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Political deeds and misdeeds and by whom.

How Do I Diss Thee Obama?

 February 25th, 2011
By Aaron Cantor
Where to begin, you have certainly given us a lot of reasons over the past two years.
Your actions have given proof positive that you do not have  even a slight clue that you know what the hell you are doing.
It was apparent in Carter’s days as President that aircraft carrier presence was ‘pulled’ to allow a, ‘lame,’ excuse to allow the Shah of Iran to be deposed and to lend an excuse to allow American hostages to remain in the hands of their Iranian captors for 444 days.
You must be a student of, ‘an Inept President,’ as you too offer a somewhat lame excuse for the impossibility to provide a, ‘No Fly Zone,’ over Libya.
If it were possible to establish a ‘No Fly Zone’ utilizing aircraft from an off coast carrier there would be thousands of lives saved and a notification made to the world, ‘America still is the power to be reckoned with.’  Instead it is your position that due to a lack of presence in the Mediterranean of aircraft carriers you are helpless.
As America’s Commander in Chief, you can blame no one other than yourself for this serious faux pas!
You sir are nothing more than a useless pile of human feces, and you need to step down, as you are ineffectual at best, and downright dangerous to the nation.
You could well be compared to a rudderless, powerless derelict ship, adrift in a heavy sea and ready to go under with the next swell.
You might want to consider the fact that not too many years ago, another Democratic President got himself impeached while being too smart for his own damned good.
You may consider yourself the smartest guy in the room, but let me SPLAIN it to you bubba, YOU AIN’T!
You have yet to show your bona fides to prove that you are even eligible to assume the duties of POTUS.
We keep asking why you have spent over $2Million and employed a fleet of 17 DOJ lawyers to keep all your records from public view, if you are the real deal.
Even the timeline in your books don’t add up correctly as to who you are , where you are from, and no one can be found that was in any of your supposed classes,
Until you prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are in fact eligible, you remain a two-bit, phony sidewalk commando and more and more of us everyday are becoming not only disenchanted, but downright pissed at your arrogance in ignoring the questions that need to be answered.
Several states are putting together bills that will make it mandatory that any and all candidates must prove up before being allowed on the ballot, and none too soon either.
The people who allowed you onto the ballot without properly vetting you should all go to jail and you too for the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.
Let us see you lie or tap dance your skinny butt out from under this one.

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  1. Mr. Cantor seems to be coming from the mindset that aka does NOT KNOW what he is doing -- is inept and inexperienced (which IS corect)and attributes the mismanagement of America's best interests on those accounts. I differ. It's MY opinion that aka KNOWS PRECISELY WHAT HE IS DOING! He's a Manchurian "candidate" that OUR COPNGRESS allowed to become Commander in Chief and a phony POTUS! He -- aka, is doing precisely what he was trained and programmed to do -- destroy our capitalistic Constitutional Republic! He's only the dulmination of many years of nibbling away at our constitution and installing "political correctness" and "multiculturalism" in two generations of American's who have lost all sense of what it means to BE an American.

    Communiam and socialism are endemic in all areas of federal and state employees and even the elected positions. It's very likely that we will see rioting here in USA much like that in the mid-East.


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