Wednesday, August 20, 2014

America’s Bloodless Coup

The American Patriot in 2014 is a frustrated human being. Many have been sounding the alarm that our country is being torn asunder by the incompetent, the illegitimate, the opportunist, and the globalist. While all of this is true, the overriding message may be substantially worse. Our country isn’t being torn asunder; it is being taken over. Let me rephrase: it’s already been taken over. 

In today’s apathetic culture where the day’s schedule, often geared toward chauffeuring our children to and fro, has taken precedence over protecting our children’s future. In the meantime, many of our ostrich citizens continue to hide their heads in the sands of destruction. As a result, America is no longer America. We have suffered a very well orchestrated bloodless coup that few seem to notice – probably because it has been bloodless. The great majority of Americans fail to realize what had happened and without realization, there can be no restoration and the America we love may be gone forever.

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