Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Obama Has No Intention of Losing This November

I have to confess I have a nagging fear about the upcoming election. Even though all indications point to Romney winning in November, I worry that the usurper currently in office has no intention of leaving and will be manipulating events to keep himself in place. Whether through dirty tricks, voter fraud, a Wag the Dog scenario, civil unrest leading to martial law, or a combination of all of those things, Bam is planning on staying.
Tyrants don’t go quietly.
Obama tells his audiences that he’s not through transforming the nation into…..whatever it is that he’s trying to turn it into. But beyond that, there is another powerful motive for him to cling to power.
Think about it. If Mitt manages to triumph in November – if we are able to cleanse the executive branch of the filthy commies who have taken root there, the aftermath will look a lot worse than it did when the Clintonistas left in 2001. That flurry of last minute pardons by the outgoing Clinton ( aided by Holder), the  vandalism to the White House by outgoing staffers as well as the the missing White House artifacts pale in comparison to what we would see in the wake of an Obami expulsion.
The slimy residue that will be left behind by this current crew will result in not only massive scandals but possibly prison terms when the extent of the treachery becomes known.
The only thing that protects them now, is the firewall provided by Obama’s thoroughly corrupt and compromised Justice Dept. With Holder no longer there to protect him, things could go very badly for Obama and co.
Do you think Obama’s looking forward to no longer being able to assert  executive privilege to protect himself and his fellow partners in crime?
The “Fast and Furious” gun-running fiasco which led to the assertion of executive privilege by Obama  is only the tip of the iceberg.
There is also the question of the horrendous White House national security leaks, that we know  came from Obama’s inner circle.
Not to mention the Solyndra/Green energy boondoggle of which even the cautious Romney campaign is making an issue.

And the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the State Dept and the White House.

Jon Corzine’s “MF Global”, which disappeared $1.6 billion in client funds, was represented by Eric Holder’s law firm.

Then there’s the question of Obama’s birth certificate,  selective service card, and SS# – all of which have been deemed fraudulent by Sheriff Arpaio’s  criminal investigation.
The point is, without a doubt, all of the scandals mentioned above barely scrape the surface.  We’ll have to get rid of him and put a Republican administration in place to see just how criminally corrupt his administration has been.
And that’s why he is going to do everything he can to make damn sure that doesn’t happen.
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  1. He will leave the country on Air Force One to avoid any and all legal problems he will have, and go home to Kenya. I'm just worried he wont send the plane back!

    But to avoid any prosecution, they will cut a deal to send him off and running to forever be free from any federal prison in the U.S.


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