Wednesday, January 27, 2016


So far among all the candidates running for office (except for Hillary Clinton) Rafael Cruz holds the record for remembering things differently than his colleagues, other candidates, past friends and professors.   He holds the record for not knowing how to fill out paper work correctly and wins the cake walk prize for not knowing he was a citizen of Canada until August of 2013 when he heard it from the Dallas Morning News.  Is this the mental capacity we need or want in a president?  What is worse is that he really  expects the American public to believe his excuses.  Does any one really want another liar in the White House?
These are all the more reasons to make sure Trump wins the election.  We need an honest man who loves America and is a natural born citizen.  Trump knows where he was born and he is proud of it!  He doesn’t have to read about it in the morning news!

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