Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wiki Leak Press Conference this morning from Berlin...YOU HAVE BEEN PUNKED!

I watched this LIVE because someone emailed me the link. I watched the ever hyper Alex Jones from his studio in Austin early this morning. They had two live feeds. Before the Live Stream started Alex Jones was so excited with anticipation and assured his listeners/viewers that this was going to be devastating information to be revealed. Jones predicted that Assange was going to reveal the misdeeds of Hillary in the Middle East, i.e., funding Isis, gun running, Libya, Syria, Benghazi etc.

I can’t emphasize enough how giddy Jones was with excitement. He and his crew had been up all day and were convinced that this event was a monumental game changer. What actually occurred was amateurish self-serving presentation from Berlin promoting Wiki Leaks. The moderator presented a video talking about Wiki Leaks “successes” over the past 10 years and there was a discussion about the Wiki Leaks “philosophy/mission” re: the truth. When Assange came on to talk via a video feed from the embassy where he is holed up in London he rambled on and on about I know not what.

Jones and his gang soon realized that they didn’t have a clue about what Assange was saying. One of Jones’ partners on the set said I am waiting to hear key words like Clinton, Benghazi, election, money, ISIS, scandal etc. NOTHING! About half way through this extremely boring and incomprehensible presentation Assange suddenly made mention that there were those in America who were expecting some dump of documents re: Hillary Clinton. Assange then stated that Wiki Leaks doesn’t dump important documents at 3:00 in the morning! Jones went ballistic and went nuclear on his set. He said this press conference was a train wreck. “We have been trolled.” There was disgust on the set. Jones and his crew were ranting and raving about how they had been punked by Assange. They were even more upset when Assange said that the next document dump by Wiki Leaks will “before the end of the year”!!!!!!! Jones was screaming now. Obviously he wants any incriminating documents re: Hillary released BEFORE the election.

The presentation last night was a 100% waste of time and a complete misrepresentation of what we were led to believe was going to happen. Alex Jones said that Assange had made some sort of deal. This is my best guess as to what may have happened: Hillary has assured Assange that if she is POTUS she will arrange for his freedom and security in exchange for him NEVER revealing any more damning documents about her crimes and corruption. I do not expect to hear anything else about Hillary coming from Wiki Leaks. Unfortunately. Hope I am wrong.

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