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Ted Cruz, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, father, family tree, ancestry, genealogy, dates, birth certificates - Republican presidential candidate

Ted Cruz, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, family tree, ancestry, genealogy, dates, birth certificate, 

UPDATE: 03/15/2016: I'd sent my original blog post and research to a few reporters who were researching Ted Cruz's history. Only one got back to me and said thanks. I now see some of the reporters I sent my research to wrote articles about the ancestry. Here's an interesting one. Ted Cruz had a child after she was separated from her first husband. That child born Michael Darragh Wilson was born and died in 1966 in London. That doesn't change anything but it did give me the correct birth date for Eleanor's first husband. Obviously Eleanor told her son Ted a different story to save face. If Ted knew his mother got pregnant by someone other than her husband, he would have called her a "whore" like he did to the mother of one of his friends who did the same.

I don't have Ancestry international because it costs $29. If you hover over the international document, you get a preview. Here is Michael Darragh Wilson's preview of his birth record.

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, born in London, Middlesex 1966, died in London

I just realized the significance of Ted Cruz's mother's last name being "Wilson" on the birth certificate. That would appear to mean Eleanor was not married to Cruz's father Rafael when he was born. They divorced in 1997. I see no marriage certificate. Perhaps they were never married and Eleanor wanted the divorce so she wouldn't be stuck with Rafael Cruz's debts. If that is so, then Ted Cruz is a bastard child and his mother is a "whore" per Ted Cruz himself. Ted Cruz stated the mother of a friend was a "whore" as she had a baby out of wedlock. Cruz Sr did not find Jesus until 1975.

03/14/2016: @ObligedFriend pointed out something to me about Ted Cruz's legal nationality. A child born of a Cuban citizen abroad is legally Cuban. Ted Cruz allegedly renounced his Canadian citizenship. Did he also renounce his Cuban citizenship? Legally Ted Cruz was born 1/2 Cuban and 1/2 American. I don't believe Cruz Sr ever became a legal US citizen. He stated he'd show the documents then never did. I also posted the information about the real Rafael Bienvenido Cruz who died in 2012. That person has same name and birth date as Cruz Sr. No response from Cruz Crew.

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