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Why No One Dares To See

February 25, 2012 TPATH

The battle for the rule of law, relating to all things #Obama will continue, but it is lost.  While this battle could be considered to be only a small part of a long term war, the #Usurper in the White House will not be held accountable.

That's not to say that eventually, many years from now, there won't be a thorough accounting for his deeds and misdeeds, much as the shortcomings of JFK are now finally being reported, his day too, will come.

Of course those pronouncements in the future will do nothing to prevent the further destruction of our economy and culture that threaten us now.  We can only pray that we will not have to endure four more years of this current madness.

God bless all those many, many patriots that have been on this for more than four years.  Alas, none of that work and sacrifice  will succeed in getting #Obama removed from his illegal occupation.  He will not be frog marched out of our White House.

Following court case after court case, ballot hearing after ballot hearing, where each time we have been handed yet another defeat, so many people have asked, why can these people not see?  How could they not understand and act on the unquestionable and irrefutable facts which prove without a shadow of doubt that Obama is using a Social Security number issued to someone else, he has produced and manufactured a birth certificate, and he is not eligible to be President according to the requirements of the US Constitution?

The answer is, for certain, they all do see.  They all do know.  Each for his own reason they refuse to act.  The game plan is to not acknowledge it, discuss it, defend it or even admit its existence.

Obliviousness from the news media, both political parties, corrupt judges, feckless state and federal officials and finally and the most disappointing, so called conservative talking heads, such as Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and, unfortunately, the great and powerful Rush Limbaugh, all contribute to the denial.

Each of these entities, in their own way and for their own reasons, have chosen to ignore the Constitution thereby forsaking their oaths of office or in the case of our conservative talkers, each have let us down as they fail to provide the truth or even a discussion of it.

Why then, are each  of them motivated to silence? 
Let us count them.

1. Democrat Party - If it were to be proven and adjudicated that #Obama is ineligible to serve, every state and local chairman who swore and attested, under penalty of law, that #Obama was eligible could very well be prosecuted or fined for failure to perform their duty.

But mostly....
It goes without saying that the Democrats have never been devoted to the law unless it would help them ruin a Republican. These people will never, under any circumstances allow a Democrat President to be removed from office.

2. Republican Party - These elites are never going to take on the media or the progressives. Upholding the Constitution in this matter would force them to do just that.  Despite the continuing rhetoric of fairness, right and wrong, good and evil, in actuality they stand for themselves and desire only to hold on to what little power the Democrats allow them to aggrandize in.

3. News Media - While a very large portion of the so called journalists which make up this group, are actually nothing more than the "propaganda wing" of the Democrat Party, there is not much mystery here.  The vampires of the press would however, be stirred into real journalistic activity, if the blood of a Republican was in play.

4. Judicial System -  This group is made up of both liberal and conservative operatives.  The liberal group, most of which have made a career of writing law from the bench, would just by their nature have no problem with ignoring the Constitution. It is just what they do.

The conservative judges and justices are filled with dread that they may have to rule on the facts and make a decision that could ultimately remove the first black president from office.  The repercussions of this turns their backbones into linguini. They have nightmares about being the "racist right wing hate monger" responsible for ruling against this first "African America" president.  You can bet your very last penny, not one will ever put himself in that position.

5. Congress -  Disregard the Democrats, they have pretty much been covered.  The Republicans though, why have they refused to even talk about Article II? 

Here is why.
Each of them believe that the revelation and confirmation that #Obama is indeed ineligible, a governmental and constitutional crisis would descend upon the country and last for years.

First, he could not be impeached because only a legitimate President could be.  He would have to be ordered out of the White House and if he refused to go, then Congress would have to issue an order for his arrest and removal.  Wouldn't that be something to behold?

Every bill he signed would be null and void.  Every Justice or Federal judge he appointed would be removed as well as any court rulings they had made.  The litigation and law suits would fill the already over burdened court system for decades to come.

The news media could be counted on to fuel hatred and malcontent as they would play the race card in an effort to get a political edge for the Democrats.  This would in turn rapidly embroil  cities across the country into raging infernos of riots and all levels of property damage and for certain, many would die.

6. Conservative Talkers - Over the years we all have come to respect and admire most of these people.  They have served as a conduit to the truth and have provided us with much needed comfort and assurance that we were not alone in the progressive jungle.

Given those expected problems, a tentative pass should be given to them .  While surely it must churn a few guts within them not to be working this as hard as possible, they may in fact have decided that the potential for damage may just outweigh the crime. 

If however, their motives are merely self preservation and they have been ordered to bury any mention of this, that would be unforgivable.  And something they would need years to recover from.

Patriots should neither condone nor agree that the above reasons warrant the ongoing assault on our Constitution.  If those responsible had of followed the law form the beginning, they would not be in this predicament and more importantly, we would not now have an illegal person occupying our White House and fundamentally changing our country into a socialist state.

The founding fathers gave us the tools we needed to prevent this attack on our country.  Sadly, every party refused to use them.

Every individual, official and political party needs to suck it up, get through the consequences, and move on with a renewed effort and commitment to honor, respect and enforce the greatest document ever written, the US Constitution.

To that end, TPATH, as well as all the other patriots, will continue this fight up until the last minute #Obama begins his trek back to Chicago next January. 

Successful or not, it will have been the right thing to do.

February 25, 2012 TPATH

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  1. You have said very well "we all know these things" I have been saying for well over two years it is time to alter or abolish [not the governments structure] but! the corrupt leaders of our government. Let the chips fall where they may,but scripture says that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. You all have heard about a frog put in boiling water.....he jumps out really quick! but put that same frog in a pot of luke warm water and turn the heat up ever so slowly......IT WILL BOIL TO DEATH is crunch time,decision time.
    I feel that the up coming election will be as corrupt all the things we are seeing nowa days and time is no our friend.
    If anyone would like to discuss this please get in touch,thanks, Charlie from central N.Y. state


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