Tuesday, June 7, 2016


What is the One-Word Problem with the 114th Congress?


by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret), ©2016
(Jun. 7, 2016) — My First Premise:
 All 535 Members of the 114th Congress are aware that Barry Soetoro-Obama is more than likely NOT an American Citizen.
Solution: Subpoena all his records. A subpoena certainly carries more weight and more Jurisprudential Authority than does an unconstituitonal Executive Order.
Second Premise:

There are in the 114th Congress 213 lawyers, plus the House has access to 7 more in the Office of the General Counsel who are under special privilege as noted below.

§5571. Office of General Counsel of House; administrative provisions

(a) Compliance with admission requirements
The General Counsel of the House of Representatives and any other counsel in the Office of the General Counsel of the House of Representatives, including any counsel specially retained by the Office of General Counsel, shall be entitled, for the purpose of performing the counsel’s functions, to enter an appearance in any proceeding before any court of the United States or of any State or political subdivision thereof without compliance with any requirements for admission to practice before such court, except that the authorization conferred by this subsection shall not apply with respect to the admission of any such person to practice before the United States Supreme Court.
Solution: Impeach Barry Soetoro-Obama on 2 Counts of Treason; 1 Count of Accessory to Murder; 1 Count of Violation of the War Powers Act; Five counts; Failure to provide protection to the State of Arizona per Article IV, Section 4; 1 count of Perjury for knowingly and falsely advising Governor Brewer that “She had no authority to intercept, stop, incarcerate or require illegal aliens invading the State of Arizona” as provided for in SB 1070. This false advice clearly contradicts Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 which states quite clearly:
No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, …or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.
This particular article as quoted garnered special attention from U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Joseph Story in his “Commentaries on the Constitution” when he noted:
§ 1398. The other prohibitions in the clause respect the power of making war, which is appropriately confided to the national government. The setting on foot of an army, or navy, by a state in times of peace, might be a cause of jealousy between neighbouring states, and provoke the hostilities of foreign bordering nations. In other cases, as the protection of the whole Union is confided to the national arm, and the national power, it is not fit, that any state should possess military means to overawe the Union, or to endanger the general safety. Still, a state may be so situated, that it may become indispensable to possess military forces, to resist an expected invasion, or insurrection. The danger may be too imminent for delay; and under such circumstances, a state will have a right to raise troops for its own safety, even without the consent of congress. After war is once begun, there is no doubt, that a state may, and indeed it ought to possess the power, to raise forces for its own defence; and its co-operation with the national forces may often be of great importance, to secure success and vigour in the operation of war. The prohibition is, therefore, wisely guarded by exceptions sufficient for the safety of the states, and not justly open to the objection of being dangerous to the Union.
NOW, I ask again, “What is the one-word problem with the 114th Congress? Take your pick:  Dilatory, Feckless, Inept, Pusillanimous, Cowardly, Gutless, Faint-hearted, Timid, Gutless, Chicken, Dastardly, Traitorous, or just plain YELLOW?
Barry Soetoro-Obama is a gutless coward himself; did that rub off onto members of Congress? As cowardly, faithless andMachiavellian as Obama is, he must be prevented from evading the justice he deserves: HANGING!

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