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It seems that the woman who denied war vets access to their Memorial is the same one who will get to deny them their health care.

Obama taps woman who denied access to war vets from memorial for ObamaCare
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

Obama and Congressman Mike Rogers Caught in War Crimes Coverup if Legendary Liberal Journalist Correct

A highly respected journalist who has broken at least two major war scandals in his lifetime the liberal mainstream media went nuts over, has done it again. However, since his new report implicates the Obama administration, the mainstream media appears to be rather disinterested. The thing is, this scandal implicates a whole lot of people, including a Republican House Committee Chairman.
Hersh broke the My Lai Massacre
Hersh broke the My Lai Massacre
Seymour Hersh broke both the My Lai massacre story and Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Shoebat.com has done extensive analysis on his most recent work, which is very explosive and validates what we’ve been reporting for several months – the chemical weapons attack in Syria last August did not come from the Assad regime.
Hersh broke 2004 Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal.
Hersh broke 2004 Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal.
At issue is not so much who used sarin gas in the attack but who didn’t. Hersh’s research indicates very strongly that it was not the Assad regime and that the Defense Intelligence Agency knew this full well as people like Obama, Rogers and others were making the case against Assad. Here is what Hersh wrote about Al Nusra having access to sarin and an unwillingness of the Obama administration to acknowledge it:
The joint chiefs also knew that the Obama administration’s public claims that only the Syrian army had access to sarin were wrong. The American and British intelligence communities had been aware since the spring of 2013 that some rebel units in Syria were developing chemical weapons. On 20 June analysts for the US Defense Intelligence Agency issued a highly classified five-page ‘talking points’ briefing for the DIA’s deputy director, David Shedd, which stated that al-Nusra maintained a sarin production cell: its programme, the paper said, was ‘the most advanced sarin plot since al-Qaida’s pre-9/11 effort’… ‘Turkey and Saudi-based chemical facilitators,’ it said, ‘were attempting to obtain sarin precursors in bulk, tens of kilograms, likely for the anticipated large scale production effort in Syria.’ (Asked about the DIA paper, a spokesperson for the director of national intelligence said: ‘No such paper was ever requested or produced by intelligence community analysts.’)
That last part in bold is significant because in his interview with Democracy Now! (see below), Hersh actually admits to having access to the document the DIA spokesperson denied exists.

The Democratic Party, the party of slavery, which openly practices the only form of discrimination that is acceptable today in American politics – class warfare – and discrimination against the successful.

The Racist, Discriminating Democratic Party

April 14, 2014
The Democratic Party, the party of slavery, which openly practices the only form of discrimination that is acceptable today in American politics – class warfare – and discrimination against the successful, yesterday, for the third time in recent weeks, wrongly accused the Republican Party of racism.
Yesterday’s folly saw New York Congressman Steve Israel assert that “to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism and that’s unfortunate.” This follows remarks by Attorney General Eric Holder, who claimed at a forum on civil rights that the past five years in Washington have been marked by “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity.” ”If you don’t believe that … you look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House committee.”  
The reality is that Holder was treated appropriately – as he is inept and this administration is constantly lying to the public.  Americans indeed should know no color when inept people govern; they should be challenged and condemned. It is unfair to assert “racism” when caught lying and cheating as a way to defend yourself.
Earlier this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blamed racism as to why congressional Republicans do not want to act on comprehensive immigration reform, claiming “I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill.” As the Republican National Committee rightly noted, “Democrats are desperate to try to discredit conservatives because they don’t have the facts on their side.” 
The Democrats’ claims are unfair, un-American, and most importantly, so untrue.  It forces me, Ronn Torossian, to ask: Do the Democrats think minorities are stupid?  Those practicing bias today are the Democrats who say if you are successful, it is permissible to discriminate.
When did the revisionist history commence about which party is racist? The Republican Party was born just prior to the Civil War for the sole purpose of combating slavery and it fought against the party of slavery.  The Republican Party is the party of freedom and economic liberty and prosperity – as it was then and now. The Democrat platform of the 1860s was a pro-slavery policy that sought to keep people enslaved.
In the 1950s and 1960s, the Democratic Party was the enforcer of “Jim Crow” laws and segregation. In 1964, there was a filibuster of the Civil Rights Act by Democrat Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) which lasted 14 hours. The Act was crafted and supported by a vast number of Republicans in the Senate, while opposed by southern Democratic senators (including Al Gore Sr).
Today, the Democrats continue to keep people in place and pursue centralized government, as a further way for more government control, particularly over the poor. The Democratic Party seeks to tell people how to eat, raise their families, and in this administration, how to have healthcare.
The concepts of freedom and individualism, and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, are Republican values which should be embraced.  The Democrats’ continual race accusations offer an opportunity for Republicans – which include Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz– to jump on this discussion.  The Democrats – who wrote and enforced the Jim Crow laws – have not and will not lead minorities (or the rest of this country) in the right direction.
While minorities – wrongly – overwhelmingly vote Democrat, why is it that jobs under this President for African-Americans continue to drop? Total numbers of employment-aged African-Americans in the workforce slid from 58.6 percent in June 2007, to 52.8 percent by August 2012. There is ample history and facts which can be shared to show the long history of the Democrats with racism. 
After so many years of supporting liberals, conservatives must pursue a wide-ranging public relations campaign to remind all Americans to pursue smaller government and reduced spending as a way for all Americans to be more free, and have more opportunity. Yes, the Republican Party needs more diversity – and perhaps the Democrats’ continually raising of these issues is a way to create a campaign where dialogue with minorities can change the minds of many. The Democrats raise fear – rather than facts.
Now that there has been an African-American President, it’s time for all Americans to realize that liberty, freedom and opportunity come best with small government and economic freedom.  The liberals’ continued false accusations of race offer an opportunity the GOP must jump upon to educate minorities on the true facts of which party is best for all Americans.

And think of the chances for voter fraud!

Dick Morris: Democrats Conspiring to Rig Electoral College, Law Passed in 9 States So Far

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014 Dick Morris

A plan, now stealthily making its way through state legislatures with astonishing speed, would junk the Electoral College and award the presidency to the winner of the popular vote.

The plan involves an Interstate Compact where states would commit to select electors pledged to vote for the national popular vote winner regardless of how their own state voted. When enough states pass this law -- sufficient to cast the Electoral College's majority 270 votes --  it will take effect.

The Electoral College will become a vestigial anachronism.

So far, nine states and the District of Columbia -- casting 136 electoral votes -- have joined moving half way to the 270 needed to put the compact into effect. The ratifying states are: Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts, DC, Vermont, California, and Rhode Island.

Both houses in New York have passed it and its on Governor Cuomo’s desk.

And, it has already passed one house in: Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Oregon. These states, plus New York represent 107 votes. Combined with the others they are up to 242 votes . They need 270.

Who is pushing this?

"Sharia Submission: Minneapolis Mayor Proudly Wears Hijab When Meeting Somali Muslims."

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges Dons Hijab for Meeting with Somalian Islamists

Islamization of America.

Betsy Hodges photo 10176139_10203775928705473_2787702143143470026_n_zpsf5ed1801.jpg


By TPATH Contributor
Ms. Tabitha Korol

April 15, 2014 ~TPATH~ Did Minneapolis’s Democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges not get it?  This was no game, not dress-up playtime or Carnival.  Then I wondered if she ever found occasion to dress in the ethnic clothing of her city’s other ethnicities – the Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, English, Poles, Irish, French Canadians, Native Americans?   Perhaps she had not done her homework about the Somali immigrants, and it took her only 100 days into office to don a hijab for an alliance. 
Surely, she has heard all the recent news about the subjugation and severe treatment of women in the Islamic Middle East; the Honor Diaries film that the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is trying to suppress; the controversy over Brandeis University’s bestowing and then rescinding an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the pressure applied by CAIR that forced Disney to cancel a movie that Muslims find “offensive,” and more.  Then why would she don the quintessential symbol of inequality and bondage?  The shroud of the Islamic woman.
Interestingly, the mayor has a strong admiration for Wonder Woman, the most popular female superstar in figure-hugging, stars-and-stripes regalia, with bracelets that make her invincible. Hodges is a collector of Wonder Woman dolls and has recently hung a photograph of this shining symbol of strength and sexual equality on her office wall.  Rather than emulate her heroine, however, she abandoned the image with which she allegedly identifies, this icon of bravery and justice, for cowardice and deceit.

Perhaps she is a Lost Soul, one without direction, without ties to ethics or principles, unstable in today’s culture and society.  Unwilling or unable to stand up for American ideologies, she too easily acquiesced to the preferences or demands of the archenemy of humankind. Whether Hodges was clueless and diplomatically inept or has emerged with a heretofore concealed agenda remains to be seen, but both choices do not bode well for the office she holds.
What began as the 7th century Bedouin woman’s attempt at privacy and protection in the desert, these shrouds have become a symbol of woman’s indignity and servitude.  As Nonie Darwish so aptly explained in her book, Cruel and Usual Punishment, woman has come to represent the totality of evil and inferiority in Islamic teaching.  Considered lacking in intelligence and religion, women are seen as half, and sometimes a quarter, of man's worth in a Shari’a court (Islamic law).  They may be beaten by their husbands and forbidden to leave the house unless accompanied by a male relative. They may be killed by their fathers if the parent deems his honor compromised.  In this oppressive society, women are the ones who preserve the honor of the male, so that he may avoid responsibility and disrepute for any unpleasantness or trouble. 
The hijabs and burqas serve the purpose of enforcing obedience to Shari’a and to men.  With the obligation of defending their enslavement under constant threat of their own destruction, they may become very self-justifying when challenged. Some may even try to earn honor and respect by joining the radicals for violent jihad (holy war against the infidel). But there’s more.  To cultures that relish freedom, these hidden women are deemed victims of sadism, forced to endure the insufferable heat of the subtropics under layers of clothing, and prevented from enjoying the summer sun and cool breezes.
In fact, medical experts have noted that women so covered in northern climes, with less sunshine, are suffering more from osteoporosis from the lack of Vitamin D, and experiencing an increased risk of pelvic fracture during childbirth.  Their newborn babies are more prone to getting seizures from the same deficiency.

Islamic law is concerned more with
raping, beating, flogging, and stoning women
than it is in honoring them.

The Shari’a demand that women be covered from head to toe is also the Islamic way of solving the problem of male sexual temptations.
Rather than teach the men self-restraint and respect, the onus is on the woman to hide herself, her sexuality, her body, her shame.  Tragically, because there are women who want to appear as being obedient to their god and faith, it becomes the burden of other women to withstand being hated, ridiculed, or become targets of fatwas.  Women face divisiveness or derision at every turn, and their society discourages, and even hinders, women from establishing friendships, particularly where polygamy is practiced.
To have surrendered her dignity, self-esteem, pride in her American heritage and culture. goes beyond Hodges’ courtship of a voting bloc or fulfilling a promise to constituents.  She is responsible for having her female police chief and city council representatives wear the hijab on February 28, proclaimed Hijab Day at City Hall.  Rather than guide these new immigrants in becoming Americans, as previous ethnic groups have done, she is accepting their customs and laws over our own. 
When the intruder or invader makes demands (no matter how subtle) that are met with compliance and submission from the host culture, this is conquest, not assimilation.  I am deeply concerned as to how Hodges and her administration will address future demands, as they will surely be forthcoming – whether for Islamizing children in the classroom, serving only halal foods in the cafeterias, observing Islamic holidays on the city calendar, or all manner of accommodations in everyday life. 
Hodges’ decision may well have been meticulously planned.
Her hijab is stealth jihad.

April 15, 2014 ~TPATH~

Contact Ms. Korol HERE


Obama’s historic elections were largely made possible by a corrupted media that refused to report bad news about the president. The nation’s “free press” is not so free anymore, and this is a great loss for the country. Facts and truth, both in the media and in the public schools, are arguably in eclipse.

Globe Magazine demands: “Impeach Obama!”

More people are mentioning the I word – "impeachment."

Just a smutty, nutty tabloid, some will say in ridiculing the Globe. But it’s in every supermarket in America. The circulation may be a quarter-million but the eyeball count has to be many millions.
And what do Americans see this week as they check out their groceries? They see a banner headline screaming: “Impeach Obama!" with five subheads: “Lies, coverups and abuse of power…. Why he’s worse than Nixon!…. Giving away US nuclear secrets to our enemies!… Forced to back down by evil Putin… Michelle walks out as angry Americans demand prez’s impeachment.”
Overstated? Out of touch with reality? Or political storm clouds massing over the White House?
Inside the magazine (April 14, 2014), the Globe presents an aggressive, two-page case that “Battered President Barack Obama is fighting desperately for his political life as a tidal wave of anger, distrust and resentment sweeps America, resulting in a growing crusade for his impeachment!”
The Globe mentions an Internet petition titled “Impeach President Obama and remove him from office,” which claims to have more than 500,000 letters and emails.
There are other petitions claiming other amounts of signatures, such as this one on WorldNetDaily.
President Obama ran for the presidency with the promise that he would “fundamentally transform the country,” never mind that virtually no one was asking for this. Perhaps if he had accomplished his transformation smoothly and professionally, he could have won applause. But his extreme measures, often bungled in their implementation, are creating complaints and discontent.
ObamaCare and Common Core, two of his signature programs, are more and more described as train wrecks. Most Americans are upset about one or the other. Both represent federal overreach. Both were implemented through political wheeling and dealing. In the process of promoting ObamaCare, Obama compromised himself by lying on dozens of occasions. Then to keep this program on track, he changed the law 25 times at least, all of which were unconstitutional.
Historically, presidents always suffer a letdown in a second term. Nixon was forced to resign in the middle of his second term. Many people think the same fate can befall Obama. He has unescapable blemishes on his record. Running for the presidency, he didn’t even seem to know where his birth certificate was. When you have a name like Barack Hussein Obama, taking care of the birth certificate issue would logically be a priority. (At this point, there are high-level investigators who insist that the birth certificate displayed on the White House website is, in fact, a counterfeit.)
In the latest Rasmussen poll (April 8, 2014), 27% strongly approve of Obama but 42% strongly disapprove.
A Feb. 25 article reported on “a poll in which 71 percent of Obama voters surveyed said they now would vote for someone else.”
Meanwhile, a long list of scandals mentioned in the Globe article continue to simmer: the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, and others that Internet pundits predict will cause more trouble for Obama.
The Globe article quotes behavioral expert Dr. Lillian Glass, who speculates that “all the intense pressure in Obama's public and private lives can be clouding his judgment and pushing him to a breaking point.”
Obama’s historic elections were largely made possible by a corrupted media that refused to report bad news about the president. The nation’s “free press” is not so free anymore, and this is a great loss for the country. Facts and truth, both in the media and in the public schools, are arguably in eclipse.

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Better Soviet posters for Jay Carney and Claire Shipman's house

Thomas Lifson
If Jay Carney and Claire Shipman want appropriate Soviet propaganda posters to decorate their house and raise their children among, they went to the wrong source. The irrepressible Oleg Atbashian of The People’s Cube knows a few things about Soviet agit-prop posters, having worked as an artist making them before he defected from the USSR.
He’s turned his talents toward helping out the Carney-Shipman household, bringing them into the 21st century.
In place of this:
He suggests this:
Knowing Oleg as I do, I am sure he would be happy to make available full size versions suitable for framing to the press secretary and ABC Correspondent.
Obama's Pencil-thin Presidency  
Cindy Simpson  
It should come as no surprise to find that Obama feels free to erase the document that he once described as deeply and fundamentally flawed. More
The Dark Side of the Sebelius Legacy  
Jack Cashill  
The best possible outcome for Kathleen Sebelius is to be known as the supreme bungler of ObamaCare.  Her record as Kansas governor is far darker, and much more damning. More

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FROM THE INTERNET...Obama's LIES have become so constant that what we have is a dishonest, manipulative regime engaged in a truly Orwellian propaganda campaign like we haven't seen since the 3rd Reich or the old USSR.

Obama LIES more easily than he breathes as everybody does in his corrupt regime. At this point Obama's LIES have become so constant that what we have is a dishonest, manipulative regime engaged in a truly Orwellian propaganda campaign like we haven't seen since the 3rd Reich or the old USSR. Obama LIES, twists facts, hides information, falsifies information, and plays the race a sex cards like we've never seen before in our country. In the last week he has used both the sex and race card. What is really disgusting about Obama's lying propaganda to rouse his base about equal pay, is that by Obama's own measure/metrics he is the most prominent discriminator against equal pay for women in the Country. Obama's White House pays men more than women. When it comes to equal pay for equal work Obama is our "Discriminator in Chief"! Keep that in mind while he plays his corrupt games to divert attention before the election from his LIES, and job killing policies.

The War Within the GOP
 By Alan Caruba Full Story
The War Within the GOP
I started out a Democrat because my parents were Democrats. When I was old enough to conclude that the Democratic Party was so socialist I could not remain one, I became a Republican. In her nineties, even my Mother registered as a Republican.

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HEY BARRY...Let's see who gets the last laugh...


Obama: Birth certificate 'on a website somewhere'

Smirking, he says, 'A lot of people don't' know where theirs is

author-image by Bob Unruh  Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press, as well as several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he covered everything from legislative battles and sports to tornadoes and homicidal survivalists. He is also a photographer whose scenic work has been used commercially.
Barack Obama, whose eligibility to be president under the Constitution’s demand that a chief executive be “a natural born citizen” was questioned, challenged and contested in probably more than 100 lawsuits mostly during his first term, says he knows where his birth certificate is.
“On a website somewhere.”
Actually, what he told an audience at the 16th annual convention of the National Action Networks was how it’s too hard for people to register and vote in some locations – where they demand ID, or birth certificates.
Voting should be much easier than that, he said.
He explained that some places women can’t vote because their ID and their registration names are different. And he warned that seniors cannot vote “until they come up with the right ID.”
Some people, he said, don’t have passports because they can’t afford to travel overseas, and they can’t use those for ID. Just because someone doesn’t travel overseas, he said, isn’t a reason for them not to vote.
He didn’t address whether people should also be required to have a driver’s license to drive, or a passport to travel.
That already had been answered by Vice President Joe Biden, who said not long ago, “You know, 11 million people that are living in the shadows. I believe they’re already Americans citizens. These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully. And by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already Americans in my view.”
Americans who, by their definition of being “undocumented” probably would not have either an American driver’s license or a U.S. passport.
But Obama did talk about his own birth certificate, an issue that remains unresolved for some of his harshest critics.
“And just to be clear I know where my birth certificate is,” he said. “But a lot of people don’t. A lot of people don’t.”
He was smirking, “Ha, ha.”
“I think it’s still up on a website somewhere,” he said. “Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

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Any publicity this topic can get is good publicity in my mind. Even the globe is capable of spreading a little truth around. Millions of shoppers are seeing these covers. God knows the elitist propagandist media won’t report it.

globe obama

Undermining the near universal and unconditional support given to Obama by the liberal media will produce a frenzy of disclosures about the unconstitutional and illegal activities conducted by his administration. Revealing the endemic corruption in Washington, D.C. is the first, essential step toward restoring the Constitution and the rule of law.

Family Security Matters

Obama Administration: Center Of Gravity in a Corrupt Political-Media Culture

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD April 11, 2014

Ambrose Bierce, a 19th century political satirist, once described Washington D.C. as:
"a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles and the conduct of public affairs for private advantage."
Today few American institutions remain untouched by political malfeasance.
The United States is heading for a financial meltdown. Projected government spending rates over the next twenty-five years will drive federal debt to unsustainable levels from 50% of Gross Domestic Product in 2010 to 101% and 195% of GDP for 2021 and 2036, respectively. By 2036 every American citizen will own $135,547 in U.S. Government debt compared to $36,267 today.
The American military has been politicized by submitting to the agenda of radical Islam, attempting to suppress free speech and undermining public trust by allowing active duty personnel in uniform to engage in partisan politics through their participation in a gay pride parade.
Republican congressional leaders, particularly Senator John McCain and House Speaker John Boehner, endanger national security by refusing to probe Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the Obama Administration and condemning those who legitimately request such an investigation.
Interestingly, Barack Obama has unintentionally done the nation a service by succeeding in one fundamental transformation of the United States. He has eliminated the pretense that there are any principles involved in the conduct of public affairs.
Watching American news channels, however, one could be forgiven for not knowing that the United States is in a Constitutional crisis, suffering under the most lawless and sordid administration in the nation's history; one spawned by deception, sustained by lies and protected by a political and media elite recklessly determined to maintain the corrupt status quo.
That is possible because Washington DC has made itself the epicenter of political procrastination and subterfuge, where the supply of rhetoric exceeds demand and political posturing substitutes for the concrete action.
In graduate school we joked that copying a scientific article was as good as reading it. In Congress holding hearings is as good as enforcing the law.
The March 21, 2014 Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just seven percent (7%) of likely U.S. Voters think that the US Congress is doing a good job, which is roughly the same as it was on August 27, 2012 at eight percent (8%).
Americans should disabuse themselves of the notion that they have representative government. National elections are not about Washington, D.C. responding to the will of the American people, they are about the distribution of power between the two political establishments.
The federal government is, in practice, a one-party state controlled by an oligarchy. It is composed of a relatively small group of financiers, politicians and journalists assiduously adjusting the levers of government and carefully regulating the dissemination of information to preserve their exclusive grip on power.
It is the single, most important factor that inhibits progress in addressing issues critical to national survival.
There is now a window of opportunity to challenge the oligarchy, expose the depth of corruption in our political-media culture and pave the way for reform.
Through his overbearing pride and arrogance, an overestimation of his own competence and capabilities and a loss of contact with reality, Barack Obama has made himself the center of gravity and the weak link in the corrupt political-media culture.
Americans have learned that hubris and narcissism are not solid foundations for a national strategy.
The liberal media, which have adopted the Obama agenda as its own, have artificially generated and sustained his popular support through censorship and manipulation of the news to prevent the American people from knowing who Obama is and the true nature of his political agenda.
It is the fear of criticism from the liberal media that has also intimidated Republicans and conservative commentators from exposing Obama and, consequently, allowed him to use government agencies to coerce political opponents.
In military operations, the enemy's center of gravity is defined in JP 1-02 as "the source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act."
It can also be a source of weakness and provide a point of attack.
Undermining the near universal and unconditional support given to Obama by the liberal media will produce a frenzy of disclosures about the unconstitutional and illegal activities conducted by his administration.
Revealing the endemic corruption in Washington, D.C. is the first, essential step toward restoring the Constitution and the rule of law.
Without the collective and unqualified protection provided by the liberal media and the silence of conservative media and politicians, Obama and the corrupt political status quo cannot survive.
Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com.


Pentagon bans all leave travel to Diego Gracia, suspected to be where missing MH370 landed

Posted on April 9, 2014 by Dr. Eowyn 
Diego Garcia is a tropical, footprint-shaped coral island located south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean. It is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory and administered by the UK. A local government as normally envisioned does not exist.
Diego Garcia is home to the U.S. Navy’s Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia and its 1700 S. military personnel and 1500 civilian contractor. The Naval Support Facility SG is a large naval ship and submarine support base, military air base, communications and space-tracking facility, and an anchorage for pre-positioned military supplies for regional operations aboard Military Sealift Command ships in the lagoon.
According to news.com.au, the island is so little-known that it has been rumored that the US authorities have used it as a base for a secret prison.
Diego GarciaThough small, the island has a runway large enough to accommodate commercial aircraft — and was even deemed suitable for a landing by the US Space Shuttles in the event of an emergency.
It is also the same landing strip that was programmed into the home flight simulator of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s pilot, Captain Zaharie Shah.
Blogger Jim Stone maintains the missing MH370 had landed in Diego Garcia because an American MH370 passenger, Philip Wood, managed to send a text from his iPhone stating that he was being held hostage by unknown military personnel, along with GPS coordinates. Those coordinates revealed a location a few kilometres away from Diego Garcia, although some have argued that it is quite easy to fake a mobile phone’s GPS coordinates.
Now, the discovery of a notice posted on the Facebook of the Diego Garcia Passenger Service is lending some credence to Stone and Wood.
What is Diego Garcia Passenger Service? This is what its “About” page says:
Welcome to Diego Garcia AMC Passenger Terminal, U.S. Naval Support Facility British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), the ” Footprint of Freedom “. At Diego Garcia Passenger Terminal, we understand the needs and expectations of travelers and provide a variety of passenger services to make your airport visit pleasant and convenient. On behalf of Detachment 1, 730th Air Mobility (AMC), we wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.
5 days ago on April 5, 2014, the following notice was posted to Diego Garcia Passenger Service‘s main Facebook page:
Diego Garcia



What do each of the following individuals and organizations have in common?

William Ayers
(Weatherman Underground bomber, unrepentant domestic terrorist)

Frank Davis
(Member Communist Party USA, Early mentor to Obama)

Jeremiah Wright
(Black Liberation militant, racist, and Pastor)

Tony Rezko
(Corrupt Financier, ties to Terror Financing)

Louis Farrakhan
(Nation of Islam Leader, racist, anti-American)

(Fundamental Islamic Candidate, Kenya, Obama's Cousin)

Daniel Ortega
(Marxist Sandinista Leader. Nicarauga)

Raul Castro
(Hard-line Communist Leader, Cuba)

Communist Party Illinois
(US Communist Political Party)

Socialist Party USA
(Marxist Socialist Political Party)

The New Black Panther Party
(Black Militant Organization, anti-American and racist)

Hamas Terrorist Organization
(Islamic Terrorist Organisation)
They all hate traditional America and want to destroy it as we have known it, they all want the United States to retreat in the War on Terror, and they all want to "fundamentally change" the United States into a some kind of socialist nation based on a command economy, doing away with the free market, and making America more condusive to their own ideological goals.
...and, yes, oh by the way, they all supported, endorsed, and are well disposed towards BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, now President of the United States...who has promised just this "fundamental change.".


Unexploded Bombshell: Barack Obama Admitted Kenyan Birth


I am mad as hell. President Barack Obama, in 1991, admitted being born in Kenya, and no one seems to care. This is not hearsay. It is documented. This is not a typical "bombshell" because the truth is that we have known about this for well over a year, and some have known for much longer than that. The problem is that no one wants to report it or talk about it. The media and lock-stepping useful idiots will either make excuses or simply pull out the insults. 

I am sick and tired of being told that it does not matter where Obama was born. The argument I get from many conservatives is that nothing is going to be done about it, so we need to focus on important things like Benghazi, the IRS scandal, NSA spying, or whatever the particular flavor of the week is.