Thursday, March 31, 2011


The stupid factor is coming out. An AOL News contributor is running a story, slamming Trump's NBC status because his mother was born in Scotland in 1912.

Desperate to draw similarities in Obama and Trump's nativity story, the reporter "forgot" to mention Trump's mother obtained US citizenship prior to his birth. Two US citizen parents at the time of the child's birth, born on US soil, equals a Natural Born Citizen, one of the constitutional requirements.

This reporter is in fact doing us a service. Isn't that often times how good triumphs over evil? What seems a bad turn, provides the means to destroy itself.

Trump on the surface doesn't seem to be fully up to speed on Article II. This may be an act to draw in Obama so he can blow him out of the water at the politically opportune time. Trump could be spoon feeding the uninformed, and believe me there are the walking zombies out there, but then again Trump may only be superficially informed on Article II.

The reporter by questioning Trump's status is providing an opening you could drive a truck through. If Trump isn't fully up on this Trump's advisers are, you can bet your life on it. These guys get paid bigtime to keep Trump from running off the rails and looking bad. They will brief Trump with the finest constitutional lawyer in NYC. In less than 5 minutes Trump will have it cold, and know what to do with it.

The next round of Trump interviews talking about Obama's lack of NBC status, the screws will be tightened even more. Bank on it. Here's a happy thought- Is Trump waterboarding Obama on TV, without actually strapping Barry to the waterboard? It must be torture for the mini messiah, hanging on Trump's every interview word, knowing The Donald is coming for him.

The AOL news reporter and the Mina birds that will parrot her report are stepping on a yard rake, their toothie grins are about to suffer a tragedy when they meet Mr. Rake Handle.


I watched Trump on O'Reilly tonight, as I'm sure many of you did as well. Trump stroked O'Reilly when the b/c topic came up. " These people, the birthers, are afraid of you Bill, but they are really good people". Plzzz. When Rev. Manning and Orly Taitz stood on the sidewalk outside Fox Studios on the Avenue of The Americas, demanding equal time from O'Reilly, Billy was a no show. Bill cowed in his office afraid to face the truth. Trump can say it that way, I understand the schmoozing he is doing for the egomaniacal O'Reilly. I'd rather he let the chips fall where they may. Diplomacey is not my strong suite. Trump's trying to not make enemies with someone he may need later (cough, cough)in the future for campaign purposes.

Suffice for now, Trump IS mentioning the eligibility issue at every opportunity.

Monkey see, Monkey do. Bachmann or Huckster or a few of the others WILL see the traction this issue is getting with the voters, and they too will want a piece of this action. Pawlenty has shown himself to be a GOP old guard sellout, the constitution be damned. Scratch one off the list. Glad he saved us some effort early on. Pawlenty will be an early drop out anyway, if he so desperate for GOP attention, he has to make such a high risk move this early.

Obama is going to be confronted in the not too distant future though, whether it's over being excluded from a state ballot because of his non NBC status, or during a nationally televised debate, Obama will have a very uncomfortable spotlight turned his way.

Obama is going to be challenged by Trump for sure, one way or another. Trump has already said he would run as an independent if he failed to win the republican primary.

That obot rake is growing by the minute.



  1. When you say Huckster, are you referring to XGov. Hickabee?

    Donald Trump would do much better running as an independent and avoiding the machinery of the Redumblicretan potty, with only 27% of registered voters claiming membership.


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