Thursday, January 22, 2015

John Boehner's reelection as speaker means nothing will change for the better. He doesn't give a damn what you or I want or what's good for this country. Johnny and his global cohorts like Sen. Mitch McConnell serve the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an entity that is 100% anti-American workers along with mega corporations who also want cheap labor while Americans exist on food stamps.


By: Devvy
January 19, 2015

"On March 2, 2006, the counterfeit U.S. Senate passed the insidious un-Patriot Act by a vote of 89-10. This vote flies in the face of a massive outcry from millions of Americans against the Patriot Act and more than 440 cities and counties who refuse to enforce it. Next week the House will do the same. It no longer matters how strong or massive opposition is to what's going on in Washington, DC, the iron fist of totalitarian government continues to squeeze the last gasping breaths of liberty from we the people. There is no longer any pretense these people in Congress (with the exception of one or two) represent we the people or even pretend to uphold the U.S. Constitution. They are far, far beyond that." From my column: No More Pretense of Representation (March 6, 2006)

Almost a year ago next month I wrote: GOP incumbents will betray America end of year. It happened with the Cromnibus bill passed by Boehner's House and Reid's Senate less than five weeks after the big election in November. All those incumbents sent back to Washington wasted little time in betraying we the people and our country.

For those who might not be aware of it, Joseph Farah at WND started a 'dump Boehner' campaign in an effort to get the newly sworn in U.S. House of Representatives to elect someone other than Johnny Boehner as Speaker of the House. This was done by paying a small amount to have a hard copy letter delivered to every member of the U.S. House. Boehner's sell out 'Cromnibus' - a budget bill that fully funds the criminal impostor in the White House's wet dream for illegally giving amnesty to 5 million liars, cheats and thieves and Obamacare - was the straw that broke the back of millions of conservatives.

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