Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is time for President Obama to take a big hike

By Dr. Laurie Roth Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stock markets and consumer confidence have fallen to new lows in June in reflection of a massive lack of growth in jobs in the private sector. The Conference Board just reported that consumer attitudes dropped from 62.7 in May to 52.9 in June. Many are speculating now that we are in the beginnings of a depression and certainly not recovering in housing, jobs and markets.

While the markets and economy is bucking widely to the out-of-control spending and lack of leadership with the Obama administration and this congress, we see oil splashing up on Gulf shores, another reflection of profoundly incompetent leadership and intervention by Obama.

With the oil spill disaster and economy we see Obama’s worldview and priorities which lead and reflect all his responses and strategies. With him, every disaster and national challenge has to be manipulated and submit to his transforming passion of Marxist/socialism, accumulation of power and control.

Just look at the Gulf disaster Obama blender or reality.

The explosion happened in April. Obama responded and went to the Gulf 12 days later. Governor Bobby Jindal and a host of other concerned leadership called for immediate help. Jindal requested that the Government build emergency berms to block the oil from flooding the Louisiana beaches. The Obama blender response was to have an Environmental impact study done. They wanted to see what the Internet had to say.

Thirteen countries offered state-of-the-art equipment and money help. The Obama blender said no, hiding behind the Jones act, which could have easily been set aside as Bush did with Katrina. This was another sham of leadership by this President.

We saw the Coast Guard order 16 barges to stop pulling up oil due to unsatisfactory, mystery visits where they couldn’t confirm enough fire extinguishers and life preservers. Due to the emergency of needing to protect what was left of the Gulf economy and shores, how is it that all the barges were ordered to stop, and how is it that our President didn’t immediately weigh in and get them and the Coast Guard back on track? I’ll tell you why….because Obama has never been on the track to lead, fix, and serve those in desperate need in the gulf to begin with!

Finally, we saw, due to the environmental impact study that Jindal couldn’t build berms because our Government was concerned about pulling special sand from an island and they were unclear what that would mean for that island’s sand. Can I please say what is on my mind? WHO GIVES A FLYING PIECE OF CRAP WHAT HAPPENS TO THAT SAND? THIS IS AN EMERGENCY AND LOUISIANA NEEDS THE BERMS.

Enough of the Gulf disaster, only made massively bigger due to Obama’s total incompetence and environmental agenda! Now, our economy is tilting like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Housing market continues to tank. Job growth is way lower than many expected, stocks are tumbling and we seem to be drifting aggressively into the toilet bowl of severe recession, if not depression. Again, this is all because we have a President and congress who could care less about our economy, health, or recovery.

Obama and this congress have spent and tied up trillions of dollars in stimulus bills, which we won’t see the benefit from and forced health care which generations will be trapped into for decades. The fact that our economy and markets are crashing plays right into Obama’s, and his team’s, hands. They must have cradle-to-grave controls over us; health, economy, businesses, schools, speech, votes, entertainment and religion. They need endless crises they can manipulate like Pimps to create the new take over regulations, taxation schemes, and blame campaigns against conservatives! Obama and his progressive leadership are working on all of these in rare form.

There are tons of reasons why Obama should be impeached or resign. He is a complete failure in ability to lead our nation according to our laws, our constitution and our traditions. He is a complete usurper and obviously wasn’t born in the United States. Where is the birth certificate? Even a former high up election official, Tim Adams, who had worked in Hawaii, said there was no Obama birth certificate there. Gee, what a shock!

Our economy is going down the toilet due to Obama and this congress spending trillions of dollars and fixing zero economic problems!

Finally, along with all the national security blunders and kiss up to Islam, he is continuously demonizing and betraying Americans and conservative leadership. Just last week, Mexico joined the Obama administration in filing suit against Arizona’s Immigration Law. They called their concerns ‘grave’.

Once again, Obama has ignored the vote and will of the people, specifically in Arizona, sided with foreign countries in shredding, targeting and attacking his own people such as his meeting and whorish compromise with Calderon of Mexico and calling China to apologize for the law.

This President is incompetent, a liar, a socialist/communist and dictator. He has a frightening staff and congress that reflects the same worldview. The American people are simply in the way and so is their constitution and values. They are only okay if they will submit to being controlled fans that worship him and give him money.

I say, no, no and BIG FAT NO!!! It is time for real conservatives and Americans to take back the House and Senate. Then it is time to repeal the Obama care bill with enough votes that Obama can not veto it. It is time to find Representatives and Senators who will act on and support impeachment of this President in the fall!!!

Our country is at stake. Freedom is at stake. Obama and his UN American staff must go.

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