Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Seizure at 9-11 Memorial Highlights Vulnerability; What if it is Exploited? What if people start doing it on purpose? Turns out, it's EASY to do!

Hillary Seizure at 9-11 Memorial Highlights Vulnerability; What if it is Exploited? What if people start doing it on purpose? Turns out, it's EASY to do!

According to various published news reports, Hillary Clinton suffers from Seizures induced by certain wavelengths of light. That's apparently why she wears Zeiss Z1 F133 Cobalt-Blue Sunglasses; to filter out Red and some Yellow Light wavelengths.  

The National Epilepsy Foundation web site talks about what may trigger seizures.

For about 3 percent of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures. This condition is known as photosensitive epilepsy.

 The organization goes on to point out:

Examples of Triggers

Seizures in photosensitive people may be triggered by exposure to some of the following situations:
  • Television screens or computer monitors due to the flicker or rolling images.
  • Certain video games or TV broadcasts containing rapid flashes or alternating patterns of different colors.
  • Intense strobe lights like visual fire alarms.
  • Natural light, such as sunlight, especially when shimmering off water, flickering through trees or through the slats of Venetian blinds.
  • Certain visual patterns, especially stripes of contrasting colors.


If there were people (or foreign governments) who didn't like Hillary, and wanted to trigger a seizure at a crucial moment, like just before -- or during -- the upcoming televised debates, what might a person do so as to trigger a seizure in a vulnerable person?  
Well, a quick search online finds a multitude of cheap, battery-operated strobe lights that anyone can buy for as little as $18.  Google lists hundreds of them, some cheap, some expensive, here:
What if a whole bunch of people bought such things, then hung-out along the motorcade route near a future campaign rally and, as the motorcade passes, they all turned-on a slew of these cheap strobe lights -- aimed at the motorcade?  Might they trigger a debilitating seizure in Hillary?  Heavens-to-Betsy, what a dreadful thought.

Strobes not needed; SmartPhones can too!

In further research on this topic, it turns out that Strobe lights are not necessary, when there is "high contrast" between the light source and its background.  
For instance, if a slew of lights start flashing in a darkened auditorium like . . . . oh, I don't know . . . . at an upcoming TV debate, could cell phone lights do the same thing?  Turns out, they can!
Smartphones all have lights for taking photos or providing their owner with a small, portable light source.  But there are "APPS" that can be downloaded into these phones, to make the smartphone light BEHAVE like a strobe light!
For iPhone users, the best 100 such APPS can be found here:

For Android users, such APPS can be found here:


What if a whole bunch of folks who are opposed to Hillary, - or agents of a hostile foreign government -- brought their smartphones to an upcoming TV debate, and coordinated themselves to all invoke the strobe-APP on their phones the moment Hillary begins to answer the SECOND debate question?  
All of a sudden, there could be a burst of little flashing lights inside the darkened TV audience area.  Small lights flashing in a darkened background equals "high contrast." -- an established trigger of seizures.  Would that trigger a Hillary seizure on national television?  
Oh my, let's hope not.


For weeks, the Clinton Campaign has fought-off claims that Hillary suffers from seizures, Vascular Dementia, Black outs, and a host of other alleged maladies. The official campaign claim is that Hillary is physically fine, and they produced a Doctor's letter saying so.
What if the American people decide to TEST THAT?   What if a group of citizens, concerned for the well-being of our nation, took it upon themselves to buy strobe lights or download strobe apps onto their smart phones, and use them while Hillary is nearby?  
Certainly shining a light in the direction of someone else is not any kind of crime.  In fact, it can be argued that it is nothing more than "expressive conduct" protected by the First Amendment.  After all, people are free to express their support -- or opposition -- to political candidates.  What if they call it "Strobes for Hillary?" to "shine the light of Clinton on the country!"  Who could fault that?
And since the Clinton Campaign has made it VERY clear that rumors of Hillary suffering seizures are false, there can't be any claim by them - or the government - of malicious intent by anyone who chooses to "strobe for Hillary" since shining a light on a "healthy" person is simply shining a light.  
If that happens to cause Hillary to collapse into a ball of quivering mush, perhaps on national television or at a public campaign rally (which wrecks her political ambitions)  that would be . . . unfortunate.

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