Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bit Off Topic But It Speaks About Our Society

I enjoy watching sports less and less these days. The Los Suns and Los Cardinals have some to do with it. These misguided overpaid millionaires are cutting their own throats. They support a regime that wants to tax them into oblivion. If these fresh from the projects superstars had any sense, they wouldn't be so quick to endorse a marxist regime that would keep them "from feeding they families" or buying their next 10 carat diamond ear stud.

Another thing I'm not so wild about is the ghetto mindset these players are bringing to the purity of athletic endeavour. Take an NFL wide receiver or cornerback. How many times have you seen a football touch the ground during an attempted tough catch, yet the player bounces up with the ball in his hand as if he made a clean reception? Often times that type of play is reviewed on instant replay and reversed. But too many times it gets missed by the referees. Here's the problem, many kids watch sports. What is this telling the youth of our nation? Cheating is good. Get away with what you can. Where's the personal integrity? What lessons can be taught by winning the right way, instead of corking your bat, or shooting up with steroids. How about not lying about your accomplishments or rigging your way into the record books.

If sports allows this blatant cheating to go on unchecked, our youth will be that much more corrupted, and once a certain line gets crossed it becomes easier and easier down the road to do the wrong thing.

If the NFL wants to send a message, they should pass a rule when a player attempts to influence the outcome of a game by cheating, that player gets suspended on the spot. If the same player cheats x number times, he gets thrown out of the league.
That is a reality, teach the lesson crime doesn't pay.

The message we need to send to the youth, winning and winning by the rules is the mark of a true champion. This translates into any walk of life. Show me a nation that is built on deceit, and I'll show you a nation that enslaves it's people.


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  1. "For when the One Great Scorer comes
    To write against your name,
    He marks - not that you won or lost -
    But how you played the Game."
    (from the poem "Alumnus Football")
    by Grantland Rice


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