Friday, April 29, 2016

Exclusive: Atty. Mario Apuzzo Provides Update on Cruz Eligibility Challenges in New Jersey


by Sharon Rondeau
Atty. Mario Apuzzo has practiced law in New Jersey for many years and is one of the most highly-rated personal injury lawyers in the state. Since 2009, when he challenged Obama’s eligibility to the U.S. Supreme Court, he has written extensively on his personal blogabout the “natural born Citizen” issue
(Apr. 29, 2016) — In a brief but information-packed interview on Friday, New Jersey attorney Mario Apuzzo, who is nowrepresenting Republican write-in presidential candidate Victor Williams in his challenge to the constitutional eligibility of Sen. Ted Cruz in New Jersey, explained the steps he has recently taken on his new client’s behalf and those he anticipates taking in the near future.
Apuzzo also recounted the April 11 ballot challenge hearing in Mercerville, where Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin presided and ultimately opined in a 26-page brief issued the next day that Cruz’s name would remain on the primary ballot for June 7.
Following the hearing, Apuzzo told The Post & Email that he felt the hearing “went well,” “but you just don’t know.”
On Friday Apuzzo related that New Jersey Appellate Division Judge John C. Kennedy twice denied his request for an Emergent Hearing in the Cruz eligibility matter with the rejoinder that “there is enough time” between now and June 7, the date of the New Jersey primary, to properly hear and adjudicate it.
Apuzzo said that Kennedy’s response was baffling.

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