Friday, December 18, 2015

BREAKING: Barack Obama’s Bizarre Excuse To Media: “I WASN’T WATCHING TV”

With the President’s poll number’s falling in response to his tepid and misguided response to both the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks that had Barack Obama once again blame gun ownership as part of the problem, White House Senior Adviser invited members of the media to the White House to try and convince them to generate a more positive image of a Commander in Chief doing everything he can to keep America safe.
Unfortunately, that required the President to open his mouth, and then it went horribly wrong.

“I wasn’t watching TV.”

THAT was the explanation the President gave as to why he misjudged the American public’s growing fear and dissatisfaction over Mr. Obama’s almost emotionless response to both Paris and San Bernardino. It is why the White House has placed the President before the podium multiple times in recent days to speak on the subject as it finally realizes how poorly Barack Obama’s keep-America-safe images has degraded in recent weeks – an image that was already weakened considerably by years of blame-America-first positions taken by the President.
Mr. Obama tried to explain to the media that by not watching television he didn’t understand how American peoples’ collective fears and frustrations over potential further terrorists attacks. It was a bizarre form of confession that was drove the conversation entirely off the pre-planned script and left the media figures attending, all of them invited because of their long pro-Obama history, silently wondering what had happened to the man they had all helped to elect and then re-elect in 2008 and 2012.
“Broken.” “Lost.” “The light has gone out.”
Those are the descriptions being whispered about following the off-the-record White House media meeting.
The Commander in Chief and President of the United States of America explained his inability to understand the American people as being due to not watching the television.
There was also one other primary target of Mr. Obama’s complaints during that meeting – Donald Trump.

The President accused Trump of representing the,”… division and fear mongering” that is a foundation of the Republican Party – a clear signal that Mr. Obama wants the media to further escalate their efforts to dismantle Trump from his current GOP front-runner status. (Related Story: Obama Snarls Against FBI’s Immigration Suggestion: “YOU SOUND LIKE TRUMP!”)
Mr. Obama is scheduled to visit San Bernardino this week. Whispers suggest he waited to do so until this time because it allowed him to make a quick stop there on his way to yet another multi-million dollar Hawaii winter vacation.
No word on whether or not he will turn on the television to find out what the American people think about that.
UPDATE: An initial New York Times report on the off-the-record White House media meeting made mention of the President’s television comment. It appears that comment, likely at the direct request of Valerie Jarrett, has been scrubbed from that initial report making it even more necessary this information is shared both far and wide to ensure the truth is known.

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