Monday, November 30, 2015

Perhaps one of the most polarizing Presidents in all of American history, Barack Obama has gone out of his way to destroy as many of America’s cultural, social, and political institutions as possible. The administration that promised the American people it would be the most honest and transparent in U.S. history has instead resulted in deceit, fraud, and abuses of power that other would-be dictators envy.
People on the right saw it coming. People on the left fawned at the possibility. And, people in the center have been scratching their heads for most of Obama’s term in office. What has this man wrought on America? How can he keep pushing his radical agenda against the clear wishes of those whom he has sworn to serve? Why does he lie with a straight face and then act incredulous when he is called on the fraud?

To answer these and many other questions about our current President, it is necessary to examine the main philosophical influences on his life. I would suggest that there are three main motivating factors which explain nearly everything Barack Obama does – his Muslim religious upbringing; his early and later educational love affair with socialism; and his radical liberation theology understanding of the Christian faith as taught to him by Rev. Wright and others.

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