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June 26, 2012


CONTACTS: Helen Tansey, 804.840.1449

Romney for President, Inc.
585 Commercial Street
Boston, Massachusetts  02108

RE:      Vice Presidential Qualifications

Dear Mr. Romney:

            Between now and the start of the August 27th Republic National Convention you and your team will be deliberating who your Vice Presidential running mate will be. Obviously, this will be an important and momentous decision for you, your running-mate, and for our country.  Your selection however will receive an incredible amount of scrutiny from a growing legion of constitutionalists who believe that adherence to the Constitution, i.e., the supreme law of the land is paramount above all else. Your choice for a running mate MUST comply with requirements mandated by Article 2, Section 1 and the 12th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Nothing less will be acceptable.

            You are no doubt fully aware that two of the favored choices for vice-president, bandied about by the left-leaning media and heartily endorsed by the republican political establishment, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, are in fact constitutionally ineligible to be vice-president and/or president.  Simply stated they are not “natural born Citizens” as required by law. Given the controversy of your father’s presidential candidacy in the sixties as it pertained to his citizenship status, and of course the ever-growing controversy surrounding the identity of the current resident in the White House, we are confident that you are intimately knowledgeable of this issue. If not, we invite you to review the historical facts by going to http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html

            Neither Governor Bobby Jindal, nor U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s nativity conform to the American citizenship requirement of “natural born Citizen” outlined under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Americans, a majority of which are independent conservative voters, know the definitive definition of “natural born Citizen” as being born to citizen parents on American soil. It matters not one iota what the political class pontificates on high as it relates to this most basic of citizenship definitions, a category of citizenry that has been defined for millennia.

            Recently, Brett Baier of Fox News dipped his toe into this raging debate and proffered a nonsensical “natural born Citizen” definition of which Article II Super PAC invited Herb Titus, Esq., a constitutional attorney who has over thirty-years of writing, advocating and lecturing on constitutional law responded –

           “Bret Baer commits a common error.  He assumes that "natural born citizen" means the same thing as "citizen by birth."  They are not the same.  A citizen by birth is one who by constitutional or statutory provision is made or recognized as a citizen based upon where or to whom he was born.   Under Mr. Baer's view, a natural born citizen, then, is a citizen of a particular nation only by positive law.  If a natural born citizen is defined by statute, as Mr. Baer claims he is, then by statute Congress can take away his natural born citizenship status, subject only to the 14th Amendment's definition of citizenship by birth.  And even that citizenship can be taken away by an amendment to the constitution.  Indeed, according to Mr. Baer, no one could have been eligible to be elected president UNLESS Congress passed a statute designating one's citizenship by birth, or until the 14th amendment definition of citizenship by birth was ratified.”

          “A natural born citizen, by contrast, is not dependent upon Congress passing a statute or the constitution being amended.  A natural born citizen is a citizen of a specific nation by the law of nature of citizenship.  The law of nature of national citizenship is written into the very nature of the universe of nation-states, and is universal as to place, uniform as to person, and fixed as to time.  By definition the law governing natural born citizenship exists independent of any human power, legislative or otherwise.  That is why "natural born citizenship" is not defined in the Constitution.  Such citizenship exists whether recognized by positive law or not.  Such citizenship is God-given.  To qualify one must be born to a father and a mother each of whom is a citizen of a particular state in order for the person to be "natural born" citizen of that state.”(emphasis added)

            Here are the facts. Governor Bobby Jindal’s parents did not apply for any form of American citizenship until after Jindal was born on June 10, 1971, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Amar Jindal, the Governor’s father, did not secure American citizenship until December 4, 1986, and his mother, Raj Jindal, did not acquire her American citizenship until September 21, 1976. Thus, Governor Bobby Jindal does not and never could meet the “natural born Citizen” requirement outlined under Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

            As well, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s citizenship also lacks the necessary pillars of “natural born Citizen”. Neither of the Senator’s parents applied for citizenship status until November 1975; a full four years after the Senator was born on May 28, 1971, in Miami, Florida. Therefore, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio does not and never will meet the three remarkably simple qualifications outlined under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

            American citizens have endured a four-year constitutional battle with the media establishment and the political class of this nation over the meaning of “natural born Citizen” due to Barack Hussein Obama and his “dual-citizenship” status. As you know, Obama’s father, Barack Obama, Sr., never claimed citizenship in America, but rather held citizenship as a British born subject under the 1948 British Nationality Act. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born a citizen of the United States, clearly rendering Mr. Obama a “dual citizen” not a “natural born Citizen” at birth. Nowhere in any law or Supreme Court precedent has anyone ever made the argument that “dual citizenship” equates with “natural born citizenship”. Yet for some peculiar reason, the political class seems to believe the American electorate can be fooled by their rather amateurish obfuscation on the precise definition of “natural born Citizen” by attempting to rewrite thousands of years of settled law.   

            Therefore, Article II Super PAC respectfully requests you honor the U.S. Constitution and  remain within the confines of Article II, Section 1 when making your final selection for a Vice Presidential running mate.

            We trust you understand a constitutionally “clean” ticket will not only garner you votes, but will earn the respect of the electorate.


Article II Super PAC Team

Cc:       Mr. Matt Rhoades, Campaign Manager
            Ms. Beth Myers, Senior Advisor

Today is a sad day for America. Why? It's sad that an organization, such as Article II Super PAC, has to even write a letter to a presidential nominee detailing why vice presidential hopefuls, Jindal and Rubio's, American citizenship status doesn't come anywhere close to meeting the extremely simple definition of 'natural born Citizen'. That's why! Everyone knows this. It's not a secret, yet neither one of these two American 'citizens' have demonstrated a modicum of honor towards the law that governs this land nor the People by publicly announcing their constitutional ineligibility. Instead these two wannabes remain silent and have instead chosen to go along to get along and to hell with the very document that gave them and their parents the very freedom they were seeking to even live here. What ungrateful louses these two men are!


  1. YES! Federal law AND our beloved Constitution ARE unambiguous -- as are the historical court decisions that inform of the Constitutions meaning in the phrase NATURAL BORH CITIZEN and in the simple language that is used to define the THREE necessary qualifications.

    When Mitt Romney was challenged with the FACT that his FATHER was a Mexican born CITIZEN OF MEXICO; he, Mitt, produced a copy of a Birth Certificate issued by the STATE of Michigan. THAT document does NOT give sufficient information to determine the birth baby's status. It ONLY shows the NAMES of the parents and where they reside! It is SILENT ON THE NATIONALITY or CITIZENSHIP of the parents. It is therefore useless in determining IF THE BIRTH BABY is, or is not, a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

    I believe that ALL of the states require birth and death statistics to be the responsibility of the COUNTIES in that state. Romney was born in Detroit and there SURELY IS A WAYNE COUNTY Birth Certificate available which would PUT THE QUESTION TO REST as IT WOULD SHOW THE CISIZENSHIP OF THE PARENTS -- AT THE TIME OF MITT'S BIRTH. WHY has Romney refused to show his Wayne County Birth Certificate?

    akaObama has famously said: "The only people who will not disclose the truth are those with something to hide." THAT couldn't be more true in either his or Romney's case.

  2. GREAT letter and even greater post script! Now, will you please reassure us that BOTH of Mitt Romney's parents WERE, in FACT, U.S. Citizens AT THE TIME OF MITT's BIRTH?

    The debate surrounding Mitt's father's citizenship status when he was campaigning became moot when he did not become the nominee.
    There seems to be little doubt that had the issue been properly pursued, he would NOT have been deemed eligible as he was NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN -- as described so well in your letter.


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