Thursday, July 7, 2016

OH SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE...Obama is a Muslim...What a shock...oh my oh my!

Bill O'Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress he claims are from half-brother Malik's wedding saying they prove his 'deep emotional ties to Islam' 

  • Bill O'Reilly released images of President Barack Obama claiming they were from the Muslim wedding of his half brother Malik

  • President Obama was Malik's best man at his first wedding in 1981 and Malik served as his best man when he married Michelle 

  • O'Reilly claims the photos were taken in Maryland in the early 1990s 

  • Fox News host said the pictures prove President Obama has 'deep emotional ties to Islam' and is not a 'devout Christian'

  • O'Reilly claims this has 'hurt the USA' because Obama has failed to combat ISIS which he calls the 'Obama administration's greatest failure'

  • A similar set of photos featuring President Obama in the same dress were shared by Malik in 2004 and previously published on 


All of a sudden Fox News and Bill O’Reilly decided to bring up the fact Obama attended his brother’s wedding in Maryland back in 1992. The brother is a Muslim, Obama was “the best man” and dressed in typical Muslim garb for the wedding. That’s all great and all Fox News hacks, but where was this during the election and re-election of Obama in 2012? Better late then never? Not in this case. Fox News is really reaching here. We all know Obama is sympathetic to Muslims because his father was one. Why the sudden shock from O’Reilly?

After nearly eight years of pandering to Obama to try and get softball interviews, Bill O’Reilly finds a story like this relevant. Hey FOX, it was relevant in 2008 and especially after the Benghazi fiasco with the YouTube “video” in 2012. Yet, O’Reilly continued to protect Obama and bash anyone who would dare suggest Obama is a Muslim sympathizer.

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