Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Speaking of doing nothing to stop Obama, here is part of a fax I sent to Congress last week outlining why I believe they will do nothing to stop Obama, no matter what he might do. Some in the media who used to discuss this subject have stopped, but the following is still the only issue that matters and it is and why I believe Obama can do anything he wants with no action by Congress to stop him. A little long, but please read:

I believe America has been abandoned by those elected to serve the people and to protect the Constitution. Congress, by allowing Obama to become and remain the putative president in spite of their knowledge about his ineligibility and now also his identity fraud, have boxed themselves into a corner, caught between Barack and a hard place and they have made the wrong decision, which is to try to hold onto the charade of the legitimacy of Obama until he is no longer in office. This allows Obama to do whatever he wants with knowledge Congress will do nothing of substance to stop him. I see Speaker Boehner and Eric Holder as Obama’s primary protectors. No impeachment, no investigation and no unfavorable court rulings on Obama’s ineligibility and/or identity fraud will be allowed. The bases are covered and the deck is stacked in favor of the regime.

Congress refuses to do anything to stop Obama from destroying the Constitution because he has the ability to take everyone in Congress with him if Congress impeaches or investigates him. Congress, both parties, allowed and assisted an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist to usurp the presidency. Some in Congress were more aware than others in 2008/2009 that Obama is a fraud, but in the middle of the frenzy over, "America's first black president", those who might speak out were not going to and be called racist and hated because they derailed the chance for America to make up for her past sins. So, Congress did nothing to stop Obama from being sworn in as the putative president, and as soon as that happened the job of Congress,especially leadership, became to keep Obama officially considered a legitimate president until, at least, he was no longer in office. Impeachment or a real investigation is off the table because both pose an unacceptable risk of revealing Congress complicity in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. If the truth about Obama were to be fully revealed and acted on, Congress would have to deal with the biggest Constitutional crisis in history, which they helped create, and with charges of treason for putting an enemy of America in charge of her military, including her nuclear weapons.

Obama has ignored Congress and illegally used “executive action” to stop deportation of illegal aliens, also releasing many from prison to spread more crime throughout our nation. This amnesty encourages more illegal invaders to enter America, spreading new diseases and overburdening our already maxed out welfare system. This act alone should have been met with impeachment, as should many others over the past 6 years. The Constitution you took an oath to uphold actually requires Obama be impeached for these criminal acts, but it is ignored. The IRS intimidation of Conservative groups is another major crime in which no one was punished and America’s election process was used as a weapon against those who oppose the regime. Too many criminal acts to list here….but, you know and refuse to do anything other than protect Obama and his regime, some in Congress by their actions and others by their inaction. Everything done by Congress now is just political theater......all but meaningless except to run out the clock.

Congress is desperately trying to get Obama across the finish line in January, 2017 still officially considered a legitimate president, and they hope that will allow them to get away with their part in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.

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