Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How they stopped Sean Hannity from vetting Obama in 08

By Doc Vega
A destructive chapter in US history was etched upon the land by threats and criminal activity!
There are many stories that the American public has been intentionally blocked from exposure to or shielded from in the interests of the left in this country. Time and again the criminal acts of treasonous conduct and outright deception have been covered up to protect the career prospects of some of our most negligent and ruthless American politicians in what amounts to a massive disinformation campaign by the collectivists transforming the US.

The injustice of hidden history
There is a long saga of character assassination, false narratives, and government sponsored ostracization of those opposed to the destructive agenda of the left as well as other more unseen tactics such as corporate acquisitions of media firms in favor of installing the proper radical voice in the news. Such was the case with Sean Hannity, Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch. The last bastion of the conservative voice in the US national news market is currently being sabotaged by the partial ownership of a Saudi Muslim who is a Hamas supporter.

The idiocy allowed to happen
It wasn’t enough that in 2008 the massive Obama campaign onslaught against free speech was on. As pro-journalists shouted down anyone who was opposed the election of a little known junior senator from Chicago, Illinois with a controversial past, who had not originated any important legislation and specialized in community organizing. Meanwhile Sean Hannity had an agenda. There was a cover-up concerning Obama’s disputed place of birth, that the Democratic National Committee, and even Republican members had allowed Barack Hussein Obama to become a presidential candidate.

A man with a lot to hide
There were allegations with witnesses who knew of Obama’s and Rahm Emmanuel’s secret life in Chicago bath houses. The fact that several gay black men, all linked to Obama, were murdered, along with the a legal witness being shot to death in order to prevent his testimony, all acts, according to many sources, committed in order to keep from hindering the launch of Barack Obama’s bid for the presidency. The witnesses were ignored or threatened, who had spoken to journalists who had published articles about these troubling events. Some of the witnesses moved out of Chicago. Not only were the nasty rumors of Obama’s drug abuse and secret gay life suppressed by the media and declared off-limits, more unseen activities were underway. A 160 million dollar Chicago urban renewal project fraught with fraud and embezzlement had been run by Barack Obama and was under FBI investigation!

A pervasive conspiracy that was allowed to succeed
According to independent investigators whose findings were documented, filed, and reported a massive campaign of intimidation on multiple levels was going on. It was discovered that major radio stations, the careers of media celebrities, and even network executives were threatened while the FCC licenses of many broadcast stations were threatened to be pulled if they were not pro-Obama. A silent overthrow was being conducted under the nose of the public, and many personalities within the news industry were cowering down and going along with this corrupt movement.

Yet, Sean Hannity had vowed that he would not be thrown off the trail of criminal deception and fraud that the Obama campaign was busy unleashing in America as it used all leftist resources of the federal government. The SEIU to act as thug interference for the Senator Obama public appearances on his campaign trail in small towns where rural elderly citizens in farming communities were shoved aside and shouted over as Barack Obama went through his empty promises of hope and change. Hannity continued pursuing his investigations and reports on Senator Obama’s lack of true credentials to qualify as a presidential candidate.

In fact, it was Sean Hannity, who informed an oblivious George Stephanopoulos that Senator Obama’s political career had been launched in the living room of domestic terrorist, William Ayers, now a college professor. This man who had been a part of the Weather Underground had been responsible for blowing up federal property and had even nail bombed a federal judge’s home wounding the son of the household! When George appeared on his next appearance with guests and mentioned this fact he was immediately subjected to insulting arguments and challenges to his unveiling of this critical background information on Barack Obama supporters simply didn’t want to hear it or want it heard.

Refusing to buckle
It was made very clear by Sean Hannity that he would not back off his determination to vet Barack Hussein Obama for his radical ties, Muslim affiliations, and his birth controversy. There were concerns in the Obama camp that Sean Hannity with his huge audience along with Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin who held larger audiences than all other networks combined, could influence public opinion and hurt their candidate’s chances. One thing was for sure. Sean Hannity was bent and determined to make sure that his audience would have all the facts so they could make an educated choice as opposed to the propaganda that was being introduced by the biased US media who were committed to getting a junior senator, Barack Obama elected.

Calling off the posse
As fate would have it and as history will show if it is not completely censored, that Sean Hannity was thrown off the trail. He was warned off by his employer. Hannity’s quest to expose Barack Hussein Obama for the liar, radical, terrorist sympathizer, and constitutionally unqualified candidate that he was, not to mention the degenerate life style that he was forced to hide from the American public in order to rise to the position of the oval office. Why?

Hidden influence
As it turned out the Saudi sheikhs wanted Obama in the presidency. One of their cousins already had a share in public ownership of News Corp, Ruppert Murdoch’s gigantic media enterprise whose subsidiary was Fox News. Murdoch was threatened by the Saudi family with a hostile take-over, an aggressive buy up of News Corp stock that would give them enough of a controlling percentage to have unchallenged influence over the interests of Murdoch. The radio and news entity, Fox, with the greatest numbers of the American audience could be placed into the hands of the Saudis if Murdoch did not call off his dogs over the fraud and criminal background of Barack Hussein Obama.

The ultimate act of sabotage
Sean Hannity, a patriotic, passionate, and loyal American broadcaster and conservative news personality was to be forced by his employer like a hunting dog chained by his owner and not permitted to participate in the hunt, to back off, and suspend his pursuit of the Obama fraud! Justice would not be done. Millions of Americans would be denied the truth. The left would repudiate, denounce, and ridicule the less well known writers and columnists who carried on the fight, but just didn’t have the clout to make the necessary impact felt on public opinion, especially in the face of an all-out US media blitz to unethically sell Barack Hussein Obama to a gullible and na├»ve American electorate. Once again history would be written, but not from the admission of truth but by a hidden agenda manifested by a political movement in direct opposition to American values and heritage. The rest is a sad commentary on where history will not be disputed over the steady and legislated decline of a once great nation by the secret influence of those not known openly by American citizens. This was a travesty of justice that like the attack on Pearl Harbor will live in infamy over the damage suffered by this republic!

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