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by Caroline Littlefield originally published on Thursday, October 14, 2010
 Your IRA's & 401k's are about to be Confiscated!
Source:  Human Events, Financial
All Socialistic-Indebted Governments have one thing in common... Raise Taxes & Steal Wealth!
Both the Labor and Treasury department, along with the Obama Administration will confiscate IRA's and 401K's and use them as equity, in an attempt to balance the Trillion Dollar U.S. Deficit.
This will be done in an effort to once again make the United States credit worthy to China and other buyers of our debt.
The meeting held on September 14th and 15th, between the Labor and Treasury Departments outlined the Course of Action. The agenda is called "Lifetime Income Options for Retirement Plans".

The Federal Government will Manage and Control an estimated $3.613 Trillion Dollars in IRA's and $2.350 Trillion Dollars in 401ks.
The Equity will be placed in U.S. Treasury Bonds that will Pay out an estimated 3%. One major clause is that upon retirement, the value of the Individual's Account will be placed into Annuities. Once the individual Dies, the Value of the Account will Automatically become property of the Government. The Program will be Structured much like Social Security Accounts (the biggest Ponzi Scheme ever created).
The Only way Government would get away with what will be "The Largest Heist Known To Man" is by Allowing or Creating a Major Financial Market Meltdown!
An ageing person who sees his or her Retirement Account Drop 50%-60%in a matter of Days.... Is More willing to take a Conservative Approach... Even if it means "Government-Guaranteed Income". The move toward Nationalization of IRA's & 401ks will Initially be Offered as an Option. Those who are Unwilling to accept Government Run Retirement Accounts, will be Stripped of their Current Account Tax Benefits...
You'll be Forced to Pay Taxes on your Holdings, Automatically Wiping Out 35-45%of Your Money!
This will Take place After the Stock Market Drops an Estimated 40-60%!
If the Following Indicators are Right... A Stock Market Crash is Eminent!
  • Unsustainable U.S. Debt
  • Real un-employment continues to Rise
  • Housing market continues to Drop
  • Failing Banking System (2-7 Banks Fail Weekly)
  • Lower Quality of Life (1 in 8 Americans are now on Food Stamps)
A Massive Crisis is Brewing!
Remember The Government Phrase: "Never waste a good crisis"
It's True, we're Running Out of Time; making Wealth Protection, that More Crucial


  1. BS this isnt going to happen. The left WOULD like to do this but it would never pass congress.

  2. "The Left"? Yeah, there might be a few oddballs who want this. No doubt they loom large in Littlefield's imagination. Most liberals are every bit as jealous of their retirement accounts as conservatives.

  3. Anonymous...we ARE discussing the same government that without notice to the participants, gave LSD to soldiers in Vietnam believing it would make them Uber Soldiers in battle and instead, they killed each other. And, the government getting the annuities when someone dies, makes a motive for euthanasia in the health care plan Obamabiotch has cooked up that we will have to pay for in a tax hike from what it is now to a whopping 39% of our income each paycheck to pay for this "free" healthcare...hello America...wake up or grab the vaseline!!

  4. Sounds entirely plausible to me, the Federal Government is already considering seizing control of all 401k's and pension funds through an initiative sponsored by the SEIU's "Retirement USA." They're proposing the Federal Government seize all 401k's and pension funds in order to more "fairly" and "equitably" re-distribute them to "level the playing field" amongst retiree's.

    The problem is the SEIU has raided their own pension funds (as most union's have) and now want OUR MONEY to pay THEIR "retiree's."

    I can easily see the Federal Government seizing all private retirement funds in the name of "fairness" and using the money to balance out the deficit.

    Sounds perfectly plausible to me!

  5. *Hellooo* America Out There! If you listened to Rush Limbaugh this morning less than an hour ago, this whole subject arose by an *awake* American Conservative, who called in and alerted Rush and all of us *millions* of listeners about the *reality* of this being *introduced* and *passed* in the *Lame-Duck* session, after tomorrow's elections--ALL TO PAY OFF UNION MEMBERS AND OFFICIALS FOR ALL THEIR CORRUPTION AND *RIFE* UNDERFUNDING OF THEIR PENSION FUNDS!!! Call Sen. Harkin's office and tell him where he can go--and put your other Senators and Representatives on *notice* that this is HIGHWAY ROBBERY OF THE SWEAT OF OUR BROWS!!!

  6. Want to know who is behind this?

    Thank you in advance for allowing me to drop the link.



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