Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Real Racist in the 2016 Presidential Race

As the polls tighten with Donald Trump pulling even or ahead of Hillary Clinton, the left is getting frantic.  Mrs. Clinton is reaching into the Democrat playbook, pulling out their go-to and typically successful Hail Mary fourth down play: the race card.  And not just a single card.  She is throwing the entire deck at Trump. Her speech last Thursday was an appeal to disaffected Republicans to abandon Trump and join the Clinton train.  The GOP establishment, from National Review and The Weekly Standard to Fox News and the rest of the inside-the-Beltway elites, have long ago ditched Trump, Pollyannaishly waiting for their unicorn candidate to magically appear.  Mrs. Clinton trotted out the usual canards – "dog-whistle", "hate speech", "far-right fringe" – with the only new bogeyman being the new "alt-right" movement.  Beyond the rhetoric, let's see who the real racist candidate is.  Sorry,...(Read Full Article)

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