Saturday, April 25, 2015


There are three versions of the death panels in Obamacare.
1. The first is the Independent Payment Advisory Board that tells you are now a useless eater and any further medical care will not be provided, except for assisted suicide.
2. The political version of Obamacare death panel will be based on the political afflation of the patient or that of the immediate family. Obama has used the IRS, NSA and the rest of the alphabet soup of government agencies to go after and punish his political enemies. This is now a real fear for people that are not ardent Obama worshipers. How can you go to a TEA Party rally or some other non-DNC political event and not think about you or your child being denied health care because of your political views or activities.
3. The last version is the exclusion of out of network providers: facilities, personnel or pharmaceuticals for people that have preexisting conditions. Many of the people that have or will develop sever conditions that will need treatment cannot go to these highly skilled physicians, hospitals or get the wonder drugs that are keeping them alive anymore. If they do they will be force to pay the entire bill out of their own pocket and go bankrupt. Even if there is only one physician on a team treating a patient in the emergency room that is not on the “approved list” the entire bill is all yours to pay. You could go the Obmamacare hospital and get treatment from some one that has never heard of your condition and has no clue on how to treat your illness.

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