Saturday, August 6, 2016


25 Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

John Hawkins
Posted: Aug 06, 2016
Note: Given Hillary Clinton’s disgusting and corrupt track record, this could easily have been a much bigger list. In fact, I’m not even sure you could adequately cover how unfit Hillary is for the Presidency in a 200 page book, much less a column. With that in mind, I decided to keep this list at 25 items to make it more easily digestible.

 1) Hillary Clinton is almost 69 years old; she had a serious head injury after passing out in 2012 and she’s had a much remarked upon uncontrollable cough throughout much of this year’s campaign. The presidency is an enormously demanding job that visibly ages the person in the Oval Office. If someone who simply isn’t well enough to be President becomes the leader of the Free World, it could lead to devastating consequences as she futilely struggles to do the job.


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