Friday, December 5, 2014

Here is a random selection of ten questions chosen from the official list of one hundred from which the short list is chosen for the citizenship tests.

Face facts!
There was, at one time, a handbook called Hennessey's which applicants for citizenship assiduously studied...and my wife and I were two of the many who did. We are proud to be Americans, and it occurred to me recently that the appalling lack of education in our voters today is shameful. I've seen videos of college students and people on the streets being asked quite rudimentary questions about the country, its history, and its government and shockingly had, in the vast majority of cases, no answers at all. Yet, when asked about sports, TV, movies, contemporary "music", and video games they had all the answers. A normal inquisitiveness would almost guarantee absorption by osmosis of what we see and hear each day, but the almost total vacuum on domestic and world events leads me to the conclusion that the deliberate focus of a large segment of the population is tuned to recreation and a fun lifestyle. I must assume that they are childishly and willfully stupid! If their major interest in life is what is the latest McDonald's or Subway offering or the latest video game cost as opposed to what is happening to their country they aren't worth the gunpowder to blow them to hell. They do not deserve to be U.S. citizens.
When you realize that in college towns students are allowed to vote on local issues which affect property owners and other regulatory taxation and bond issues and for which they have no obligation or responsibility to financially support - it's obviously wrong. Many of our college towns have populations in excess of 25,000 students.  They are NOT permanent residents, they are temporary renters who will leave the area within four years on average. Some bond issues are very long term and extremely expensive and must be funded by the permanent residents of the voting district, many of whom voted against the proposition. Consider too that so many young folk today come from liberal or progressive minded homes. They may know absolutely nothing about an issue but they have been steeped in the socialistic entitlement mindset and so vote in lockstep with that political party and its views. A cognitive person, having studied American history and the founding principles would never vote for socialism or communism. I can understand and accept a difference of opinion based on knowledge. It may be misguided or illogical but it is genuine, and not just emotional, vacuous, or frivolous. Unfortunately, the latter is also dangerous for the country and its citizens.
Here is a random selection of ten questions chosen from the official list of one hundred from which the short list is chosen for the citizenship tests. While all the information you need on a multitude of subjects is available in seconds through the Internet, it doesn't serve any of us well if we look up answers to a quiz before we make a choice. That would be kidding ourselves wouldn't it?
It requires six correct answers out of ten to pass the citizenship test.
  • Name the two U.S. Senators from your state.
  • What is the Bill of Rights?
  • If both the President and the Vice President die, who becomes president?
  • Name the thirteen original states.
  • What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
  • In what year was the Constitution written?
  • How many voting Representatives are there in the House of Representatives?
  • How many branches are there in the U.S. government?
  • Who said “give me liberty or give me death”?
  • What is the difference between a native born citizen and a natural born citizen?
Only you will know if you get a passing grade. But if you didn't, does that give you pause to wonder if perhaps you should take a deeper interest in the affairs of your country? The maintenance of your car is vital to your safety. Do you investigate the credentials of those who service it, or do you heed the advice of some person you meet in a coffee shop...or perhaps on a college campus?
Here in California our houses have a wood frame, and with proper care will last far longer than the lifetime of one family. They are also an investment which, under normal conditions, will return a handsome profit. Our country needs proper care and attention for it to be sustained and to serve us well. Our biggest real estate enemy is termites. You don't see them but they are eating away at the structure of your home. Our biggest national enemy are our professional politicians...our professional termites!
Oh, it's a fact that you can't get a drivers license with just six correct answers!

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