Monday, September 28, 2015


Michael Obama’s massive Trapezius muscle

If you need more evidence that the mainstream media are corrupt political whores, here it is.
After 7+ years of Obama’s ruinous rule and his spouse’s countless vacations that cost already severely indebted America countless millions of dollars that we don’t have, Timemagazine can still publish a fawning article with this nauseating title, “Everyone Is in Love With Michelle Obama’s Amazing Vera Wang Dress.”
The butt-kissing article is all about Mooch wearing a gown designed by Vera Wang for the state dinner for Chinese Communist president Xi Jinping. Most of the article consists of picture after picture of M.O., like this one:
Mooch in Vera Wang1
If Time magazine actually reported the truth, the headline instead should read:
Everyone Is Agog At Michael Obama’s New Wig That Only Half-Conceals His Massive Trapezius Muscles.

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