Friday, March 30, 2012


March 30, 2012 (TPATH) - As the Obama administration has become increasingly frustrated at their inability to force, coerce and threaten Israel from taking the steps necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, it appears they have resorted to underhanded, despicable and treacherous means.

Last month Obama had his state department warn Iran that if Israel made a preemptive attack on it's nuclear sites, the attack might well come during April, May or June of this year.  This of course was meant to let Israel know, that Iran could now be prepared for such an event.  This is how Obama treats a US ally.

Yesterday, an even more egregious and repulsive breach of confidence has taken center stage.  Obama has released information of an alliance between Azerbaijan and Israel. Azerbaijan is located on the northern border of Iran.

Once again, the most anti-Israel administration this country has ever had, undercut Israel's chances to strike at Iran's nuclear weapons facilities.

A successful attack on those sites would be a daunting task if refueling and long range flights from Israel to Iran were needed. Azerbaijan, having been at odds with Iran for many years over its  support of Armenia, reportedly has agreed to allow Israel to use its territory as a staging and refueling location.

Obama has apparently ordered his people to release this strategic  and classified information to the public.  This would never be released from the State Department without explicit orders from the top.

Once again Obama has shown his allegiance to an Arab state at the detriment of the Jewish state.  He has shown he will do anything to prevent Israel form circumventing a future Holocaust.  It is clear he would rather have a nuclear armed Iran than a secure Israel.

March 30, 2012 TPATH

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