Monday, February 27, 2012

Attorney Mario Apuzzo of Jamesburg NJ to Join Pennsylvania Ballot Access Challenge Team

Constitutional Article II Expert Atty Mario Apuzzo of 
Jamesburg NJ to Join PA Ballot Access Challenge Team
Commander Charles Kerchner 

Atty Mario Apuzzo of Jamesburg NJ has filed documents to the Commonwealth Court of PA to join the Kerchner/Laudenslager v Obama PA Ballot Access Challenge Team as Co-Counsel along with Atty Karen L. Kiefer of Scottdale PA.

See this prior interview for some background and information about Atty Mario Apuzzo:

You can read Atty Apuzzo’s legal and scholarly writings on Article II Section 1, the presidential eligibility clause at these links:





  1. I have been on this Obama problem for over 4 years. Even way before Orly who lies and was late to the show. Anyway. I love Mario Apuzzo. I have never met him but he is just super. He is a first class lawyer. I trust him more than any other lawyer to represent the truth correctly in court. He is the man to save our country.

    Go Mario. You can and will do it.

    A 70 year old Patriot.

    God Bless America.I am a NBC. Both my parents were citizens on the date of my birth. When I was 5 years old all the kids playing talked about how we had to have both parents be citizens on the date of our birth. We knew that back in 1948. 6 year old kids on the streets of Chicago knew which kids could be president and which kids could not be president.

    But today the adults who are Senators and Congressmen and Judges do not know what we knew as children. And we knew it with absolute truth. no if ands or buts. We knew absolutely that both parents had to be citizens on the date of our birth or else we could not be president.

    1. I agree. Mario Apuzzo is aces.

  2. Don't stop Mario Apuzzo & Thank You. I'm appalled that this Judge will not uphold the Constitution. The argument that there is no Law in New Jersey, that requires Obama to prove his eligibility shouldn't matter. It appears this Judge is throwing out our Constitution and it is worthless document because its not a state Law. When our state joined the union it agreed to the Constitution, therefore it should stand that nobody except a natural born citizen should be able to run for or hold the office of the president. The Judges of the states that agreed to the Constitution by joining the union, fail to enforce it. If they were to enforce it the Secretary of State, Law makers, and the Courts would require the candidate to prove beyond any doubt that they are eligible. The Constitution is a legal document of Law accepted by the states, which should be enforcing it as a state Law.


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