Wednesday, November 25, 2015

MUST READ...Help me believe that this covert Muslim President is not one of them but one of us. Help me believe that Barack Hussein Obama has not set out to destroy our nation, as has become incessantly apparent through all his actions; help me to believe that Obama’s abiding resolve to disavow extremist Muslims and Islam as our true and only enemy, is not a part of an unconcealed campaign, a part of his pledge, to transform the nation, presumably now maybe even into another caliphate—another Islamic State group’s de facto capital, this time in Washington instead of Syria. But‚ most of all, help me understand, please, why you and I and a great majority of mainstream Americans have done nothing about all that is wrong with the nation; and have, instead, given carte blanche to this fundamentalist Islamic President to go out and destroy our nation at will, as well he has.

Help Me, Please!
 By Obie Usategui Full Story
Help me please. Have you noticed anything that is terribly wrong with our nation of late? Do you not think that there is something eerily wrong with where we are as a nation, when [the] President of the United States, himself, chooses to outright disparage the role of Islamic terrorism in the world? Discard them as a “set-back”? Or…treat them [ISIS] as a “Junior Varsity” basketball team?

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