Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Let us use Comey’s own words to hand Mrs. Clinton an indictment for the ages. Let us memorize the text of his statement, with its stunning evidence of her unfitness for the presidency, and use it in arguing before the court of public opinion.

So the Hillary Indictment Will Have to Come From Us

Mark Davis

It was quite the spectacle, and quite the damning litany of charges against Hillary Clinton. And after sharing them for several minutes, formerly respected FBI Director James Comey told us that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”
I am familiar with several reasonable prosecutors who would have been glad to do it if the lifting is a little too heavy for Comey, who started his remarks as a straight-arrow law-and-order figure and a quarter-hour later earned his card in the Hillary Clinton protection racket.
To be clear, since the FBI Director seems a little fuzzy: Hillary Clinton knowingly mishandled documents of varying sensitivities. There are no mind-readers immediately available to affirm criminal intent, but this is why we have trials and juries, a route that is now closed by the protective wall erected by Comey and his new cover-up partner, Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

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