with hundreds of innocent civilians on board. The U.S. government says Russia did it, but when the State Department was pressed on what evidence they might have to prove it, they could only point to tweets and Youtube videos as their "intelligence sources." Wow.

As explained on (10)

Tuesday the US government admitted it had been bluffing about its certainty that Russia was behind the downing of Malaysian Air Flight MH-17 over Ukraine. This dramatic turn of events started with State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf claiming Monday that the State Department's certainty of Russian involvement in the apparent downing of the plane was primarily based on "social media" evidence.

Many observers believe these events may be the spark that leads to war. Already, 1 in 10 Americans now believes America should launch an all-out war on Russia due to current events.

As reported by CNN: (11) in 10 say the United States should take military action if there is clear evidence that Russia is responsible for the shooting down of the plane, which killed all 298 passengers and crew.

Infowars' Steve Watson added this all-important analysis comment: "The number may at first seem low, but it translates to one in every ten Americans believing that a war with a nuclear super power is a good idea." (12)

One third scattered to every wind

Wrapping up the Biblical quote, "one third scattered to the wind" could very easily describe the aftermath of a grid-down scenario in which masses of homeless refugees flee U.S. cities in an effort to survive.

We already know that the vast majority of Americans now depend almost entirely on the government for their survival: housing, health insurance, food stamps, unemployment checks, disability benefits, retirement checks, social security checks, Medicare coverage, housing subsidies and more. Yet, at the same time, the U.S. government is beyond bankrupt. It's trillions of dollars in debt and the enormity of that debt is multiplying at an alarming rate.

It doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that the U.S. government's financial default is only a matter of time, and when it happens, all the business sectors kept afloat by government payments and entitlements will crumble: Big Pharma and the health care system, Big Food manufacturers, large agricultural producers, weapons manufacturers, universities, public services (including law enforcement) and more.

When that happens, the cities will rapidly become uninhabitable due to crime waves that spread faster than Ebola. No honest citizen will be safe in an urban area, and residents will attempt to flee into lower-density population areas, scattering them all "to every wind."

Humanity is one event away from a global wipeout

What can you do against all this? Keep your head on straight and prepare for uncertain times. A wave of disease and pestilence has already begun, and the "health authorities" openly admit all their vaccines, antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs are worthless against these new pandemics. Humanity right now stands just one event away from a global wipeout from infectious disease.

All it takes is a simple laboratory mistake, the release of an intentional bioweapon, or a random mutation of a virus that becomes a global killer. Humanity is largely defenseless against pandemics and infectious disease, yet we keep packing people into high-density urban areas as if we were all magically immune.

We aren't. And the pandemic wave may have only just begun.
(Photo: Reuters)  

Obama’s Motorcade Blocks Pregnant Woman’s Path To Hospital

I know a little something about the government stopping people from crossing the street. But this is a new low, even for Uncle Sam.
Oliver Darcy, The Blaze:
Witnesses say a pregnant woman in labor was prevented by authorities from crossing a Los Angeles street to a hospital Wednesday because the road had been closed for President Barack Obama’s impending motorcade.
Sorry, lady, but King Barry had yet another fundraiser to attend. You should’ve thought of that before you decided to punish yourself with a baby.
Silence, you peasants.


In a scathing column, The Wall Street Journal lambastes the president for his weak response toward Russia following the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and criticizes him for ignoring multiple escalating conflicts throughout the world, instead focusing on fundraising and domestic Democratic politics. [Full Story]


National Hockey League Partners with Natural Resources Defense Council on Climate Hysteria


By Sierra Rayne

The National Hockey League (NHL) has announced a partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to promote climate hysteria. The NHL “says it's confronting climate change to help ensure ice hockey’s long-term survival. 'We need winter weather,' NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, said in a statement Monday. 'We have a vested interest in this cause.'” Just for curiosity, I decided to look at trends in average winter temperatures for the 21 metropolitan areas in which the NHL has American teams. Just two increasing trends and one decreasing trend in average winter temperatures over the past three decades – all in markets without a proper winter climate for outdoor hockey anyway, along with 18 sites (including all the markets that actually have a winter where outdoor hockey can be played) that have no trends. In short, none of the NHL's markets where outdoor hockey can be played has seen a warming trend in average...(Read Full Post)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Irion told Roth, “If this man can be convicted for petitioning his government, then you can be charged and convicted for petitioning your government, and that means we’ve all lost our fundamental, constitutionally-protected right.”

Multiple Interviews on Fitzpatrick Verdict This Week Expose Tennessee Corruption pb


by Sharon Rondeau
Van Irion has been a medical researcher, air traffic controller in the U.S. Air Force, an EMT, and now works as a constitutional attorney in eastern Tennessee, which has been exposed for systemic public corruption
(Jul. 22, 2014) — On Monday evening, radio host Dr. Laurie Roth interviewed Atty. Van Irion, who represented CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) on charges filed after Fitzpatrick attempted to bring evidence of criminality on the part of judges and other officials to his county grand jury.
Irion explained that Fitzpatrick’s complaint focused on the fact that the grand jury foreman is chosen by the criminal court judge from the community at large, which “eliminates the whole purpose of having a grand jury in the first place.”  Instead of choosing the foreman from those selected randomly by Tennessee code, Irion said that the foreman is often a “friend” or “neighbor” of the judge.  As a consequence, “the judge is basically able to control what happens on the grand jury,” Irion said.
Former McMinn County grand jury foreman Jeffrey Cunningham is a licensed attorney, active member of the Tennessee Bar Association, and said during testimony at Fitzpatrick’s pre-trial hearing that in December 2011, he had received a phone call from Judge Amy Reedy asking him, “Would you like to be my new grand jury foreman?”
After Cunningham resigned in early March, Reedy appointed Larry Wallace, who has 40 years’ experience in the area of law enforcement, which Irion had mentioned would give the foreman the ability to wield undue influence on the grand jurors, who might not have knowledge of laws governing juries.
“In Tennessee, we have a grand jury, and the laws in the state of Tennessee are set up in such a way that the jury members are randomly selected, but for many years now judges have been appointing grand jury foremen from the population at large:  whoever they want, basically someone they know…It certainly allows judges to influence the grand jury…and that was his concern,” Irion said of Fitzpatrick’s numerous attempts to submit information to the grand jury.
Irion represented Fitzpatrick in another case in Monroe County which convicted him of “tampering with government records” after he removed what he believed was evidence which would be meaningful to the FBI in proving that a judge had hand-selected jurors in open court for the coming year.  In the past, Special Agent Roxane West of the Knoxville FBI had told Fitzpatrick that the agency needed “a smoking gun” such as a recorded statement from a judge admitting that jurors are hand-selected.  Fitzpatrick provided that as well after Judge J. Reed Dixon said “The judge picks the grand jury” in January 2012, but no action has been taken to the public’s knowledge.
Irion explained to Roth that Fitzpatrick had attempted to exercise his First Amendment right to expose corruption by taking documentary evidence to the county grand jury.  However, on June 24, 2014, Fitzpatrick was convicted of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion,” at which Irion expressed amazement.
The Post & Email has called four of the 12 jurors to inquire as to how they reached their verdict but not reached any of them personally as of this writing.
Irion said that as a result of the verdicts against his client, he “is now afraid to go to the grand jury” himself or to encourage others to do so.
At 14:04, Irion said that the grand jury was meant to be a “check” against an overzealous government against the citizens, but with an overly-powerful foreman, it becomes wholly a tool of government.  He said that various counties in the South use the court system to incarcerate people they “don’t like.”
Knowing that he was named in Fitzpatrick’s complaint, Cunningham had refused to step aside.  Explaining the conflict of interest, Irion said of Cunningham, “He refused to allow CDR Fitzpatrick to go to the grand jury without the foreman being in the room.  The foreman was the one Fitzpatrick was complaining about.”
Although Cunningham had resigned when Fitzpatrick was charged with extortion, harassment, stalking and aggravated perjury, Roth observed last Thursday that the case against Fitzpatrick appeared pre-planned.  At the pre-trial hearing on June 16, one grand juror said that she had felt “intimidated” by information Cunningham had related about Fitzpatrick’s “history,” while another said that “a series of strokes” prevented her from recalling why she had voted to indict him.
“These are the kinds of charges that you use against a mob boss who’s breaking people’s kneecaps,” Irion told Roth.
As news of Fitzpatrick’s convictions has spread, dozens and possibly hundreds or more phone calls have been made to the office of Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, who presided over the trial despite the fact that he was compromised.  “The judge refused to dismiss the charges, which is the first thing that should have happened,” Irion said.
Sentencing is scheduled for August 19.  Of the mainstream media’s reportage of Tennessee corruption and Fitzpatrick’s case specifically, Irion said that it is “not interested in this kind of a story.”
Irion said that the verdicts indicate that the government can prosecute and convict anyone it wants in a wanton abandon of constitutional restraint.  “Now I know they have the power to do that whether it’s legal or not,” Irion said.
When Roth asked what people can do to prevent Fitzpatrick’s impending imprisonment, Irion said that he plans to appeal the verdicts if enough funds can be raised through the legal defense fund established through his office.  “Tell your friends and neighbors, tell anyone you happen to know in the media; blog about it, talk about it…We gotta get the word out to the public about what’s going on,” Irion said.
Citizen researcher Linda Jordan also established a GoFundMe account for Fitzpatrick, all proceeds from which will be turned over to Irion.
In an email to The Post & Email on Tuesday, Col. Field McConnell (Ret.) said, “Sharon is invited to update Abel Danger on the status of the Tennessee corrupt harassment of my Shipmate Walter…I will be standing beside Walter if their evil plan is put into action on 19 August.”
McConnell added that “Last Friday I was standing by Karen and Billy Vaughn as we placed commemorative plates on his rolling tribute; a 1936 Studebaker,” in a reference to an event honoring the Vaughns’ son Aaron, who was killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011 known as “Extortion 17.”  The crash killed 32 U.S. special operators under questionable conditions which McConnel said “is considered the worst loss of U.S Military life in a single incident in the Afghanistan campaign, surpassing Operation Red Wings in 2005.”
The Post & Email will be a guest on McConnell’s Abel Danger show on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. EDT.
On Tuesday afternoon, Post & Email reader Michael Jackson was interviewed by Dr. James David Manning of and The Manning Report about Fitzpatrick’s quest for redress of grievances and the government’s retaliation against him.
Last Thursday, Roth hosted The Post & Email to introduce her audience to the latest actions against Fitzpatrick.
Irion described Fitzpatrick as “an incredible person” and a man who the government “is abusing” but “ought to be thanking for his service.”  The Obama regime has shown itself as particularly unfriendly to military members and veterans, Irion noted.  Veterans have been unjustly classified as “Sovereign Citizens,” which implies that they are “potential domestic terrorists,” according to Obama’s FBI.
In his interview with Manning, Jackson raised the December 2010 conviction and imprisonment of Dr. Terry Lakin, a former decorated U.S. Army Lt. Colonel who questioned Obama’s constitutional eligibility.  After his chain of command and congressional delegation refused to answer his queries, Lakin stated that he could not follow orders which might violate his oath to the U.S. Constitution.  He was subsequently was denied the opportunity to obtain discovery in his own defense on charges of “missing movement” and disobeying orders, then imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth for five months and stripped of his career.
Fitzpatrick has similarly stated that he has challenged the judicially-appointed grand jury foremen in Tennessee because his oath to the Constitution requires it.
Dr. James David Manning hosts a radio show from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday.
Manning plans on contacting Capt. Neil Turner and having Jackson return to the show on Wednesday to formulate a plan to overturn the verdicts against Fitzpatrick.  Manning said he believes that Congress, the military and the courts should become engaged to overturn “the travesty going on with one of its soldiers.”
As to the significance of Fitzpatrick’s case, Irion told Roth, “If this man can be convicted for petitioning his government, then you can be charged and convicted for petitioning your government, and that means we’ve all lost our fundamental, constitutionally-protected right.” Roth compared Fitzpatrick’s case to Hitler’s government, which “redefined laws per the dictator’s agenda.”  “This is a national emergency,” she said, later writing a widely-circulated editorial about it.
Both Manning and Irion said that “God” is the answer to the corruption rampant in America today.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MINI Documentary - Illegal Obama "Propped Up" By Congress!

In the end, the news media – like Mr. Obama – have an obligation to tell the truth. If they persistently fail in that obligation, then they deserve to be driven out of business. We, their audience, want the truth about the “birth certificate,” and, whether they like it or not, we are going to get it. Joe Arpaio will see to that.


There is something wrong with Obama’s story- that much I know. He is either the ghost of Columbia, or the perfect Manchurian candidate. But something smells rotten at Columbia.

Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University

Wayne’s latest book is: "The Murder of the Middle Class". It will be released on July 14, 2014. Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, successful entrepreneur, small business defender, business speaker, Capital Evangelist, and media personality- appearing on over 5000 interviews in the past 5 years. Wayne’s web site:

Wayne Allyn Root: Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University
President Barack Obama speaks to crowds along a rain soaked boardwalk on May 28, 2013 in Asbury Park, New Jersey. (Photo: Getty Images)
I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual- he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University.

I’m certainly no “Johnny come lately.” For five years now (since 2007 when it became clear Barack Obama was running for President), I’ve been quoted in the media as saying that no one I’ve ever met at Columbia can remember ever meeting, or even seeing, our college classmate Barack Obama. Don’t you think the media should be asking questions? Isn’t this a very strange story?

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