Saturday, July 9, 2016

All I have to say to President Obama is "auwe, Mr. President." You have forsaken the magic of Hawaii and brought shame to these islands. You are nothing more than an ideologue, spouting and inciting racial unrest and violence.

A 40-year Hawaii resident on Obama and 'understanding Hawaii'

The first time I saw Barack Obama was around '76 or '77 when my brother-in-law Bobby Titcomb brought the young man who would be our future president over to the house after playing basketball. I remember asking Bobby about his ethnicity, because having lived in Hawaii for most of my life, I was always interested to see the astounding mix of nationalities in the people who live here – especially after growing up in white-bread New England. I never dreamed that the tall, awkward-looking boy I met that evening would someday become the catalyst for such dangerous racial and social unrest in this country. I once read a comment by Michelle Obama that in order to understand Barack, one first has to understand Hawaii.  Having lived in Hawaii for more than forty years, I think I understand Hawaii pretty well.  And there is nothing about the Hawaiian culture that explains why our president continues to exploit racial divides for partisan political...(Read Full Post)

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