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Barack Hussein Obama--A Legacy of Desecration
 By Obie Usategui Full Story
For the past seven years, maybe a little more, since back at the time when the 2008 presidential elections were reaching their peak of political controversy upon the unsightly possibility that a quisling candidate with a dubious pedigree by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, threatened to become the next president of the United States of America, I forewarned the world, especially the American people, of the magnanimous menace this enigmatic man represented to all of us and to the world.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time for American Taxpayers to revolt
 By Jeff Crouere Full Story

This was the horrible week in which millions of Americans paid their taxes to the ever increasing and intrusive federal government. This year, the tax burden has grown with Tax Freedom Day appearing on April 24, meaning that Americans will spend approximately one third of the year working for government before they can provide for their families.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Climate Change War Heats Up
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

There is so much at stake for the charlatans that have foisted the failed “global warming” hoax, followed by the equally dubious claims and predictions regarding “climate change”, that it should come as no surprise that they have begun to wage a propaganda war on the courageous scientists who led the struggle to educate the public about the truth and the organizations who supported their efforts.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Americans are accustomed to people with unbridled political ambitions saying anything they have to in pursuit of that power. What’s new here is the willingness of American voters to go along with it.

by JB Williams, ©2015

“Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

(Apr. 15, 2015) — Through illegal immigration and so-called refugee resettlement programs, both importing a new breed of American “citizen” and a new crop of voters, the U.S. elections are now heavily influenced by foreign anti-American interests. The voter demographics of our country are being intentionally and purposefully altered. But that may not be the greatest threat to American sovereignty, security and freedom.
Our nation’s Founders did their level best to create a system of self-governance of, by and for the legitimate citizens of the United States, establishing three co-equal branches of the Federal Government, each with their own set of limited duties and authorities necessary to execute those duties. In this extraordinary effort, they installed countless checks and balances to make possible the ongoing protection of all Natural Rights established for the people in our Charters of Freedom.

One of those measures was a set of few, but strict conditions for high political office, an effort to make certain that only True Americans with no foreign entanglements or allegiances would hold the reins of political power in America. A different set of requirements was created for each branch, two chambers of the legislature, the judiciary and the executive branch.
What the Unearthed 1995 Video Tells Us about Obama 
Jack Cashill  
Some facts about the Obama of 1995 – and thus the Obama of the present – come to light. More
The Marxist/Nazi/Ottoman/Islamist ISIS pogrom against Christianity continues to this day
The Armenian Genocide

 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

“Around the world, Christians are facing violence, persecution, brutality in a way we have not seen in generations.” – Rey Flores, “The Wanderer”

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Obama as Nuclear Arsonist 
James Lewis The most dangerous president in history is putting our nation at the mercy of a nuclear war cult. More
Obama's Christianity: A Political Tool to Silence Christians
 By Raymond Ibrahim Full Story

Here in the United States, where Americans are used to hearing their president always invoke Christianity in a manner that silences Christians, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron's recent Easter message was moderately refreshing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


If you haven't lived anywhere but in America you're quite possibly complacent about the state of this union. Perhaps you sense that something is wrong but in time it will all be satisfactorily resolved because our system of government protects us. This is no longer a country of laws, morality or honesty. 

Our biggest enemy is our government. It's no longer just corrupt - it's evil! There is no demarcation between the three branches, the political parties or the media or industry or commerce. They are a cabal intent on destroying the principles of freedom upon which this nation is founded. What will the world be like when America becomes a dictatorship? 

List all the countries where freedom flourishes and where you might like to live. The only people we can vote for are those who are selected by the cabal. The system is broken, and if we can't find honest citizens to govern America we are doomed. The rules and regulations which hamstring us were created exactly for that purpose by the very people who are now our avowed enemies...our elected representatives.

The Nuremberg Trials punished the evil ones after WWII. There is a long list of people who should be facing trial right now in America for treasonous and criminal acts and a new crop poised to start their political "careers". We the People allowed this to happen and only We the People can stop it!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Will Ted Cruz Respond to The Post & Email on the Eligibility Question?
Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Monday, April 13, 2015 


by Sharon Rondeau
(Apr. 13, 2015) — The letter linked below was sent by certified mail to the campaign office of Texas Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz on Monday morning.
On March 23, Cruz declared himself a candidate for President of the United States on Twitter; on the same day, his campaign committee, Cruz for President, filed an official Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).
Cruz was born on December 22, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Rafael Bienvenido Cruz and Eleanor Darragh Cruz.  The elder Rafael had fought on the side of Fidel Castro in Cuba, later fleeing to the United States on a student visa.  Eleanor was an American citizen.
At some point while working in the Canadian oil business, Cruz’s father became a Canadian citizen.  It is unknown whether or not Eleanor followed suit or became a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen.
Cruz was born a Canadian citizen because in Canada, the citizenship of the parents is not a factor to that of the child.  In 2013, Cruz claimed to have been unaware that he lived his entire life as a Canadian citizen, when The Dallas Morning News reported that he was born with dual citizenship. Cruz vowed to renounce his Canadian citizenship, completing the task in May of last year.
Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen.”  Historical texts indicate that the citizenship of the parents, or at least the father, was of greater importance than the birthplace of the child in determining citizenship.  The presidency and vice-presidency are the only federal positions where the “natural born” requirement, suggested by founding father John Jay, is imposed.
Rep. John Bingham, author of the 14th Amendment, is on record as having stated that a “natural born Citizen” is one who was born in the United States to two citizen parents.


Hillary What Are You Hiding?
 By Eddie Pedersen Full Story
But seriously folks in spite of our not being able to find her list of accomplishments, we can start to sleuth into her dalliances with one Saul Alinsky, a Chicago based community organizer who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, Hillary was a major devotee of Alinsky, she wrote a thesis on Alinsky while attending Wesley academy, for years it had been kept secret.  Hillary, what are you hiding?

Avoiding Hillary Misery
 By Alan Caruba Full Story
While we endure the daily lies of President Obama, do we really want to have another four to eight years more of Hillary Clinton’s? It’s not like we don’t have ample evidence of her indifference to the truth and that is not what America wants in a President, now or ever.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Make the Leftist Media the 2016 Issue
 By Bruce Walker Full Story
The enemy of conservatism in America is the leftist establishment, the leftist-controlled institutions of news, education and entertainment.  Take away these big, fat incestuously connected institutions and the left in America is a circus sideshow and nothing else.  Democrat “leaders” like Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and Reid are slow witted, mean-spirited, and narrow-minded sock puppets filled by the chubby hands of the leftist establishment.


US President Barack Obama and Cuban counterpart Raul Castro held historic talks in Panama on Saturday, the first meeting between leaders of the Cold War-era foes since the 1950s. [Full Story]

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Thinking the unthinkable about Obama's Middle East Policy

I am not generally given to doomsday fantasies, but I'm starting to get unnerved by where I see President Obama’s Middle East diplomacy taking us.  
Now that Israel’s Prime Minster Bibi Netanyahu has been re-elected, with Obama’s knife is still firmly lodged in his back, we can reasonably expect the long anticipated Middle East regional wars to become a no-holds-barred slugfest. 
Just to recap, we have the Saudis already bombing the hell out of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Egyptians are bombing ISIS jihadists in Libya who slaughtered Coptic Christians. There are credible reports of Iranian troops massing near the Israeli lines in the Golan Heights. Thousands of suicidal Hamas fanatics, modern day troglodytes, are once again digging tunnels in Gaza and being re-armed by Iran. And Iran’s bootlicking spawn Hezb’allah, among the foremost virulent Jew haters on the planet, eagerly waits for orders to launch an estimated 40,000 well-entrenched surface-to-surface missiles into the Israeli population centers. Plus, Hamas desires Abbas’s untimely demise, and ISIS is out-tweeting Iran for bragging rights as the radical Islamic state most likely to restore a 9th century theocracy.


Malia's Asthma and the Asphyxiation of AmericaJeannie DeAngelisObama's daughter's asthma can't possibly have been caused by his smoking her whole life.  No, it's clearly climate change's fault. More
Obama Warns Parents: Your Kids Are Mine
 By Cliff Kincaid Full Story
President Barack Obama has issued a declaration on human sexuality and what constitutes moral and mental health for the nation. He is warning Christian parents that the federal government wants their kids.

Friday, April 10, 2015

You know it's funny, the White House and Iran don't agree on anything about the U.S./Iran 'agreement
 By Dan Calabrese Full Story
Are the jokes writing themselves at this point? Because I don’t want to pile on if it’s entirely unnecessary. Even when the framework-for-an-agreement-for-a-set-of-principles-for-a-kind-of-sort-of-deal was announced last week, anyone could see that Iran could never be trusted to stick to the terms of the deal - and that the end result of that was not in any way what Obama and Kerry wanted people to think.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why Natural Born Citizen is Non-Negotiable
Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Thursday, April 9, 2015 


by JB Williams, ©2015
(Apr. 9, 2015) — Not so long ago, Americans placed little faith and trust in ambulance chasers (aka lawyers) or politicians, and wisely so according to our Founders who had no faith or trust in any person seeking power and dominion over others. Now, too many Americans place all of their faith in people seeking power and dominion over others, and even worse, a class of people who have already proven most dangerous to the Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law… the lawyer law-makers…
Ever since Barack Obama stole the show at the Kerry Convention in 2004 and rocketed from total obscurity to the most powerful political office in our land four years later, the subject of Article II requirements for the Oval Office has been a subject of great debate, all over three simple words, natural born Citizen (NBC), aka “True Citizen.”
Where did it come from, what does it mean, why did our Founders limit access to only two political offices in our nation to no one other than a natural born Citizen, and what do we do now that we know Barack Obama is not a natural born Citizen of the United States? These questions have been the source of much political debate, confusion and anxiety, now threatening the GOP as a result of numerous potential 2016 GOP candidates also failing to meet the requirement.
Some of the most blatantly insane arguments have been floated…
“Well, the constitution does not provide a definition for the term”… which is of course true, since the US Constitution provides no definition for any word found in the document.
“Our naturalization laws define natural born Citizen” (when in fact our naturalization laws only pertain to naturalized citizens, immigrants seeking basic citizen rights from Congress).
“The courts will have to tell us what the term means”… despite knowing that it is the courts that created terms of art like “undocumented citizen” (aka illegal alien) and“Constitutional Rights for non-citizens and even enemy combatants” (while denying American citizens any constitutional protection of natural rights at all) and “social justice” (the opposite of real justice under Constitutional Law).
Others rely upon “legal scholars” also known as lawyers of the political class in line for political appointments and eager to please those in positions to help them ascend to those lofty positions in the judiciary, ignoring the reality that these scholars have powerful political motivations for the opinions they write, and that no opinion has the power to amend the US Constitution except by amendment process.
The simple truth is that Article II of the US Constitution has only been amended once in US history, by Amendment XII extending the requirements for President to the Vice President as well. It has not been otherwise amended, despite at least eight failed attempts by Congress to eliminate the natural born requirement for high office. Further, no amendment has ever mentioned, changed or in any way altered the original meaning of natural born Citizen as intended by our Founders and ratified by all fifty states.
So, the term natural born Citizen means the same today as it did in 1787 when the Founders placed that requirement in Article II… unless you buy into the notion that naturalization statutes or amendments, or scholarly legal arguments carry with them the legal force to amend the constitution – in which case, the term has no meaning at all, and neither does anything else in our Founding documents.
Before Barack Obama arrived on the scene, the nobody from nowhere with a blank résumé and no verifiable past, not too many Americans ever thought about the term. Most Americans assumed that no one would ever be bold enough to attempt such a massive fraud by falsely claiming natural born eligibility, and they assumed that if anyone ever did make such an attempt, our strict election laws, free press and national security agency oversight would surely catch it, expose it and stop it from happening. These assumptions have proven to be wrong… in fact, such attempts are now becoming commonplace. Barack was the first, but now there are others…
Most Americans have entered the discussion from a purely political purpose, attempting to either qualify their political messiah of choice, or disqualify another. But the natural born Citizen concept is actually far more important to our society than merely who can and cannot hold the office of Commander-in-Chief.
I was recently asked a question I have been asked literally thousands of times since I started writing on the subject:  how do I know for sure what the Founders meant by natural born Citizen?
How do we know what any word or phrase means? Most people reach to their bookshelf and grab a dictionary when they want to know the true definition of a word or phrase. Most people have never come upon a word or phrase that they needed a lawyer, or a court, or anything more than a dictionary to properly interpret… I find this to be the case here as well.
People don’t have any trouble understanding the word “born” (the moment of birth) or the word “citizen” (a legal member of a society). The word people seem to struggle with is “natural.”
At this moment, a collective effort is under way to claim that the following three words are synonymous… natural – native – naturalized…. Which would make anyone eligible for the Oval Office, including the courts’ new citizen class, the “undocumented citizen.”
People trying to disqualify John McCain in 2008 decided that natural and native are synonymous terms, and people now trying to qualify Obama, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are claiming that natural, native and naturalized are all synonymous terms of art. Before they can eliminate the NBC requirement from Article II, they must first make the term ambiguous, potentially having more than one meaning… of course…
Any dictionary will disagree with these claims…
Naturalized – “to admit (a foreigner) to the citizenship of a country.”
Native – “being the place or environment in which a person was born.”
Natural – “existing in or formed by nature.”
Clearly, these three words have three very different definitions and meanings, only one of which is related to the Constitutional requirement for the Oval Office… “Natural.”
As a simple dictionary review confirms, these three words are in no way synonymous. It is not possible for the following three terms to be synonymous, natural born, native born and naturalized. Yet, many will continue to make the false claim that they are… because they believe these claims to suit their political agenda of the moment.
Many know exactly what natural born Citizen means, and still, for political expediency, they refuse to stand on this truth. Just this morning another “political commentator” wrote me this…
“NATIVE BORN CITIZENS ARE DIFFERENT… .. I see the reference to the father’s citizenship alone as determinING the birthright of the child… BUT YOU KNOW AS WELL AS I DO THAT AINT GONNA FLY today NO MORE THAN DENYING WOMEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE. YOU WILL ALIENATE HALF THE COUNTRY WITH SUCH NONSENSE” – Scott Rohter (exactly as sent to me, yelling caps and all)
As you can see, Mr. Rohter first confirms that he is aware of the truth, before shifting to all CAPS to scream his refusal to stick to the truth, referring to that truth as “nonsense” because that truth will offend some who do not like this truth. It is this practice which has made the NBC term appear “ambiguous,” opening the door for the lawyer law-making political class to enter the discussion with new invented definitions of the term.
As Mr. Rohter confirmed in our exchange, we agree on 99% of the issues… unfortunately, the 1% we disagree on is the most important – of critical importance, especially at this moment in history, when every American must deal only in truth. Mr. Rohter is not alone in his position. Numerous others have made the same false claims for exactly the same reasons.
The Harvard Lawyers are intentionally lying to the people when claiming NBC is synonymous with naturalized citizen at birth. But people like Rohter are also intentionally lying to the people for their set of political reasons. Both are responsible for allowing unconstitutional candidates to seek and hold the most powerful office in our land, that of Commander-in-Chief.
The term natural born Citizen is based on historical concepts as old as all recorded time. If you want to know where and why the Founders borrowed the term for Article II, I cover that in this piece… and if you want to know the true historical definition of the term, I cover that in this piece.
Natural born Citizen is a term based in biblical teachings based upon the concepts of a patriarchal society wherein the Father is the head of the family unit. The intentional destruction of the family unit has greatly complicated the discussion with scholarly changes in the definition of words like marriage, family and shifting gender roles forced by liberal restructuring of American society, also for political purposes.
14th Naturalization Amendment terms like “citizen at birth” and “birthright citizenship” have been intentionally tossed into the mix to further complicate the understanding of three basic English words defined in every English dictionary. The purpose of all these efforts is to eliminate the NBC requirement for office by simply redefining the term. But that is not the only purpose…
Setting politics aside for a moment, natural born Citizenship is the inalienable natural right of every child to inherit the country of their natural birth father upon birth, not only due to no application of man-made statute or legal opinions, but inalienable by these means.
When people begin to play with definitions, it is an overt effort to alter our Founding principles and values and Constitutional protections of all inalienable Natural Rights as guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is a much larger issue than who can or cannot occupy the Oval Office, although this is indeed an issue paramount to the sovereignty and security of these United States.
Contrary to the intentional mis-education of American society, we do not enjoy “constitutional rights.” We have long enjoyed “constitutionally protected Natural Rights.”
Beginning in 2008, when folks were trying to disqualify John McCain, born the son of American parentage stationed abroad in Panama in the service of our country with the U.S. Navy, some plucked a single sentence from the proper source of the Founders’ NBC term, The Law of Nations by Vattel, as if they believe that it was unnecessary for Vattel to take great care to write an entire chapter on the subject, when a single sentence says it all.
“The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”
As already demonstrated above, natives and naturals are in fact two different things, which confirms that the structure of this single sentence is not the definition of any one thing, but rather a general statement about more than one thing… Reference to “parents” does not mean both parents within the family unit, but rather all citizen family units which bear “citizen” children.
Why did these individuals not pluck any of the following single sentences from Vattel, appearing in the same paragraph Section 212 of Chapter XIX of the Law of Nations?
“As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”
Or this one – “as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it.”
Or this one – The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent.”
Or even this one – “I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”
When trying to sum up natural born Citizen using a single sentence from Vattel, any of the four sentences above would be accurate. So, why didn’t the people who cherry-picked the unrelated general sentence pluck any of these other single sentences from the same paragraph?
There are two reasons… first, the truth did not suit the political agenda, which was to disqualify John McCain on the basis that although he was born to a citizen father (and mother), he was born in Panama, not on US soil – and second, because the progressive shifting definitions of marriage and family, along with gender roles lead many to believe that the original definition and Founders intent of the term are antiquated and outdated. It leads many to falsely think it is some offense to women’s rights…
The Citizenship Act of 1934 pertaining only to “naturalized citizenship” is the cornerstone of today’s effort to destroy the NBC term and thereby eliminate the requirement from Article II. FDR’s Naturalization Act was the result of an international treaty from a Pan American conference of December 26, 1933, essentially agreeing that there should be no distinction between the sexes as it related to nationality under legislative processes. Of course, this pertained only to “naturalized citizenship” under congressional naturalization legislation.
Still, it has since been improperly used to claim that citizenship and even natural born Citizenship can pass from either Father or Mother, as a matter of alleged gender equality. Yet, this claim pertains only to naturalized citizenship, which is mutually exclusive of natural born Citizenship.
As all governmental power in the United States is limited in nature and derived from the people, nothing beyond that which was ratified by the people in the Constitution and Bill of Rights is under the consent of the people. The people have not consented to any alterations of Article II requirements for high office, so no alterations have been legally made.
Why natural born Citizen is non-negotiable
Much more than a political ambition or agenda is at stake here… The Natural Right of every child to inherit the condition of their birth family, specifically that of the Father (patriarch), the head of the family, is a constitutionally protected Natural Right.
Americans must understand that everything our Founders created was based upon inalienable Natural Rights, not man-made laws via legislative process or judicial review. When anyone begins to mess around with natural born, they are in fact messing around with the Natural Law and all Natural Rights, the cornerstone of our Founders creation and any form of freedom and liberty.
If a child born to an American Father is stripped of their Natural Right to inherit the country of their Father, what other Natural Rights can be stripped from the child or the parent by mere man-made statute, court interpretation or Harvard Law Review? The answer is all of them…
In my personal opinion, the three most important words in all of the US Constitution are natural born Citizen… because all Natural Rights flow through this patriarchal social concept and the sovereignty and security of our Constitutional Republic are protected from foreign invasion at the highest level by these three simple words, natural born Citizen.
Once any citizen of any type, by any means, including “undocumented citizens” can occupy the Oval Office, then any foreign entity can occupy that office, controlling the future of this nation and form of freedom and liberty itself as Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military force on earth.
Mere momentary political interest is not enough reason to let everything die…
I pray that Americans will cease to be so blind and foolish…. quickly!
© 2015, The Post & Email. All rights reserved.


Sean Hannity: There Is an “Unknown Something” with Obama, An Untold Story… I Don’t Know the Answer (VIDEO)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, April 9, 2015

obama pledge
Sean Hannity had a wonderful exchange with author and columnist Mark Steyn Wednesday on Hannity. The two discussed Barack Obama’s latest attack on Christians and his upside-down world view.
At the end of the segment Sean dropped this curious
(At the 11:00 minute mark)
“You know, I have now come to the conclusion that, I’ve studied him now going way back to 2007, Mark, there is an unknown something with Obama. An untold story, I don’t know what it is. People are going to say, they’re going to assume what I’m thinking. I don’t know the answer. Everything is upside down in the world of Obama and none of it makes a lot of sense to me and it seems extraordinarily dangerous. On foreign policy, and even the economy, doubling the debt and all of these people on food stamps and on poverty. So.”
Using the Global Warming Hoax to Destroy America
 By Alan Caruba Full Story
When President Obama announced on March 31 that he intends to ensure that the U.S. will slash its “greenhouse gas emissions” 26% below 2005 emissions levels by 2025 in order to keep pledges made to fulfill the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, he failed to mention that such levels would be comparable to what they were in our Civil War era, 150 years ago.
Report: Nothing Has Changed at VA a Year After Scandal
A year after Americans recoiled at new revelations that sick veterans were getting sicker while languishing on waiting lists — and months after the Department of Veterans Affairs instituted major reforms — government data shows that the number of patients facing long waits at VA facilities has not dropped at all. [Full Story]

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How they stopped Sean Hannity from vetting Obama in 08

By Doc Vega
A destructive chapter in US history was etched upon the land by threats and criminal activity!
There are many stories that the American public has been intentionally blocked from exposure to or shielded from in the interests of the left in this country. Time and again the criminal acts of treasonous conduct and outright deception have been covered up to protect the career prospects of some of our most negligent and ruthless American politicians in what amounts to a massive disinformation campaign by the collectivists transforming the US.

The injustice of hidden history
There is a long saga of character assassination, false narratives, and government sponsored ostracization of those opposed to the destructive agenda of the left as well as other more unseen tactics such as corporate acquisitions of media firms in favor of installing the proper radical voice in the news. Such was the case with Sean Hannity, Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch. The last bastion of the conservative voice in the US national news market is currently being sabotaged by the partial ownership of a Saudi Muslim who is a Hamas supporter.

The idiocy allowed to happen
It wasn’t enough that in 2008 the massive Obama campaign onslaught against free speech was on. As pro-journalists shouted down anyone who was opposed the election of a little known junior senator from Chicago, Illinois with a controversial past, who had not originated any important legislation and specialized in community organizing. Meanwhile Sean Hannity had an agenda. There was a cover-up concerning Obama’s disputed place of birth, that the Democratic National Committee, and even Republican members had allowed Barack Hussein Obama to become a presidential candidate.

A man with a lot to hide
There were allegations with witnesses who knew of Obama’s and Rahm Emmanuel’s secret life in Chicago bath houses. The fact that several gay black men, all linked to Obama, were murdered, along with the a legal witness being shot to death in order to prevent his testimony, all acts, according to many sources, committed in order to keep from hindering the launch of Barack Obama’s bid for the presidency. The witnesses were ignored or threatened, who had spoken to journalists who had published articles about these troubling events. Some of the witnesses moved out of Chicago. Not only were the nasty rumors of Obama’s drug abuse and secret gay life suppressed by the media and declared off-limits, more unseen activities were underway. A 160 million dollar Chicago urban renewal project fraught with fraud and embezzlement had been run by Barack Obama and was under FBI investigation!

A pervasive conspiracy that was allowed to succeed
According to independent investigators whose findings were documented, filed, and reported a massive campaign of intimidation on multiple levels was going on. It was discovered that major radio stations, the careers of media celebrities, and even network executives were threatened while the FCC licenses of many broadcast stations were threatened to be pulled if they were not pro-Obama. A silent overthrow was being conducted under the nose of the public, and many personalities within the news industry were cowering down and going along with this corrupt movement.

Yet, Sean Hannity had vowed that he would not be thrown off the trail of criminal deception and fraud that the Obama campaign was busy unleashing in America as it used all leftist resources of the federal government. The SEIU to act as thug interference for the Senator Obama public appearances on his campaign trail in small towns where rural elderly citizens in farming communities were shoved aside and shouted over as Barack Obama went through his empty promises of hope and change. Hannity continued pursuing his investigations and reports on Senator Obama’s lack of true credentials to qualify as a presidential candidate.

In fact, it was Sean Hannity, who informed an oblivious George Stephanopoulos that Senator Obama’s political career had been launched in the living room of domestic terrorist, William Ayers, now a college professor. This man who had been a part of the Weather Underground had been responsible for blowing up federal property and had even nail bombed a federal judge’s home wounding the son of the household! When George appeared on his next appearance with guests and mentioned this fact he was immediately subjected to insulting arguments and challenges to his unveiling of this critical background information on Barack Obama supporters simply didn’t want to hear it or want it heard.

Refusing to buckle
It was made very clear by Sean Hannity that he would not back off his determination to vet Barack Hussein Obama for his radical ties, Muslim affiliations, and his birth controversy. There were concerns in the Obama camp that Sean Hannity with his huge audience along with Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin who held larger audiences than all other networks combined, could influence public opinion and hurt their candidate’s chances. One thing was for sure. Sean Hannity was bent and determined to make sure that his audience would have all the facts so they could make an educated choice as opposed to the propaganda that was being introduced by the biased US media who were committed to getting a junior senator, Barack Obama elected.

Calling off the posse
As fate would have it and as history will show if it is not completely censored, that Sean Hannity was thrown off the trail. He was warned off by his employer. Hannity’s quest to expose Barack Hussein Obama for the liar, radical, terrorist sympathizer, and constitutionally unqualified candidate that he was, not to mention the degenerate life style that he was forced to hide from the American public in order to rise to the position of the oval office. Why?

Hidden influence
As it turned out the Saudi sheikhs wanted Obama in the presidency. One of their cousins already had a share in public ownership of News Corp, Ruppert Murdoch’s gigantic media enterprise whose subsidiary was Fox News. Murdoch was threatened by the Saudi family with a hostile take-over, an aggressive buy up of News Corp stock that would give them enough of a controlling percentage to have unchallenged influence over the interests of Murdoch. The radio and news entity, Fox, with the greatest numbers of the American audience could be placed into the hands of the Saudis if Murdoch did not call off his dogs over the fraud and criminal background of Barack Hussein Obama.

The ultimate act of sabotage
Sean Hannity, a patriotic, passionate, and loyal American broadcaster and conservative news personality was to be forced by his employer like a hunting dog chained by his owner and not permitted to participate in the hunt, to back off, and suspend his pursuit of the Obama fraud! Justice would not be done. Millions of Americans would be denied the truth. The left would repudiate, denounce, and ridicule the less well known writers and columnists who carried on the fight, but just didn’t have the clout to make the necessary impact felt on public opinion, especially in the face of an all-out US media blitz to unethically sell Barack Hussein Obama to a gullible and naïve American electorate. Once again history would be written, but not from the admission of truth but by a hidden agenda manifested by a political movement in direct opposition to American values and heritage. The rest is a sad commentary on where history will not be disputed over the steady and legislated decline of a once great nation by the secret influence of those not known openly by American citizens. This was a travesty of justice that like the attack on Pearl Harbor will live in infamy over the damage suffered by this republic!