Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...which proves he knowlingly defrauded the American people = TREASON!

Obama knows he is not a Natural Born Citizen according to Vattel

The Post & Email published

by John Charlton

(Oct. 28, 2009) — A lot of heated debate was stirred up on the web, when The Post & Email in 2 reports published the testimony of witnesses to the 2004 Keyes vs. Obama debate, in which Obama conceded that he was not a “natural born citizen”. Read those reports here:

Obama concedes he’s not a NBC, in Obama vs. Keyes 2004 Debate

2nd Witness to Obama admission, in Keyes vs. Obama 2004 debate

Now it has come to light that Obama is familiar with the Swiss author’s work, The Law of Nations, and that therefore knew what he was discounting in the 2004 debate.

The evidence is cited by the New York Times itself, which published a reading packet from Obama’s 1994 Seminar, “Current Issues in Racism and the Law.”

The damning evidence consists in a citation from Vattel’s work, on p. 9 of his course handout to his students in 1994. Therein it indicates that he assigned them to read an excerpt from Vattel’s work, which was contained on p. 29 of his Reading Handout anthology, under the title, “Historical Foundations.”

Considering that Indian rights would involve questions of native born citizenship and citizenship rights, it would have been arguably necessary for Obama to have considered Vattel’s doctrine on these key issues, in which texts Vattel describes at length the notion of “natural born citizen”, which includes 2 parent citizens.

Obama’s father was a British subject at birth, and therefore according to 4 Supreme Court rulings, Obama is not qualified as a “natural born citizen”, and thus cannot lawfully hold the presidency of the United States.

The discrepancies of Obama’s personal history were previously reported by The Post & Email in the article entitled:

1 Thing is certain about Obama

Interestingly enough, among the topics Obama suggested students discuss are Inter-racial Adoptions.

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