Wednesday, October 14, 2015

whoS your daddy
October 14, 2015~TPATH~ Clearly and without any doubt the person calling himself Barack Obama is hiding something. This thing is not small or insignificant. One does not spend millions of dollars and expend thousands of hours in extensive and elaborate efforts to obscure the past unless that need was of greater value than the expense. One does not forge documents - crimes by the way which could ultimately land people in Federal Prison - if what is being hidden was of minor consequence.
For several years now, I have been on the band wagon of those who believed that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen (NBC). This belief was inspired by and reinforced by the activities mentioned in the paragraph above and of course a true reading of the Constitution. But lately, with this country and the world in turmoil, the economy in shambles, America being hated and despised by both allies and foes alike, the growth of radical Islam, racial tensions about to reach the boiling point, Christianity and morality in major decline, I believe it is time to reconsider just what it is that this villain is hiding.

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