Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TEL AVIV – President Obama’s faith is taking center stage again after ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos grilled Donald Trump over the presidential candidate’s lack of response to a question he received during a campaign event last week where a man claimed Obama was a Muslim.
“I take that point,” stated Stephanopoulos, when Trump explained he is facing controversy for simply not responding to the issue of Obama’s religion. “But you raised these questions so often in the past, why can’t you say definitively yes or not? You raised it many times. And he’s not a Muslim.”
“George, you have raised the question,” replied Trump. “I haven’t raised the question. I don’t talk about it. But I don’t talk other people’s faith. Not appropriate for me to talk about somebody else’s faith.”
During a campaign rally in Rochester, New Hampshire on Friday, an audience member spoke to Trump saying “we have a Muslim problem in this country,” and that Obama is both a Muslim and not an American. Trump did not address those claims in his response.
Obama slips on TV: ‘My Muslim faith’
In response to the controversy, the popular Drudge Report linked to a “flashback” 2008 interview with Stephanopoulos in which then-candidate Obama stated, “My Muslim faith.”

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