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WATCH The Kickoff Of “National Impeach Obama Week”

'National Impeach Obama Week' kicked off in San Diego and other towns across the US on Saturday.


The insidious virus that’s eating America, to borrow O’Hehir’s language, is the race baiting that tries to keep whites feeling guilty and, far more importantly, keep blacks and other minorities from achieving what they could achieve. Until we get rid of the race baiters, the virus will continue to destroy lives that would otherwise be rich and full and successful.

Sorry, Race Baiters; White America is simply Not Buying it Anymore. We've Spent our Guilt and Moved on
 By Mike Jensen Full Story
Sorry Race Baiters; White America is simply Not Buying it Anymore.  We've Spent our Guilt and Moved on
In 1984, I lived in North Philadelphia.  At that time (I have not been back for several years, so I can’t speak of the area’s current status), the area was almost entirely populated by black and Hispanic residents.  I’m white, by the way, and there were literally weeks that went by when I didn’t see another white person in my neighborhood.



...During the interview, Romney also said his experience running national campaigns would likely make him a stronger presidential candidate than he was in 2012. However, he maintained a fresher face would be better for the Republican Party and offered praise for an entire slew of expected 2016 hopefuls.

"I mean, you hope you learn from your mistakes. But at the same time, there are people who are not yet known by the American public who have extraordinary records, great capability, Paul Ryan being one of them, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio. Of course, people are getting to know Chris Christie. Jeb Bush, they don’t know Jeb Bush as the governor of Florida, and the kind of record he has and had there. These are people who I think have the potential to really ignite interest in our party and potentially win the general," he said.
The Fairytale of the Victimhood  
Angela Graham-West  
The bullet flying over any Black boy's head is more likely to be fired from a firearm brandished by another Black person than by a cop. More

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Then there is the matter of the presidential untruths. The problem is not just that Barack Obama says things that are untrue but that he lies about what Barack Obama has said. MUST READ...

The Madness of 2008
A nation became unhinged by trivialities like “hope and change.” It has now awakened.
On the campaign trail, October 2008 (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Victor Davis Hanson
America is suddenly angry at the laxity, incompetence, and polarizing politics of the Obama administration, the bad optics of the president putting about in his bright golf clothes while the world burns. Certainly, no recent president has failed on so many fronts — honesty, transparency, truthfulness, the economy, foreign policy, the duties of the commander-in-chief, executive responsibilities, and spiritual leadership.

For those who are “shocked” at the present meltdown, of a magnitude not seen since the annus horribilis of 1979, in their defense: Obama certainly did not campaign on a new health-care plan that would force Americans to give up the doctors they liked and their existing coverage, while raising premiums and deductibles, while giving exemptions for insiders and cronies, and while raising the deficit.

BOOKER T. WASHINGTON: There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. A MUST READ...

 August 26, 2014 
Obama and Holder have shared their uncomfortable experiences with police as black males.  Allow me to offer a few of my numerous anecdotal encounters with police. More

Monday, August 25, 2014

...the man known as Barack Hussein Obama has failed to furnish any authenticated proof of his Constitutional eligibility to hold office. Contrary to the corporate media, this issue has never been resolved in any court. This raises not merely a point of law, but the subject of allegiance. Look at the world today and ask yourself whether the commissions or omissions of Obama have benefitted the United States. If not, who or what nation appears to be the primary beneficiary of his agenda?

Understanding the ISIS threat
 By Doug Hagmann Full Story
Understanding the ISIS threat
The current threats posed by ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, to world stability in general and to the U.S. specifically are very real and extremely dangerous. However, the origins of the group and hence the threats are not to be believed “as advertised.” We are being subjected to more lies from the White House to Foggy Bottom, along with many elected leaders who know the real story but insist upon pushing a false narrative.

SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO: Our Country Is Under Attack & Obama Is the Aggressor – “He Is Rewarding Criminals”

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, August 25, 2014

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent out this bitter attack on Barack Obama this morning.
Arpaio accuses Barack Obama of leading an attack on the United States. The popular sheriff says President Obama is “rewarding criminals.” READ MORE...
arpaio joe

Could Obama’s policies be deliberate -- to weaken an America that he views as the world’s biggest problem, a colonizing, imperialistic and racist power that needs to be permanently stripped of its might? Then he has succeeded where none have ever gone before and fulfilled at least one campaign promise: he has fundamentally transformed America for many decades to come.

Obama's Willful Blindness 
 Ed Lasky 
We are living in days of infamy. More

Sunday, August 24, 2014

...Obama continued with his vacation and was photographed looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Suddenly, that megawatt smile that often charmed voters wasn’t so charming. It was vacuous. He looked like an empty-headed frat boy, numb to the world.

Obama’s golf outing after Foley beheading was a huge mistake

Sometimes a round of golf is just a round of golf. And sometimes it reveals the ­essence of a man.
President Obama’s decision to hit the links and yuk it up with pals immediately after speaking about the beheading of James ­Foley was no ordinary mistake. Nor was it a simple gaffe.
The decision continues to cause an uproar because, like an X-ray, there is no escaping the image. It shows there is no there there.

With even his media praetorian guard appalled, the golf outing is sparking a wider understanding that Obama is hollow, empty of the routine qualities Americans expect from their president.
Simple decency and respect for Foley’s horrified parents should have been enough to sober him. If that didn’t do it, the realization that the Islamic State had declared war on America in the most gruesome fashion imaginable should have sounded a call of duty in his head.

Instead, Obama continued with his vacation and was photographed looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Suddenly, that megawatt smile that often charmed voters wasn’t so charming. It was vacuous.
He looked like an empty-headed frat boy, numb to the world.

Maybe that’s not just an appearance. Maybe it’s the truth. Maybe that’s all there is.
It is a bitter idea to consider. To say he is a failed president, even unfit, does not rule out the possibility he deeply wants to measure up but doesn’t know how.

But what if it’s worse than that? What if, after six years of frustration and failure, he’s just not into being president anymore?

Bill Clinton told Americans, “I feel your pain.” What if Obama doesn’t give a whit what Americans feel?
As commander in chief, Obama swore to defend the nation. Yet the rise of the demonic cult calling itself Islamic State has barely stirred him.

The group he once ridiculed as being like the al Qaeda junior varsity has achieved what Osama bin Laden never did: It controls a huge swath of territory in Syria and Iraq. It is so bloodthirsty that some jihadist groups shun its brand of barbarism as too indiscriminate.

Most important, it makes threats against America, saying, “We will drown all of you in blood.” It vows to raise its black flag over the White House and threatened ­Chicago and other cities.
All of this, especially the beheading of Foley and the threat to kill another American journalist it holds, are aimed at stopping even modest US support for the Iraqi army.
Yet the president, after giving a perfunctory speech about the horror of it all, shrugged his shoulders. Later, his attorney general said a criminal investigation had been opened, as if the beheading was just a crime.

It is hard to fathom what Obama is doing or thinking. No explanation comes close to being satisfactory.
With fellow Democrats faulting him, and with threats to America multiplying, it is impossible to excuse his conduct on the grounds of ignorance. If he only knows what the public sees, that would be more than enough to develop a strategy.

Indeed, it’s possible his military advisers are going public with terrifying claims about the terrorist group because they, too, are alarmed by his passivity. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, normally low-key, said of the Islamic State: “This is beyond anything that we’ve seen. So we must prepare for everything.”
Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called it “an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision that will eventually have to be defeated.”
His use of the word “defeated” was in contrast to Obama, who talked only of “containing” the ­Islamic State when he approved limited airstrikes.

There was, of course, another response from the president last week. After the storm started over the golf outing, White House officials confirmed there had been a secret raid to free Foley and ­others in July, but it failed.

The release of such classified information ignited a second round of fury, with not a few critics accusing the president of playing politics.

Nonsense. He doesn’t care about politics. The raid was ­revealed to protect the only thing he does care about: himself.

“That’s the same as the special order 48 issued in 1933 by the Nazis [the so-called Reichstag Fire Decree]. Read that — it says exactly the same thing.”

NSA Whistle-Blower: Obama’s Authority To Label ‘Terrorists’ Is The Same Rule The Nazis Issued In 1933 Former National Security Agency crypto-mathematician Bill Binney was blowing the whistle on domestic spying long before Edward Snowden became a household name, and has gone on record describing the agency’s growing powers as increasingly “totalitarian.” Now the 36-year agency veteran is explaining the reason for its expansion — “power, control and money.” “Look at the NDAA


Puttering around...

August 24, 2014  
But no White House personnel attended General Greene's funeral. More

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Ferguson Lie Comes Undone

The Big Fat Ferguson Lie has come undone.
First they told us Michael Brown was a gentle giant. That wasn’t true. He was a thug, high on pot, fresh from a robbery a few minutes before a police officer killed him on the troubled streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

Then they told us this 18-year old, 6’4, 280-pounder was shot in the back, trying to get away. That’s not true either.

Then they told us the militarized police caused the days and nights of rioting. Not true. Or the curfew did. Not true. Or the lack of diversity on the police department was to blame. Not true either.

The Golf Address

FORE! Score? And seven trillion rounds ago, our forecaddies brought forth on this continent a new playground, conceived by Robert Trent Jones, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal when it comes to spending as much time on the links as possible — even when it seems totally inappropriate, like moments after making a solemn statement condemning the grisly murder of a 40-year-old American journalist beheaded by ISIL.

I know reporters didn’t get a chance to ask questions, but I had to bounce. I had a 1 p.m. tee time at Vineyard Golf Club with Alonzo Mourning and a part-owner of the Boston Celtics. Hillary and I agreed when we partied with Vernon Jordan up here, hanging out with celebrities and rich folks is fun.
Now we are engaged in a great civil divide in Ferguson, which does not even have a golf course, and that’s why I had a “logistical” issue with going there. We are testing whether that community, or any community so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure when the nation’s leader wants nothing more than to sink a birdie putt.

Buchanan: Obama Will 'Set the Country Completely on Fire' with Executive Amnesty by Labor Day

Buchanan: Obama Will 'Set the Country Completely on Fire' with Executive Amnesty by Labor Day

On the Friday broadcast of PBS’ “The McLaughlin Group,” columnist Pat Buchanan predicted that President Obama would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants via executive order by Labor Day and that such an action would “set the country completely on fire.” 

After Washington Examiner Chief Congressional Correspondent Susan Ferrechio argued that “Democrats could gain from Hispanic voters turning out, especially if the president decides to take key executive actions in this summer that would help Hispanics who are here in the country, perhaps living here illegally. That could boost popularity for the party,” Buchanan responded “executive amnesty will set the country completely on fire. I do agree, it might get out the Hispanic vote, but you will have red state Democrats denouncing the president for doing it, for engaging in unconstitutional action. It would be a tremendous firestorm which would really polarize the nation.”

At the end of the show, when asked for his predictions, Buchanan said “Barack Obama will do some kind of amnesty for the illegal aliens by Labor Day.”



Question About That Bachelor Party Barack Obama Attended for FIVE Hours

By Debbie Schlussel
Were there strippers at the five-hour bachelor party Barack Obama attended on Monday? And were they female . . . or male?

You know how Barack Obama abruptly and mysteriously returned to Washington from his Cape Cod vacay for a few days this week? The White House was tight-lipped and secretive about why he suddenly returned. And now we know why. CBS News reported that the President returned in part for “a five-hour bachelor party” for former White House chef Sam Kass, who is to wed MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner.
Yup, an immigration crisis at the Southern border, an ISIS crisis worldwide, and the “leader” of the free world is spending FIVE HOURS at a bachelor party. Priorities, baby!
So, again, were there strippers performing at this event?
Betcha there were. And I’ll also bet that photos were off limits, probably for that reason.


REMEMBER THIS STORY...A man must be registered to be eligible for jobs in the executive branch of the federal government, which includes president of the United States. Registration is also a condition for U.S. citizenship if the man first arrived in the United States before his 26th birthday. If Obama arrived in Hawaii as a citizen of Indonesia, as his school records and mother’s divorce records indicate, and he didn’t register with SS, he could have been barred from obtaining U.S. citizenship and may not be one now.

The Revealing of Obama’s Selective Service Registration Fraud

By Linda Bentley | March 3, 2010

ARLINGTON, Va. – On Sept. 7, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama appeared on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” and stated, “I had to sign up for Selective Service (SS) when I graduated from high school … And I actually always thought of the military as an ennobling and, you know, honorable option. But keep in mind that I graduated in 1979. The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.”
Some people did keep in mind that he graduated in 1979 and noted the registration requirement was suspended in April 1975 by President Gerald Ford and wasn’t reinstituted until 1980 by President Jimmy Carter in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
The Military Selective Service Act required men born in the calendar year 1961 to register on any of the six days beginning Monday, July 28, 1980.
On Oct. 13, 2008, J. Stephen Coffman, a retired federal agent, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the SS for a copy of Obama’s SS registration form.
Debbie Schlussel broke this story on Nov. 13, 2008, questioning myriad peculiarities about Obama’s registration form. (
Coffman’s FOIA request was processed on Oct. 29, 2008, two days after the SS claimed it was received.
Coffman received a copy of Obama’s registration form along with a copy of the computer inquiry screen, which showed an access date of Sept. 9, 2008, several weeks prior to Coffman’s request.

God bless those who protect and serve! God bless Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who so courageously protected his own life as well as the lives of so many in his community. He should be thanked and treated as a hero!

American Thinker

Darren Wilson is a Hero!

As morality wanes in modern America, so too does clear thinking on the sensational issues of the day that distract us from what is truly important in the lives of a free people.

I'm seriously concerned for my country when my fellow conservatives begin to jump the tracks whenever the police clash with evil individuals or the rampaging hordes that often follow.

We should all be concerned about the loss of our freedoms, our liberties, the disregard for our Constitution by the elected, the rise of the police state, the lack of due process of citizens and the favoritism of the criminal illegal, and the lack of common sense we so often hear and see, but none of that is even in the same zip code with this Ferguson, Missouri. shooting of gang banger Michael Brown.

Anyone who rushes a police officer -- who is in the process of barking instructions, like "freeze" -- needs to realize that doing so can and will and most often should result in a bullet turning your coconut into a canoe. There is no reason whatsoever for the public to be second guessing what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. None!

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Vacation is All Obama Ever Wanted 
 Jeannie DeAngelis  
The brutal execution of American journalist James Wright Foley spurs Obama to go golfing. More

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Race baiters and hustlers continue to ply their wares, while now including the highest levels of political office in the USA

Obama and Holder take over from Jackson and Sharpton
 By Sher Zieve Full StoryThe Obama-Holder team has now taken over the investigation of the Ferguson, MO shooting.  At the same time, that team has, apparently, effectively usurped both the city’s authority and the titles of “biggest race hustlers and race-baiters in America” from the team of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Note:  I assume the Jackson-Sharpton team is now demanding royalties from both Holder and Obama.


Feds: Obama Broke Law with Bergdahl Swap

President Obama violated a “clear and unambiguous” law when he released five Guantanamo Bay detainees in exchange for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the Government Accountability Office reported Thursday.
“[The Department of Defense] violated section 8111 because it did not notify the relevant congressional committees at least 30 days in advance of the transfer,” the GAO report said. “In addition, because DOD used appropriated funds to carry out the transfer when no money was available for that purpose, DOD violated the Antideficiency Act. The Antideficiency Act prohibits federal agencies from incurring obligations exceeding an amount available in an appropriation.”

The GAO rejected the idea that the action was legal and sidestepped the Obama team’s suggestion that the law is unconstitutional.

“It is not our role or our practice to determine the constitutionality of duly enacted statutes,” the report says. “In our view, where legislation has been passed by Congress and signed by the President, thereby satisfying the bicameralism and presentment requirements in the Constitution, that legislation is entitled to a heavy presumption in favor of constitutionality.”

It is not the white man who has prevented blacks from seizing upon the opportunity available to all. It is the debilitating animus, blame, self-segregation, and self-victimization they wallow in. MUST READ...

Blacks Should Be Thankful There Was An America To Come To

On July 4, 2014, I was a guest speaker at the Racial Reconciliation and Healing event hosted by Rev. James David Manning of ATLAH Ministries held at Gettysburg Battlefield, in Gettysburg, PA. In the course of my speech, which I gave from the same place President Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address, I quoted Booker T. Washington saying: “We went into slavery a piece of property; we came out American citizens. We went into slavery pagans; we came out Christians. We went into slavery without a language; we came out speaking the proud Anglo-Saxon tongue. We went into slavery with slave chains clanking about our wrists; we came out with the American ballot in our hands.”
(Address to Hamilton Club, Chicago, 1895)

A president faced with a scandal created by underlings behind his back would be naturally furious at their misbehavior, and want heads to roll. This didn’t happen in any of these scandals because their point of origin was the White House itself. Promoting the culprits is a way of keeping them quiet.

HOROWITZ: The Hell That Is The Obama White House

Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet.

Every sentient human being whose brain isn’t stuffed with ideological fairy dust can see that Obama is behind every major scandal of his administration from Benghazi to the I.R.S. disgrace. How can one know this? Because the culprits haven’t been fired. Moreover, if they are serial liars like Susan Rice, they’ve actually been promoted to posts where their loyalty to the criminal-in-chief can do America and its citizens even more damage, if that is possible.

A president faced with a scandal created by underlings behind his back would be naturally furious at their misbehavior, and want heads to roll. This didn’t happen in any of these scandals because their point of origin was the White House itself. Promoting the culprits is a way of keeping them quiet.

And what exactly is the I.R.S. scandal about — to take just one case? It’s a plan unprecedented in modern American politics to push the political system towards a one-party state by using the taxing authority of the government to cripple and destroy the political opposition. The administration’s campaign to promote voter fraud by opposing measures to stop it (and defaming them as “racist” is guided by the same intentions and desire).

And why shouldn’t Obama want to destroy the two-party system since he is also in utter contempt of the Constitutional framework, making law illegally, and defying an impotent Congress to stop him? Of course every radical, like Obama, hates the Constitutional framework because, as Madison explained in Federalist #10, it is designed to thwart “the wicked projects” of the left to redistribute income and destroy the free market.

The same desire to overwhelm and permanently suppress the opposition drives the war that Obama and the Democrats have conducted against America’s borders and therefore American sovereignty. Their plan is to flood the country with illegals of whatever stripe who will be grateful enough for the favor to win them elections and create a permanent majority in their favor. The immediate result of these efforts is that we have no secure southern border, and therefore no border; and therefore we have effectively invited criminals and terrorists to come across and do Americans harm.

Which brings us to the deepest level of Obama’s hell, which is his anti-American foreign policy. When Obama was re-elected in 2012, the very first thought I had was this: A lot of people are going to be dead because of this election. How disastrously right I was. Since their assault on George Bush and their sabotage of the war in Iraq, Obama and the Democrats have forged a power vacuum in Europe and even more dramatically in the Middle East, which nasty characters have predictably entered with ominous implications for the future security of all Americans.

Take one aspect of this epic default: Obama’s lack of response to the slaughter of Christians in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered and driven from their homes in Iraq – over half a million by some counts. This is the oldest Christian community in the world dating back to the time of Christ. What was Obama’s response to this atrocity until a group of Yazvidi along with the Christians were trapped on a mountain side, and politics dictated he had to make some gesture. His response was to do and say nothing. Silence. Even his statement announcing minimal action to save the Yazvidi and the Christians mentioned the Christians once in passing while devoting a paragraph to the obscure Yazvidi.

What this unfeeling and cold response to the slaughter of Christians tells us is that Obama is a pretend Christian just the way he is a pretend American. What he is instead is a world class liar. That is because his real agendas are anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish, and obviously and consistently pro America’s third world adversaries to whom he is always apologizing and whom he is always appeasing. Obama lies about his intentions and policies because he couldn’t survive politically if he told the truth,

The socialist plot against individual freedom called Obamacare was sold as a charitable attempt to cover the uninsured (which it doesn’t), to lower health insurance costs (which it doesn’t) and to allow patients to keep their doctor and their plan (which it doesn’t). What it actually does is to take away a major piece of the freedom that Americans once enjoyed — the freedom to choose their plan and their doctor, and not to have the government control their health care or have easy access to all their financial information.
This devious, deceitful, power hungry administration is just as James Woods described it. But it is also a mounting danger for all Americans. Thanks to his global retreat, the terrorists Obama falsely claims are “on the run” are in fact gathering their strength and their weapons of mass destruction until a day will come when they will cross our porous borders and show us what years of perfidy not only by Obama but by the whole Democratic Party have wrought.

'Murdered ambassador. Beheaded American. Just what exactly would it take to keep Obama from a fundraiser or off the golf course?'

'We will be relentless . . . right after my vacation': Fury as Obama is seen fist-bumping, high-fiving and laughing on the golf course just MINUTES after pledging justice for journalist James Foley

President Barack Obama reacted to the on-camera slaying of photojournalist James Foley (far left) for five minutes on Wednesday, telling a global audience that 'when people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what's necessary to see that justice is done.' Minutes later he began a five-hour round at Farm Neck Golf Course on Martha's Vineyard for his seventh visit to the links, during a vacation that began August 9. Obama was joined by private equity investor Glenn Hutchins (center) and Cyrus Walker (right), the cousin of Obama's top adviser Valerie Jarrett. He also golfed with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning (bottom). The decision to hit the golf course brought a chorus of condemnation from TV commentators, journalists, conservative partisans and Twitter users.

With civil wars, global strife and ISIS directly threatening to attack American and European targets, Obama’s detached demeanor may be becoming a national security risk in and of itself. I’m not sure we have time to put the world on hold to send our president for group therapy. MUST READ...

 For some reason this supposedly “charismatic” leader and “great orator” keeps crawling out from his party down private life to address the American people with an apathetic monotone voice and lackadaisical gaze More


Just What Is an Unarmed Man?  
Russ Vaughn 
I was once a military police officer.  It's amazing how the definition of "unarmed" changes when perps are very interested in not being detained. More