Thursday, January 1, 2015

There is little doubt – if one truly observes what's going on in the United States of America under Obama's increasingly iron-fisted rule – that the USA is being "transformed" into something it was never intended to be...a non-country composed of multi-cultured, non-English speaking, un-or-under educated and America-hating miscreants from anti-USA countries around the world. These are "Obama's people" and we Americans are being pushed out of our own country by the Obama syndicate's dark and dystopian vision for us.

Betrayal from both sides of the aisle?

By Sher Zieve

Despite the fact that We-the-People gave the Republicans a mandate to stop Obama's unconstitutional and country-destroying dictates, policies and programs with a landslide victory in November, the current establishment majority – still in charge of the Marxist Democrat-Lite Party (aka Republicans) – still insists upon supporting Obama.

Message to the Congressional Republican Marxists: "Your cover has been blown! You can no longer effectively use the excuse of 'the media will be mean to us if we don't support the first black president'!"

First of all, we-the-voters are well aware of media bias in favor of the Left. It has been that way for hundreds, if not thousands, of years dating back to – probably – even ancient Babylon where diversity of opposition to God and tolerance for everything caused segregation of different cultural groups that entered the huge city-state who brought with them different languages and different gods. It's likely the "liberal" scribes of the time – human nature hasn't really changed over millennia – thought this was just wonderful and wrote about it. As Babylon became more impressed with itself, it built huge structures to glorify its work. And, then the kings began allowing more and more non-citizens (aka "illegals"?) who brought beliefs that were counter to the survival of the once Hebraic Babylon to enter and set up shop. And Babylon did not survive. So, yes Republicans. Any of us who was born when real history was being taught in US schools knows why we are being destroyed and that the leftist media is helping. They will always be bitter towards anyone and anything that encroaches upon their Luciferian lust for power over humans. Their nature hasn't changed. either. It is greed, corruption and all of the other accouterments that accompany an unquenchable thirst for power and money...OUR money.

Again, Republicans, get rid of the "they won't like us if we try to save the country and its people" excuse. Not only did Republicans and Independents vote for you but, a large number of Democrats did too. Republicans who ran for the Senate won fully 40 % of the Hispanic vote, so you rationally can't use the "Hispanics won't like us" excuse anymore either. That is, unless you're referring to the illegal ones coming into our country via Obama's now fully-open Southern border. The Hispanic voters told you in Congress that they don't want illegals in the country. However, too many of you have decided to supplant our loud and clear message of "STOP Obama!" with "the voters are telling us we have to work together to push through Obama's anti-American messages and policies." Are you people insane or just to drunk with your new-found power to care what we want? Or – on a more sinister note – have you been Democrat Marxist and Fascists all along – aka RINOs?

If you don't start working for us and the reestablishment of our country – as founded – recall petitions to remove you from your newly-won offices will begin in all States that allow them; for Republicans as well as Democrats. Note: Very unfortunately, Ohio – which again placed Obama-lackey John Boehner into office – doesn't have a recall process for US Senators. But, we plan to put pressure on all of our Senators to replace Obama's Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Obama, Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett have used their operatives to foment one riot after another in order to begin a race war. And they have been successful in their early ventures into California, New York and – of course – Missouri. They are also bringing at least many thousands of gang members, Islamists, Africans, Muslims in general as well as the Hispanic poor into our country illegally. This, as we know, is being done to replace the current legal American white majority with illegals. They are continuing to decimate our country and we elected you to stoop them. What about "stop the dictator in our White House who is destroying our country" is still unclear to you in Congress?

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