Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today, it's not so much whether or not Obama is an Article II natural-born citizen of the United States since America watched Obama's people try to photo-shop his Aug. 4, 1961 birth certificate from that of a stillborn baby whose Registrar's birth certificate number was 151-61-10641—from a microfiche sequential numbering system that tells the State of Hawaii that Obama was theoretically the 10,641st baby born in Hawaii in 1961. 

Born on Aug. 5, 1961—a day after Obama—was Susan Nordyke (the 10,637th baby) and her twin sister Gretchen (the 10,638th baby born in Hawaii that year). How does an error like that happen? It doesn't. And, it can't. Hawaiian birth certificates are sequentially filed on microfiche one after another, in order of birth—live or stillborn. Susan Nordyle, born on August 5, 1961 was the 10,637th baby born in Hawaii in 1961. Her sister, Gretchen Nordyke, was the 10,638th. Obama, purportedly born on August 4 has a birth certificate that claims he was the 10,641st baby born in Hawaii—a day before the Nordyke twins were born. It was this birth certificate (that the White House released on April 27, 2011) that Maricopia County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's forensic scientists spent six months testing and ruled that it was a computer-generated forgery. This and the fact that public now knows from California attorney Dr. Orly Taitiz's investigation and subsequent lawsuit over Obama's reportedly using not only the Social Security card issued to French immigrant Jean Paul Ludwig between 1977 and 1979 but 26 other Social Security numbers over the years, the number of Americans questioning why a natural born US citizen would need to photoshop a birth certificate and use someone else's social security card should realize that question leads to an even more natural question than: "is Barack Obama a natural born citizen?" 

The more natural question? "Is Barack Obama an American citizen at all?" The growing body of evidence suggests that issue is the best to debate rather than questioning whether or not Obama is an Article II "natural born" American citizen. Pennsylvania lawyer Philip J. Berg figured that out in 2008 when he sued for Obama to produce not only his Certificate of Citizenship but also his Oath of Allegiance.

- John Christian Ryter


  1. This is what I've been saying for years now. You don't phony up a fraudy SSN if you are ANY kind of citizen. You don't phony up a birth certificate if you have one at all...esp. when you've already admitted that your "father" is not a U.S. citizen, so saying you aren't worried about the NBC situation. And...of course your own e-verify system flags you for citizenship matching with applied number. So, where have all the investigative geniuses well as those sooooo obsessed with the one angle of NBC which is a lost cause for the majority of stoopeed Americans. All this time we should have been forcing the "citizenship at all" case....a pRes. who may as well be from Mars where, btw, he once "teleported" to!!

  2. All good except for the ludwig part.

    Didn't susan daniels and the other investigators say that the ludwig thing was a false story?


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