Friday, October 30, 2009

PROTEST AGAINST FOX & BILL O'REILLY...a message from Steve Cooper from

Steve Cooper sent a message to the members of Orly Taitz protest against Bill O'Reilly & Fox News.

Subject: FOX is afraid to be responsible for the first black president being removed from office

FOX News is afraid to get involved with this lawsuit, because they do not want to be responsible for the first black president being removed from office. I am not interested in race or political correctness. If Obama was a Republican, he would have been in handcuffs already.

They have refused to allow the lawyer suing the president of the United States, on behalf of US Soldiers to discuss her evidence. Bill O' Reilly is a fraud and he has been kissing Obama's ass since he won.

O 'Reilly is the weak link for our movement on FOX, he needs to be targeted. You people have a lot to learn about how to manipulate the media. The left do it all the time and we need to do the same, but instead I hear people crying ...."Gee, Fox is on our side".

Talking about czars is fun and cute, but Orly has evidence that links Obama to using 39 different SS#'s. This guy is a criminal and FOX is suppressing this information, because they are afraid to be called racist.

Pelosi signed documents stating that Obama was eligible and then she immediately amended them and changed the word to nominated. This case can bring down the entire house of cards and the leaders of the DNC.

Fox is afraid to be involved with that, because of advertising dollars. So, we the people have to take matters into our own hands to get the word out about the evidence that is being suppressed.

FOX and Glenn Beck are doing a great job, but race is scaring them away from an issue that could really bring change to the White House. Fox would rather bash Obama than be blamed for totally destroying him, because black America would riot and FOX will be blamed by the left wing media and the Democrats.

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  1. Could you put up links to Fox's email addresses and their phone numbers again??
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