Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We need a constitutional and conservative alternative to both the Democrat Party and the GOP who have sold out the principles of our Founding Fathers.

December 4, 2012 TPATH - During the past several weeks TPATH has posted updates relating to the need for a constitutional and conservative alternative to both the Democrat Party and the GOP.

After our last article on this subject we posted an email link for those who would like to help get this very important initiative moving across this country.  The response was amazing but so many people just sent emails without getting us the required contact information we have been unable to create a comprehensive list.

So we have posted a Contact Form for anyone who would like to help.  This is not a call for donations, but a call to help gather information, find and vet candidates and help get people registered with CPUSA across this nation.

Even if you have already sent us an email wanting to help, please go to the form and submit it.


Another few thoughts on this third party concept.
What would it take  to get this idea off the ground and running in a big way?

The answer is finding great candidates who may now be Republicans or even Democrats who will be willing to take up the CPUSA platform, who are already well known and who have shown the backbone and desire to work within the Constitution.

TPATH is not breaking any news here and we want it to be perfectly clear we have no knowledge or information regarding whether someone like Alan West could be drafted and run for President under the CPUSA.  But, that type of candidate would instantly bring CPUSA into the game.
Finally, despite the fact that Obama has been re-elected, albeit fraudulently and on many fronts, this country remains a mostly conservative people.  If we can get them to join us in the CPUSA party and let the Dems and the GOP split the left and moderate vote, our candidate and our country, wins.

December 4, 2012 TPATH

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  1. CPUSA ... That's the Communist Party of the United States of America! WTF are you trying to promote? Is it supposed to mean Constitutional Party? If so, you should have explained it in the article!


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