Sunday, January 3, 2016

Obama Do not slander the Prophet
Commentary By:
Dwight Kehoe
Editor TPATH
January 3, 2016 ~TPATH~ As this year of 2015 fades into the past, the dangers wrought upon America by the Islamic communist occupying the Whitehouse, will not. In fact the malevolent seeds imbedded into the body of American culture are metastasizing and festering. They are now feeding upon the lesser virtues of society and may require no further nurturing. Make no mistake, this is not incompetence. This stoking of the fires of terror and hatred, of racism and class envy, has been well planned and equally well implemented. If America survives this epoch, this evil man and those who set him up, those who supported him and those who chose to bury their heads in the sand, will one day be held accountable. But that is a huge IF.
Located in hundreds of unsuspecting communities across this country the most evil of those implants is training and growing at a quickened pace. With the encouragement, support and initiatives of Barack Insane Obama, that infestation is taking place at such a quickened pace, even the most ardent terrorist could never have imagined it or dreamed of it. If you have not been paying attention, we speak of the vile and murderous cult of Islam. The decisive destruction of Judeo/Christian culture is underway. Allah Akbar!

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