Friday, October 21, 2016

Because the Republican controlled congress has failed to act in any manner at any opportunity to stop the destruction of the Constitutional Republic for the past seven years, it is unlikely that any member of congress will stand up to protect the Constitution or the people of the United States by taking appropriate action to block Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Therefore, the future of the United States rests entirely in the hands of the “legal” American citizens.


By J.B. Williams
October 15, 2016

Many older Americans who know the Clinton’s all too well make the assumption that millennials don’t know how corrupt Bill and Hillary Clinton really are, and to some degree, they are right!
Millennials do know exactly how corrupt the Clinton’s are when it comes to stealing elections, after watching them steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. They watched in horror as the man they thought carried their banner, Bernie Sanders, was cheated out of a reasonable chance at the party nomination despite Sanders having far more energized supporters than Hillary.
But because millennials are defined as those born between 1982 and 2000, they would have not been born yet in the 1990s, or were too young to have any memory of the Clinton Administration in the 90s.
Some basic facts that have clouded the sub-human Clinton’s political careers since their college years…
 Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual misconduct and even rape too many times to list, starting all the way back when he was accused of rape as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England, but was not charged in England due to his U.S. Citizenship.
 Both Bill and Hillary have a long history of lying, even under oath, to cover up Bill’s many sexual assault and battery charges, including the misconduct in office with Monica Lewinsky that led to his impeachment and conviction on perjury charges, costing him his law license but not his presidency.
 Hillary Clinton was a committed Global Marxist and Maoist during her college years, writing numerous essays on the benefits of Marxism, Maoism and Totalitarian styles of top-down governance of the peasants. She wrote her college thesis on the brutal political Rules for Radicals of Saul Alinsky, which we are watching her employ in the 2016 election against Trump today.
 Out of college, Hillary took a job working for Robert Treuhaft, the then Chairman of the Communist Party USA, which explains why The Communist Party USA has endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race.
 Despite a lifetime of Bill’s sexual assaults and misconduct, Hillary has “stood by her man” because their marriage is far from the typical marriage. It is a political partnership for profit and power, nothing more. Hillary couldn’t care less about Bill’s sexual conquests, despite her public display of outrage over Trump’s use of the “P” word in a taped private conversation with George H.W. Bush nephew Billy Bush. Hillary has lived a lifetime with the most offensive sexual predator in America, Bill Clinton.
And that’s just the personal foundation for who the Clinton’s really are!

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