Thursday, November 3, 2011

IS MALCOLM X the father of AKA BARACK OBAMA?...from the blogosphere...

...remember that Malcolm X visited Kenya in 1959
and met with Tom Mboya. Mboya was a prominent politician and the the
Secretary General of the Kenya Federation of Labour - and a close
friend of Obama, Sr. (Further, Mboya visited the United States in 1959
to obtain financial support for the American education of 81 Kenyan
students.) It is not unreasonable to believe that Malcolm X met Obama,
Sr. in Kenya during his visit.

(Mboya was murdered in 1969. Obama, Sr. testified against the killer.
That led to Obama's first car accident, a hit-and-run meant to kill
him also, but which resulted in the amputation of his legs.)

Keep in mind that Stanley Ann Dunham supposedly did not want to attend
the University of Hawaii and wanted to go to the University of
, where many of her high school chums were headed. If "X"
fathered Obama with Dunham, and "X" already knew Obama, Sr. was in (or
headed to) Honolulu, one can imagine "X" persuading Dunham to go there
for the purpose of the ruse.

"X" could certainly not let it be known that he fathered a child with
a white woman - when "X" split with the Nation of Islam partly over
the issue of the illegitimate children of its leader, Elijah Muhammed.

So, "X" wants a cover for his child and wants to look after him from a
distance. He persuades Obama, Sr. to be the temporary father, and
gives him some cash as an added incentive. Dunham perhaps has the baby
in Vancouver (free health care and fewer questions). She then attends
the University of Washington, back with her friends in Seattle. (She
may have received some cash from "X" as well.) Grandma Madelyn Dunham
registers the infant's birth as an at-home delivery. Everybody wins...
except that Stanley is stuck with an infant. So she makes her way back
to Honolulu to dump the kid on her parents, while she continues her
studies of anything and everything non-American.

"X" asks his closest comrades to look after junior should anything
happen to him. That includes his attorney, Percy Sutton, and Black
Panther attorney and revolutionary Donald Warden (later to take the
name Khalid al Mansour). When junior needs cash for school, it comes
from FOX ("Friends of X"). When junior needs to get into Harvard, he
gets a letter of recommendation from Percy Sutton - and Harvard gets
cash from Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal to fund a Muslim studies
program. Why does bin Talal pony up the cash? Because Warden/al
Mansour is his financial advisor. (Warden also previously holed up at
a San Francisco marina with William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn while
they hid from the FBI and plotted a revolutionary overthrow of the
United States.)

As has been mentioned, Obama's older daughter is the spitting image of
one of "X"'s daughters. Obama himself of course resembles "X" far more
than Obama, Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis. Obama also shares some facial
resemblance to his maternal grandfather. Obama, Sr. had a deep voice
like James Earl Jones. Junior has no such voice. Compare videos of "X"
speaking and Obama speaking and try to argue there are no


Obama also often voices the "sssss" sound much like "X." (Listen to
Obama say "Congresssss" in his latest "pass this jobs bill" speech to
a Joint Session of Congress. It can clearly be heard in his very first
words, “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congresssss…” "X"
had that same speech habit.

Obama’s daughter Malia Ann may have been named in honor of one of the
daughters of Malcolm X, Malika Shabazz, or after Malcolm X himself,
whose tombstone is inscribed with “Hajj Malik.” Malik means “king” in
Arabic, while Malikah means “queen.” (Malcolm X, who was born Malcolm
Little, became a Sunni Muslim and after a pilgrimage to Mecca, he
called himself El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz; his children use the surname

And, of course, many of us recall Obama's victory speech at Chicago's
Grant Park on election night. Obama wore a black suit with a red tie.
His youngest daughter, Natasha, wore a black dress; older daughter
Malia wore a red dress; and Michelle Obama wore an arguably
unattractive red and black dress that appeared to represent a large
“X.” The stark colors and the “X” suggest to me that the outfits are
meant to honor Malcolm X. Red is the traditional color of socialism,
and is associated with social democrat and socialist political
parties; black is the traditional color of anarchism, and black power.
Who the Hell puts their little girl in a jet black dress for a
celebratory occasion? Where does one even buy a black dress for a
little girl?

Coincidences and speculation proves nothing, of course, yet
circumstantial evidence is often enough to get you jailed for murder
(Scott Peterson), or not (O.J. Simpson).

Is Barry Obama Soetoro really Bari Shabazz? I am certainly not about
to dismiss it. From my perspective, O's father is "X." Whether his
original birth certificate says Barry Little, Bari Shabazz, Barry
Dunham, or Barack Obama I could not say. But it certainly says
something he wants kept secret.

For my money, the little girl in the black dress says it all...

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  1. There is definitely same mannerisms and they do look a lot alike. Yes, there is a reason they are hiding all those records.


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