Thursday, September 17, 2015

FROM THE INTERNET: Blacks can go in one of two directions. They can either keep blaming Whitey for their lives, their thoughts, their actions, their emotions, their experiences, etc... Or, they can begin to learn how to create the wealth they need for themselves. They can rebuild their families. They can redesign The Black Community. They can learn how to manage and own small businesses. They can accept that Hispanics are the new Blacks. They can begin to see what voting Democrat has done to them. Blacks can be either positive or negative. They can become optimists, or stay pessimistic. Blacks can become productive and constructive, or stay hyper self-destructive and die young--blaming Whitey for their illnesses and diseases. Blacks can learn, teach, grow, rebuild, create, design, implement, study, research, and focus. Or, they can wallow in self-pity and blame Whitey for everything. Of course, they will NEVER blame White Democrats for ANYTHING. Blacks have very important choices to make.

Infiltrating the #BlackLivesMatter Cult

It is wrong to think of the Black Lives Matter movement as merely a movement, a racist insurgency that embraces violent attacks on police and white Americans. It is so much more. It's a Marxist, anti-American, revolutionary cult whose members aim to unleash a reign of terror on American society.  It is religious in the limited sense that the late anti-PC intellectual Christopher Hitchens used that adjective to describe the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.  After visiting barren, Stalinist North Korea, where people eat grass clippings and tree bark to survive, Hitchens remarked that it was "the most religious state I've ever been to." But North Korea doesn't embrace a religion in the sense we in the civilized world use the word.  At risk of oversimplifying the politics and culture of the hermetically sealed, oversized gulag run by Kim Jong-un, that country's religion is socialism. The religion of socialism is a faith...(Read Full Article)

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