Monday, December 7, 2015

...the imaginary link between global warming and terrorism is now real – a marriage of convenience between two hateful agendas. Only a sociopathic mind could dream up a scheme as revolting as this arms-length terrorism, let alone put it into practice as a coordinated, unified strategy, as the progressives have done over the past couple of weeks. Islamism thrives on the progressives' refusal to acknowledge its religious basis. And now progressives are openly demanding that we submit to global authoritarian powers under the threat of increased terrorist violence. The world faces two dire threats at this moment, both of which must be defeated if civilization is to continue: global Islamism and global progressivism. They are linked, and the nexus is becoming increasingly direct every day. Both threats must be fought with every weapon available. The first step is to be honest about the quasi-religious zealotry and life-destroying aims that motivate both factions, and to stop imagining we can subdue either of them with empathy, compromise, and root cause psychologizing.

The Link Between Global Warming and Terrorists

Since the Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, leading progressives, inspired by the coincidence of the attacks occurring in the host city for an upcoming climate change conference, have tried to exploit the anguish caused by terrorism to promote their global governance agenda.  In a classic instance of never letting a crisis go to waste, these amoral snake oil salesmen, from leading Democrats to Prince Charles, have insisted we acknowledge a link between global warming and terrorist violence. At first, we laughed at this nonsense, regarding it as the height of desperate rhetoric.  Gradually, however, even as we laughed, the seemingly impossible was happening: a ridiculous lie was evolving into a provable fact – far more provable than global warming itself has turned out to be. It is time at last for the denialists to face facts and overcome their knee-jerk cynicism.  There really is a link between global warming and terrorism. A little...(Read Full Article)

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