Tuesday, April 14, 2015


If you haven't lived anywhere but in America you're quite possibly complacent about the state of this union. Perhaps you sense that something is wrong but in time it will all be satisfactorily resolved because our system of government protects us. This is no longer a country of laws, morality or honesty. 

Our biggest enemy is our government. It's no longer just corrupt - it's evil! There is no demarcation between the three branches, the political parties or the media or industry or commerce. They are a cabal intent on destroying the principles of freedom upon which this nation is founded. What will the world be like when America becomes a dictatorship? 

List all the countries where freedom flourishes and where you might like to live. The only people we can vote for are those who are selected by the cabal. The system is broken, and if we can't find honest citizens to govern America we are doomed. The rules and regulations which hamstring us were created exactly for that purpose by the very people who are now our avowed enemies...our elected representatives.

The Nuremberg Trials punished the evil ones after WWII. There is a long list of people who should be facing trial right now in America for treasonous and criminal acts and a new crop poised to start their political "careers". We the People allowed this to happen and only We the People can stop it!

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