Saturday, March 3, 2012



  1. Obama the criminal fraud is being exposed. Finally. Thank God!

  2. No matter how many times I keep asking this question to the racists like you "Is having a black man as President THAT bad for you?" I'll alwaysget my answer, Yes it is!

    Again thanks for proving my point! I don't care if you don't like being called what you are! All three of you are obvious racists!

    You called Obama a Marxist. Look up Marxism, then look up Obama's policies, then tell me how, on balance, he could possibly even be considered a Marxist. I'm not talking about cherry-picking 4 or 5 particular pieces of legislation that lean further left than you are, because that isn't evidence of Marxism. I'm talking about looking at his entire body of work (including from before he was elected President, if you like), and coming up with a result based on all the available information.

    I don't like President Obama because of his weakness but I do think he loves America just has a funny way of showing it.

    Bush kissed Saudi kings…were he also a traitor? How about starting wars in which thousands of American lives were lost as a result? Is that traitorous? And now the guy who ensured the death of bin laden is the terrorist? God, Are you so closed minded that facts can’t penetrate your head?

    It's funny. I can say the same thing about you people. Obama is a citizen, naturally born. That is the truth, and there is more than enough evidence to prove that. Joe Arpaio is just speculating, he has nothing.

    Sheriff Arpaio's clock is ticking, and it is a matter of time before he is found guilty by the DOJ for civil rights and official oppression violations. This is just a side show to distract from his own legal problems....

    Arpaio is NO Patriot, and anyone who calls him that are without doubt a pathetic excuse of an American, must less a Human being! Arpaio is a scumbag racist liar and a horrible bigot liar!

    He, like so many other "birthers" cannot, will not, and never accept that fact that a African-American Man is President of the United States of America.

    There is absolutely no hard evidence of any wrong doing. This is a attack on a sitting president by a group of racists. These racist know that this president is heading for re-election and they just can't believe that a black man is in the whitehouse. Sherrif joe is so obviously a racist and every post that I have read on this site dealing with this question shows just how racist they are.

    Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is without doubt, a full blown racist! THAT is a fact!

    There is absolutely no--zero---evidence that President Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii.

    What is more disgusting, is that bithers here making horrible assertions that the Founding Fathers never intended a black person to be President.

  3. Obama is ineligible according to Article 2 Section 1, based on his statement that his father was a citizen of Kenya, a British subject, at his time of birth.

    On this BC topic, I have a couple of questions:

    - How do they know that someone did not take Hussein's original Hawaii BC, scan it, separate it into a few different layers, then reassemble it? Such distraction and rope-a-dope is typical of this regime.

    - Even if this proves to be a forgery, no one in our government, law enforcement, or courts have taken the Hussein regime to task for his ineligibility or other illegal activity, why would they act on this now?

  4. O HAS pulled so many tricks on us all what's
    a few hundred more? Shame on all the laggers.
    IT almost brought us to our knees, but were back!
    O may be kicking back with his feet on OUR White House desk laughing his a** off,
    Soon the wagons will stop the circle game and
    PUFF will know HIS truths and lies!!! Who is his real daddy? his real mommy? ZERO is really all we know. No more of this PLEASE!


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