Thursday, September 24, 2015


The Bare Naked Truth about the GOP and 2016J. Robert SmithIf an establishment Republican wins the party’s presidential nomination, the likeliest scenario is a depressed turnout among grassroots voters, perhaps more significantly than 2012.  More
How the Sleazy MSM Manipulates GOP ContendersLloyd MarcusPlaying nice with the MSM and not attacking Obama's record is not going to get it done in our current political environment.  More
Importing Our Own DestructionJoe HerringThis "refugee crisis" could be a death knell for Western nations, because Islam arrives not to "blend in."  It arrives to take over. More

The Culture Warriors Zero In On Ben CarsonJeffrey T. BrownJust as our culture is a product of Judeo-Christian history, Islam brings with it an entirely different culture and history, and one that is antithetical to ours.  More

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