Thursday, July 26, 2012



  1. Not only does Williams hound Romney for personal information & taz returns he also drops the MORMON bomb...thats something that would never have been done to the Muzzy Obama! Face it America we're proper f*ucked if this Liberal Scumbag gets another 4 years! Romneys America's only hope of it or not...Mitt will be getting my vote regardless of what he may have done...may do...may's all smoke & mirrors for politicians anyhow...Mitt could commit any crime on Earth at this point in time & I'd still vote for him! Thats how much I despise the Libtards! Lincoln said "No President can destroy the Country in 4 years" or something to that effect..If Odummy the usurper gets illegally re-elected ...stick a fork in the USA 'cuz we're done! 8 years will be time enough for the Kenyan to finish his destruction.

  2. Brian Williams wouldn't ask a tough pointed question of Obama, nor would any other lame stream media dirtbags. I always ask myself the question when hearing the libtards in attack mode...put Obama in those shoes and ask the same questions of him...We all know that will NEVER HAPPEN! We also know that the media will never delve into personal information,history,facts ect. when Obama is concerned...He gets the perpetual free do all DemocRATS.

  3. Article II Usurper Obama has no business being in the Oval Office and should be arrested.When Obama answers to the Courts & the Laws of this Nation...I will also...until's every man for himself...Live as the Illegals public services for everything & no taxes to pay...I'd sneak into this Country too if I were not already here...its like I was born to work & support People from Other Countrys whom I've never met or ever will...Meanwhile my family goes hungry because there is no work..the Illegals are doing all the work that I'm too unemployed to do.


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